Vote like You’ve Never Voted before!

Greetings friends,  I’m Sporty Boa, and do you know what time it is? (Random Guy: *Don’t make a silly voting pun, don’t make a silly voting pun…*) It’s vote-o’clock! (Random Guy: *Face palm*) Which means all this week you guys get to vote for this Thursdays Top 3 Countdown theme! I’ll list three options below, and you’ll do the rest by typing down in the comments either option #1, #2, or #3. Also I’ll soon release a poll on my Twitter profile ( So make sure you cash in your vote for the theme there as well! Everything seems clear so… Here are the options!

Remember: Vote in the Comments by typing either #1, #2 or #3!

Option #1:  Top Three Toughest Poptropica Bosses

Option #2: Top Three Least Favorite Islands

Option #3: Top Three Most Violent Pop Moments


Alright now vote! I’ll be… Somewhere I guess, Boa out!



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