What A Week! Sporty’s Weekly Analysis

Hey everyone! It’s Sporty Boa here with just a quick blog post talking about the week’s past events and news. Now don’t count this as a weekly thing yet, some weeks for me may be less exciting or just not… blog-worthy. (blog-worthy? is that even a word?) On the other hand, weeks when poptropica unveils the costume contest winners, or the amazing super bowl game happens, then I have to post about it.

Before I get started please make sure to check out my bro Fierce Flyer’s awesome blog! https://fierceflyerblog.wordpress.com/ Also, this is all MY opinion, I do not wish for anyone to be offended or angered by my words (hopefully not). With that out of the way, lets get on with the recap!

Monday of last week was the official creaton and publishing of the Sporty Boa blog along with my very first blog post. And wow what a turn out! That first day i recieved 17 veiws and congrats from fellow bloggers! This made me very pleased so I say thanks to you all!

Tuesday: hmm… well the Poptropica islands of the month were revealed for the month of Februaray… And um, the PBH now has this cool community creations thing going on where you can pick a theme for the month and the pop community creates amazing art that will be showcased on the blog! Other than that… Nothing really happened… I hate Tuesdays.

On Wednesday however, Poptropica made an astounding anouncement on social media that the winners of the poptropica costume contest had been anounced! If you didn’t know, I had entered three submissions into that contest: the legendary wizard, the Arctic explorer, and the Elemental master. I congratulate the winners and runner ups, make sure to vote! However, I had two main problems with the results that are just my thoughts and opinions. First I’d like to say when the poptropica creators announced the winners to the contest I was extremely excited. me and my brother clicked onto the blog, and slowly scrolled through the entries that had made it, some were very deserving of being there and others… not so much, and I honestly don’t look forward to wearing  a “mer-man” costume, but that’s just me besides that I’m very glad for those who won.

Thurday: Meh… still my favorite day of the week though.

Friday was of course, the Super Bowl my country’s most- watched sporting event and since I have “Sporty” in in my name I think it’s fitting that I talk about sports… and snakes… Anyways, It was one heck of a game, and I withnessed the Atlanta falcons (the team I was rooting for) Get crushed by the pats in the second half, resulting in the greatest super bowl comback in history… yeah still hung up on that.

So that’s what happened last week! I sure hope you guys had a great week and more to come. with that I’ll see you later, Boa out!




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