Top Ten Thursday Theme & Suggestions!

Hello Everybody! It’s me, SB with a blog post regarding my new daily segment, Top Ten Thursdays. As you know, tommorrow I’ll be posting my first offical Top Ten list based upon a theme of my choice. Today I’ll be revealing that theme (because I don’t want to leave you guys in the dark) and you’ll be able to voice in your suggestions for poptropica characters, places, animals that should be on that list! (Depending on the theme of course) Now let me quit stalling, the main theme for this week’s Top ten coundown is… My top 10 coolest Poptropica creatures! Let me explain, I got this idea from my camping trip last weekend in which I encountered cool creatures like raccoons and eagles, (I also walked into a buch of spider webs… *shivers* Not a top ten moment in my life)sb-camper so as I was thinking of a theme it crossed my mind: I know another place with awesome animals and creatures beyond your wildest dreams, Like Pegasus unicorns and Dragons. No, I’m not talking about MLP, This place is called Poptropica! So yeah I did my research and have already come up with my favorites but now I want to hear from you. Post in the comment section your favorite creature(s) in Poptropica and it may just appear on my top ten list! Well that’s all from me, Have an awesome day, Boa out!


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday Theme & Suggestions!

  1. Hey guys, FYI, by “coolest creatures” I mean animals/ Creatures in poptropica with either and awesome design/look or a big role in helping you complete islands. Ex. The shadow wolves in Vampire’s Curse or Elmer the horse.


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