Top Ten Thursdays: Vote for the Theme! & My opinon on #STC

Hi Everyone, Sporty  here with just a short blog post but a pretty important one nonetheless, regarding Top Ten Thursdays… It’s time to VOTE! You heard me, starting today, you awesome Sporty Boa Blog veiwers will have the chance to choose my next top 10 theme! I will list three options below and on my Twitter poll, but it will be up to you to decide which of those three you’ll be most interested in seeing me blog about.

My Thoughts on: #SavetheCommunity

I’ll get to those options later, but right now, let me just switch the Tone- o-meter to bit more serious. Recently on the Poptropica Help Blog, Perfect Sky ( A fellow blogger/ Author/ Youtuber) Posted: ‘A Call for Change: The PHB is not the only voice!’ After the post was published, it sparked an uproar of supporters and launched a movement know as #SavetheCommunity or #PopBlogsMatter. I have stayed relatively quiet about the subject throughout the week, but today I’ll tell you guys how I feel about it. Two words: I’M IN. When I read PS’s post I automatically agreed, as well as Tall Cactus’s anouncement on small blog awareness day. As a creator of a small blog myself, I was elated to hear that many Poptropicans joined the movement to give us a voice in the community, so heck yeah I’m in!

To VOTE in the Comments, Type: #1, #2 or #3

Option #1: My Top 10 Favorite Poptropica islands (Submitted by: tallmelloniscool)

Option #2: My Top 10 Most Underrated Pop Characters (NPC)

Option #3: My Top 10 Favorite Store Costumes

You can also vote on my Twitter account poll:

Alright, have a wonderfull rest of the day! This Boa’s gotta bounce!



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