Top Three Thursdays: My Top 3 Poptropica Traitors!

Hey Everybody! It’s me SB here giving you awesome veiwers another Thursday countdown list, this time the theme is: My Top Three Poptropica Traitors! Basically a traitor is someone who betrays a friend or a country, and the game Poptropica has brought us some truely sinister backstabbers in the past, and I’m here just to highlight a few of my personal favs.


NOTICE: This is all just my opinion, if you do not agree with the order or any of the characters on my list, that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t make a fuss and simply tell me in the comments who you think is deserving of that spot. Also if you haven’t noticed or you’re just confused on why the title says Top 3 instead of Top 10 Thursdays, It’s because of multiple reasons but mostly because I want a pattern of top 5, 10, then 3 countdowns for each Thursday on my blog. Anyways, no more lollygagging, lets hop into my list for Top 3 Poptropica Traitors!





If I correctly recall, the Governor of Fort Ridley’s assistant was one of Poptropica’s first ever traitorous villians (correct me if I’m wrong) and quite frankly, one of my most disliked. Skulldiggery Island is one of Poptropica’s longest islands to complete, your poptropican puts in all of that hard work and time in order to defeat the evil Captain Crawfish, recieve the map and shovel from Governor Roland, and dig up the treasure located on a mysterious island only to find out Captain Crawfish is alive and the Governor’s Assistant had been a traitorous spy all along?! You’ve got to be kidding! All he had to do was stand in a dark corner while you did all the work for him, and that thought alone made me think of him as one of Poptropica’s most hated traitors.






Of course, Director D, the supposed head of the secret spy headquarders located on Spy Island. To be honest, during my first time playing this island, I looked up to him and thought he was cool, (well mostly because he rocks that white tux like a pro!) after you rescue the three missing agents you must discover who is behind this B.A.D (Bald and Dangerous) organization for the good of the island. After entering the highly fortified, B.A.D. Control Center, you’ll find yourself in a booby trap, who swoops in and sets you free? Director D, yes! But wait, he tells you to get the teleporter working… And once a large beam shoots out of the machine, the director hops into it with a sinister laugh, what’s going on? Your poptropican follows him into the transporter, and Director D reveals something horrifying… (He’s Bald… JK) He’s actually the evil head of the B.A.D and his plan is to vaporize the hair of everyone in Poptropica! Not only did Director D betray you, but he decived the entire Spy HQ and maybe even all of Spy Island itself.





 Image result for black widow poptropica

Believe it or not, Black widow is one of my favorite Poptropica villains of all time and it’s mostly because of how crafty and cunning she is. In fact, for a large portion of Counterfeit Island she is actually disguised as Chief Inspectior and apears to be very nice and helpful towards your poptropican, but as soon as you discover “the screem” hidden inside her house, its lights out your you… Literally. Turns out Veuve Noire, (meaning black widow in french) Has betrayed you… And that mysterious stranger dude as well, it then takes the both of you to defeat the traitor, Black Widow for good.


Well yep, that’s my list for top three villainous Poptropica traitors! Hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day, Boa out!


15 thoughts on “Top Three Thursdays: My Top 3 Poptropica Traitors!

  1. Myron Van Buren is also pretty evil, first he takes you in, and shows great hospitality and then he gives you weird food that makes you fall asleep… pretty much everything goes downhill from there. Oh, also amazing top 3 list buddy!

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  2. Just a thing…
    DIE MYRON VAN BUREN!!!!!!!!!!
    Thought he deserved #1, because I trusted him! I HATED the first three parts of Survival, ‘cause it’s kinda not my thing, but he comes. Out of the blue! I was crying with joy: he had made my life better! (OK, OK, I might be feeling a bit dramatic today…) And then he leads me to his little cabin, and I’m like, Oh, how nice, a cozy cabin in the woods. And then he takes me in… Takes me on a tour of his trophy room (poor animals… I love you)…
    MVB: Naw, he’s my butler.
    Me: Ohhhh, good… What a sense of humour.
    And then later he gives me what?? Oh, just a little bit of SLEEPING THINGY IN MY MEAL!!! He doesn’t decide my bedtime, cuz I DON’T HAVE ONE!!!!! (Well, not in Poptropica.) I wakes up. I sees the lights. “Cool, this room has disco lights!” AAAAAAAAAAA I NEED TO BREAK OUT?!?!?
    And I don’t need to go into detail, cuz that is the worst betrayal ever. Welp, at least I got a lion shirt.

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