Memory Lane Monday #1: The Discovery

Hello Friends! SB here, ready to kick off Memory Lane Monday for you guys! This is a new daily segment I planned to make for the last couple weeks, It’s basically a bunch of fun, linked stories of how I uncovered the game I love to this day: Poptropica. (P.S. you may learn a few things about myself while reading this.)



Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived… a kid.


This kid was in the third grade ( Just like how I’m speaking in the third person, get it?… No? Moving on..) and it was his first time in a brand new school. If you haven’t noticed yet, this kid? Was me, the quiet, shy, teacher’s pet kid who had no friends. Can you imagine how nerve-wracking it was for me, comming from being home-schooled to entering a classroom full of kids in October? ( Idk exactly when I first came to that school, but it was definitely later in the year) Well it turned out not to be as bad, I literally made two new friends in the first week! Also, my mom was a teacher at that school so instead of going home once the bell rang, I fast-walked to my mom’s classroom where my siblings and I would just hangout until my mom was ready to leave. But little did I know, it was in that very classroom where I had discovered Poptropica.


That is all for now! Hope you enjoyed the first part to chapter one of Memory Lane Mondays and continue to have a wonderful day!

-Sporty Boa


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