Top Five Fridays? Theme & Suggestions!

Greetings friends, Sporty Boa here with a brand new blog post concerning my Thursday Countdown post comming up… Well, I moved it to Friday. Wait! Don’t freakout, let me explain. From now on, all of my top 5 countdown posts will be on Friday because of two reasons: (Well, maybe just one)  It sounds better with the title, can you try saying Top Five Thursdays aloud?… Doesn’t have the same ring to it as Top five Fridays. And the second thing is I guess you have something to look forward to on Fridays, (besides the Weekend obviously,) nothing puts me in a better mood on the weekend than reading a nice blog post… or playing video games. I sure hope tommorrow’s top five post will put you in jolly mood cause the theme I came up with is very interesting…


Tommorrow’s Top Five Countdown Theme will be…

Twisted Thicket

Top Five Things I’d try in order to Survive in the Twisted Thicket! (working title)

I’ve thought for a very lengthy time, and I think you’ll be interested to know five crazy things I would attempt in order to survive on Twisted thicket Island! (I’ll explain more about the theme in tommorrow’s post) But now I want to hear from you, what is one thing you would do if you were trapped within the enchanted thicket? I’d love to hear your opinions and who knows, maybe your suggestion will appear on my list! Well, I hope you have an awesome Thursday, and I’ll see you around! Boa out!

P.S: Next week YOU pick the theme!



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