Top Ten Thursdays: YOU Decide the Theme!

Sup Everyone, (Random Guy: *Beatboxes*)

Hey it’s me SB, with a post for thee,

Come check it out if you really want to see,

What This week’s countdown theme will be!


Thank you, Thank you, my epic rap mixtape is coming out this spring!…. Did you think I was serious? (Random Guy: Well you did just make a super cringy rap and posted it on your blog so…. Can I get paid now?) Well if you’re wondering why I started my new blog post with some sick rhymes and beats, It’s because I’m in a great mood! If you know me well, (or even halfway- well) you’ll probably know me and Tuesdays are like oil and water, But today is different; The birds are thirping, the air is cool, my cats aren’t all over my keyboard… And you guys get to pick the theme for Top Ten Thursdays this week!

Here’s How!

There are TWO options and many ways you can help decide the theme:

Option #1:  

The simple way, you just type in the comments or even DM me on Discord a top 10 theme that your interested in me voicing my opinions on, but it has to Poptropica- related. I will then randomly select one of your choices, and use it as my official theme for the week’s countdown post!

Option #2: 

Each week, I’ll do post a poll on my Twitter acount: and on my blog, stating three theme choices I’m interested in doing for you guys, but it’s up to you to chose one you’re interested in. Which ever of the 3 themes has the most votes, will have the honor of being the official theme!

What do YOU think? Any Questions, Concerns? (Random Guy: Besides me getting paid?) Voice your opinions below and if you enjoyed the post leave a like! That’s all from me, this Boa’s gotta bounce!



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