Custom Poptropica Villains and Backstories!

Hey Poptropicans! Sporty Boa here with a brand new blog post talking about some custom Poptropica villains I made and their backstories!(Wait, the title already states that? Dang.) OK, this idea just randomly occured to me while I was messing around on Microsoft Paint like I usually do in the morning before school, I usually just draw random poptropican’s heads and funny expressions on Paint. (Don’t think of that in a creepy way…) I do basically all of my digital art on MS paint, (cause I’m a loser) or just ask my brother, Fierce Flyer who is a Digital art genius, to do art for me. Now as I was saying, I created two Poptropica villains and will talk about their costume and backstory, Lets go! (P.S this is all my opinion only, try not to think to deep into this.)






Located on Blossom Bloom Island, (fake) An island where Spring is the only season and flowers, warm weather and animals are bustling about. Everything is sunny, beautiful and happy, well… at least it WAS. Doctor Alan Bert was a scientist working for Honey Hygenics, a large Poptropican company built upon using bees and their honey to prevent diseases, maintain health, and create… cleaning products and a buch of other things. Dr. Alan worked Hive sector where he studied the most dangerous pollinators in Poptropica: Killer bees. For years, he literally stayed inside a giant bee hive know as the ‘Honey production dome” watching, learning, testing the millions of killer bees. Workers didn’t dare check on Bert, it was far too dangerous to get near the hive so instead they just gave him the nickname “Hivenator” because it was said that he even slept inside with the bees. Little did they know, Dr. Alan Bert was learning TOO much. He had spent so much time with those bees that he had learned their ways, their language… He became one of them. He also discovered how important bees were to Poptropica and yet they were so feared by poptropicans, shoed and ran away from. The Hivernator believed bees deserved more… they deserved to rule all of Poptropica!





Believe it or not, Blue Ice is an alien, born on the harsh, bone-chilling landscape of the Ice Planet located in Astro Knights Island, She was sadly an orphan. She was abandoned by her parents when she was only six, and never figured out why. She had loved them dearly, but one day they just vanished. On the day of their disappearance, young Blue Ice decided to go searching for them on foot, which was extremely dangerous because of the scary creatures that lurked within the Ice planet. After she’d walked for what seemed like forever, she gave up hope of finding her parents and despairingly chose to turn around and make the long, lonely journey back home. But it was at that moment Blue Ivy slipped and fell through the thin ice beneath her falling into unconsciousness. When she awoke, Blue Ivy realized she was alive, someone saved her!… She then realized it wasn’t some one but someTHING that had rescued her from a frozen death… A Tiger-copter. Ice and her savior became close allies as the tiger gave her shelter and taught her how to fight for survival, she taught him how to use his ice powers. (oh yeah, Blue Ivy has ice powers! XD) For years, the girl and tiger-copter’s bond became tighter… Until you. Your Poptropican invades the Ice planet and deliberately destroys the tiger-copter, who was now an adult and in charge of chasing off anyone near it’s territory or Blue Ivy. She saw it all happen in front of her eyes, it was like losing her parents again… Furiously, Blue Ice grabs a carved ice sword and vows on destroying you at all costs.


Well hope you enjoyed my Custom Villains and my backstories for them! If you did, like the post and continue to have a wonderful day! That’s all from me, Boa out!

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