New Series! And Woah…

Hey Everyone! I’m Sporty Boa here with another blog post regarding a very special announcement… Well two actually, The first special announcement is that… Wait for it… I’m adding a new series on Sporty Boa Blog! (Oh wait, it’s on the title? Shoot.) This new series will be like a daily segment and it’s called Top Ten Thursdays, hopefully every thursday you’ll be treated to a top 5 or 10 countdown of my favorite (and maybe least favorite) things poptropica! It’s all personalized, but maybe in the near future you veiwers can pick the next theme or even input some of your top favs in the comments! Pretty cool right? Now was there something I missed? Oh yeah, the second thing, yesterday was pretty special day. I hit a new best for veiws on the blog! And the funny thing was not how many veiws I recieved that day, but how little hits I had the day before: 0 (that’s supposed to be a zero lol). So I just want to thank everyone for contributing, it really means so much to me to see you guys commenting and liking my posts. But like I said before the sky’s the limit, that goes for you other bloggers too! Alright see you next time, Boa out!


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