My First blog post!

Hey everybody! I’m Sporty Boa and this is my very first blog post, and I’ll tell you, it’s pretty exciting! First things first, I’m an early teenager who loves and is facinated by animals. Poptropica had to be one of my all time favorite computer games as a kid, and if you hadn’t known yet, I’m fellow poptropica blogger, Fierce Flyer’s older brother. Flyer, my sister and I had tons of fun playing poptropica growing up and we helped each other beat the toughest islands and we basicly squealed in excitement when a new island came out. But lately, times have changed. Although my bro still kept up with the latest Poptropica news and islands, I kind of strayed away for a while. It was only a few months ago that I realized I had to make a new account and return to playing the game I love. Hence the birth of Sporty Boa. As I completed more and more islands, more and more memories of the fun times we had with poptropica, so I decided to make a blog, and talk about some of my favorite poptropica moments and islands ever! Like I say, great experiences make great stories!


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