Custom Poptropica Villains & Backstories #2!


Heyyo Poptropicans! Bet you didn’t expect this post anytime soon, I’m Sporty Boa, and I created two MORE Custom villains with some pretty facinating backstories! Today I’ll be showcasing these two badies, so strap in and enjoy the ride!… I mean, post. (P.S. all of the art was made by me on MS paint… You probably will be able to tell. Also P.P.S, these are all my opinions and ideas, please try not to think to deeply into this.)




Pop Villain


You know that overly- competitive kid in gym class? Well, Champ- Iron is that taken to the next level. Literally.  Created on the robot – ruled island known as Game Show, His Father Champ- Iron 1.0 was a game show legend. He had held the highest score ever in the game show “Brainiacs”, fastest time in “Kerplunk”, 22- time winner of “Spin for Riches”, and was a robo icon throught the island… Was. The champ retired and enjoyed watching fellow robots unsuccessfully attempt to break his amazing records, untill along came an underdog… A Poptropican by the name of you, who shook the robot world of entertainment by beating them at their own game! If you didn’t know, Champ- Iron dispised  humans and thought of them as the lowest of creatures. Proven wrong, The droid became enraged and in the midst of that, he built an upgraded version of himself known as the “Champ- Iron 2.0”. This robot was made of chrome steel, (Can’t tell in the picture, lol) Could hover, and… had FINGERS! “He is better than any human!” Champ- Iron 1 said in an interveiw, as he activated his “son’s” power source: Gamma fluid. (Which is prohibited on the island) Calling your Poptropican out, both you and Champ- Iron 2.0 step out of the shadows for the ultimate game show duel, Your objective: To beat his records and erase his name from the record books… Forever.

FACT: Champ- Iron 2.0 carries two of his father’s greatest awards: The dimondite crown, and the dimondite belt.




Pop Villain 3


If the name, “The G.A.G.” doesn’t make you feel uneasy I don’t know what will. First off, G.A.G. stands for: Giant, Acidious, Glob, and most of you are probably thinking, What the heck is this thing and where the heck did it come from?! I shall explain… It all starts in the post- affects of Steamworks Island, in which the Mayor, Zach, Sprocket, and your Poptropican as well as the previously frozen civilians, are helping rebuild Steamworks Island. With the “Brain’s” defeat, all that’s left to do is get rid of all the deceased plants. With no herbicide left, you blend up the remaining plants in the lab and dump the waste into the sewers… BAD IDEA. Remember 200 years ago, when the locals of Steamworks island accidently created a bunch evil plant mutants? (Still have no idea why…) Well, the mutant chemicals were embedded permanently within those plants… Even after they wilted. This meant that when the plant waste was dumped into the sewage, a huge and horrifying chemical mutation occurred beneath the surface, and slowly, but surely… The G.A.G. was born.

FACT: When I said the Glob was huge, I meant it. At it’s largest, it can tower over buildings… You’re going to need a bigger mech!


Well that’s all for my Custom Villains and their evil origins! Hope you have a wonderful day/ week and I’ll see you next time, Boa out!



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