Top Five Fridays: Top 5 Things I’d do if Trapped in the Twisted Thicket

Hey Poptropicans! ‘Tis Sporty Boa here with yet another personal Countdown list I’ve cooked up for you guys, But before we hop into it, just a couple announcements:


First off, I want to thank everyone, My viewers, fans, everybody, for helping the Sporty Boa Blog reach 500+ hits! Definitely means alot to me to have so much kind support aimed towards my blog, thanks again folks! Also If you’re wondering why I’m doing a Countdown post on a Friday, just take a glimpse at a blog post I published yesterday, call Top Five Fridays? Theme & Suggestions. You can spot it in my archives or just click the link here: And Finally, This list is all MY opinion. If you’re about throw a fit at something you found offensive or out of place, just keep that previous sentence in mind. Okie Dokie, Lets Begin!




Picture this: Your walking through a creepy enchanted forest in Poptropica where it appears everything basically is out to get you, from teeny flying creatures called dryads, to huge, monsterous trolls. You don’t remember how you got to this point, but here you are… Trapped. Suddenly your stomach growls, and you start to shiver in the cold, how do survive in these crazy woods known as the Twisted Thicket? How can you escape, or find help? What would you do in this situation? Well I’m here to tell you my Top Five things I’d do if Trapped in the Twisted Thicket, (P.S. *Speaks super fast* These tips are NOT guarenteed to work, if you find your self in this situation and try these things, Sporty Boa is not responsible for any injuries, bruises, or illnesses, please call for help and do not file a lawsuit, this is not a paid spokesperson.) So without ferther ado, Let’s go! (…Into the list, not the woods…)





Although this is a great idea, and if done correctly, can result in almost auto-matic freedom, Taming and befriending all of the Dryads within the woods and the treetops of the thicket is number 5 on my list because it’s… Kinda… Impossible!


Yeah, Dryads are in no mood to negotiate, they just attack you from the get-go as soon as you cross their path! But, it is possible to befriend just one, (By being a member) but what good is one dryad against the hundreds and thousands of them still trying to kill you?!





I’d like to thank Lucky Wing and DJVampiGamer for handing me this awesome idea, Why didn’t I think of it before? Attempt to survive underground! Brilliant! Wait, Where’s my shovel? I must’ve forgotten it… But I can craft a new shovel with wood and stone! After digging and decent hole, I’ll hop in, feeling sheltered from any evil that lurks above ground… ABOVE ground?? What about the crazy magical creatures that lurk below the surface? Scary Moles, Giant ants?! I quickly leap out of the hole and forage for food, glancing anxiously left and right, looking for a glimer of hope. There! A bright red cluster of juicy berries lay right before you, but could they be poisonous?… Surviving here is a lot harder that I anticipated…





This Ends HERE. This is more of personal battle, the Nokken has haunted and terrorized my dreams and I long enough, and I guess while I’m stuck in this dark forest I might as well end that creepster’s reign of terror once and for all. But this won’t work out for a number of reasons, first of all, I would never harm or kill any creature for no reason, it’s just not in my nature, I just wouldn’t have the guts to do it, no matter what. Another thing is that it will have no benifit towards me in the long run, there could be more that one Nokken out there… It scares me just thinking about it.






Finally this one tip can actually WORK if you end up trapped in the Twisted Thicket, and it’s short and simple: Dress prepared! If you plan on surviving in the woods dressed in your best clothes, you can forget about surviving at all! Be prepared, By that I mean you need to be armed with tools, weapons, water and food before hand so you don’t end up running blindly into spider webs and drinking contaminated swamp water… Just sayin.




Image result for poptropica elf queen

The only clear way I see you surviving the thicket is by playing the island the way it’s supposed to be played. Find the runes scattered throughout the thicket and insert them into the Sacred Tree, only then will you find the Queen who is the ruler of the forests in all of Twisted Thicket Island. She sees goodness in your heart and BAM! You and the Elf Queen are best buds, which is basically a one way ticket to freedom! It may not be the easiest way, but it’s the only way to survive withing the Twisted Thicket!



Thank you guys so much for veiwing My Top Five Things to do if Trapped in the Twisted Thicket, I’ll see you next Thursday hopefully for another Countdown Post! Have an epic day, this Boa’s gotta bounce!


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