Memory Lane Mondays: New Series Comming Soon!

Heyo Poptropicans! Sporty Boa here with a blog post concerning a brand new daily segment/ series called Memory Lane Monday! First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for not posting in a while, I’m currently in an epic battle against an evil mastermind known as sickness. Maybe it’s just because of the freezing weather still lingering at the Poptropica home island, or because I never wear socks… (get it?) Anyways, I’m above average now so I can still post awesome content for you guys! (Also thanks so much for 400+ veiws and 10+ followers!)


What is Memory Lane Monday About?


Well, if you follow Poptropica Creators on social media, (like me) you’ll probably know that they’ll be turning ten this year, and March 3rd, they tweeted out a fill out the blanks activity asking what us poptropicans were up to back then… I was just a teeny baby with no idea i’d be defeating villains and solving mysteries in my future!

baby Sb.png

WHA- how’d that get there?!? Um anyway, Memory Lane Mondays will be a blog post every Monday in which I’ll be sharing my awesome memories with the awesome game Poptropica. That’s one of main reasons why I created this blog in the first place! If you read my ‘About’ page you’ll see that I am just iching to share great memories me and my family had with the game. Speaking of family, My bro Flyer will be along side me in some special collab posts, (Because we shared most of these Poptropica moments together) so if you want to know how I discovered poptropica and how the Sporty Boa you know today came to be, this is your series! Literally, share with me some memories you had with poptropica good or bad, and you can even ask me questions about my past experiences in the comments. (Ex. How old were you when you started playing Poptropica?) I plan on comensing Memory Lane Monday next week where I’ll be sharing how I got introduced to the game I love today, Poptropica. Well I thank you for tuning in and I’ll see you next time, Boa out.



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