Hey Everybody! It’s sporty Boa here with a brand new blog post, A top 5 post! I’m super excited to kick this off and I’ve been planning for a while what my first countdown post should be about, I planned on publishing this blog post on Valentine’s day but sickness and school slowed down the process. I again apologize for not posting in a while, and I plan to be feeling up and ready very soon. Now without further ado, Lets get on with the top five!

NOTICE: My list of top five most helpful poptropicans are NOT pop community members, this list consists of characters in the game that play a major part in helping your poptropican towards it’s goal (or gold if your talking medallions ;)). Also this I just MY opinion, so If you do not agree with my list or order please don’t make a fuss, just type in the comments who you think should be in that place. With that settled, Lets get started!


To be honest, I hate this guy. He stole the glory and the medallion from my clutches, and his ‘Hot Dog Boy’ superhero outfit needs a serious upgrade. But however, Ned did save me from another grueling battle with Betty Jetty, which at the time, was my toughest and most annoying boss to defeat. Literally, Doging her attacks were like, impossible! …As a seven year old, it drove me crazy. So I sincerely thank Ned noodlehead, for having the guts to climb to the top of that skyscraper and knock out that pink- haired villainess and quite frankly, save the day.


Skulldiggery island was a very unique and incredible island, I mean, discovering to new islands and ports, cashing in dabloons at the bank, battling giant sea monsters, sailing the seven seas?! (Sorry, I’m fan- pirating out!) As this island reaches its climax and the battle between your poptropican with the Pheonix Warbird and Captain Crawfish seems inevidable, who do you recruit to tremendously help you take down the Sea Chicken and the dangerous pirate crew inhabiting it? Your crew, or as I like to call them, Da crew.


Image result for medicine man poptropica

Do you even remember who the Medicine Man was? I do, he was that creepy guy on Shark Tooth island with the cauldron who only spoke to natives, so you had to approch him with a grass skirt on… yeah that guy. How does he help you get the medallion you ask? Well nothing really, he just uses the special items you get him to whip up a potion to calm down the Great Booga Shark which ends up saving the entire Shark Tooth Island… No biggie.


Image result for Harold Mews poptropica

Harold Mews is a humble millionare who inherited the Mew corperation from his honest, hard- working parents. Years later, He announces that he will offer a reward (a million dollar reward) to anyone can find and prove with evidence, that cryptids exist. In your attempts to win that prize, Gretchen Grimlock (that…cheater) burns down your kite while your kitsurfing, leaving you in the middle of the ocean stranded. That’s when Harold comes in, he RESCUES you, basically saving your poptropicans life and nursing him/her back to health. That’s amazing, but he’s not finished, he lends you his helicopter and trust you to find evidence and stop Grimlock at all costs.


Image result for athena poptropica

So you’re walking through Mythology island Main Street and you see an old lady, an arrogant rude poptropican would say to him/ herself “how is this old lady going to help me in any way?” Well turns out that old lady is a goddess, and it also turns out that she’ll help you in EVERY way. Athena’s job is literally to help YOU, She’s in a golden OLIVE for pete’s sake! Athena will give your poptropican wise advice and even gifts like the golden thread in the Minoitaur’s labrynth, she’s does all she can to help you on your way though one of poptropica’s hardest islands.

Well, that’s my top five! If you enjoyed my post please like it and continue to have a wonderful day! With that, this boa’s gotta bounce!



  1. Dodging Jetty’s attacks isn’t impossible; you just have to know what kind of dodging you’ll need to do for every different attack. Most are easily dodged by strafing (moving left and right, or in the case of moving sideways, up and down), but the four in a line are best bent on accuracy (where you can fit without getting hit).

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