My Top Three Favorite Islands Ever?!

sb6Hey Everybody! I sure hope you’re having a great day because I sure am! So earlier today I posted on my twitter account (*Cough, cough* you should go check it out, *cough* @IbeeWare17) my top 3 favorite islands of ALL TIME. But before I go on to my picks, let me tell you, It was VERY difficult. A few days ago, January 29 to be exact, @Poptropica posted on social media for us pop fans to tell them our top three favorite poptropica islands ever, I was like: Sure! Let me type them up for you, but then i realized… My top three? I don’t have a top three, there was just too many awesome islands I liked! So I, Sporty Boa had to think. And here’s what I ended up with:


I told you it was difficult! Anyways Lunar Colony is here because of Three words: Epic Space Exploration Island. Ok that was four words but still! Lunar Colony was special to me because it was just… Enticing. It was one of those islands that got my imagination train running wild. I mean, being launched into space, exploring the MOON on a rover, it was very fun and interesting also a bit challenging as well.


I didn’t think much of it when I first arrived on the island, It looked… Average. (*Me walking on the island for the first time: “Oh cool some greenery and buildings, neat! An art mueseum? no way!”) Boy did Poptropica prove me wrong! The plot was amazing, The Villan was perfect, and as the story went on I got more and more interested. It was also a pretty long and challenging island making it as one of my all- time favs.


As an eight year old I had no idea what a cryiptid was, neverless how to pronounce it! But let me tell you, My brother, sister and I had massive amounts of fun with this amazing island each time we played it. Cryiptids island had such a cool and unique plot and the challenges this island made us face only made us love it more! And we all LITERALLY jumped back when the Jersey devil appeared through the window. Hands down I personally rank this island #1.

Well yep, that’s pretty much it for my top 3 Favorite islands of all time! Stay tuned for more Top Ten posts and more, with that, I’ll see you later!




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