Memory Lane Mondays #2: The Discovery

Hey guys and gals, Sporty Boa here with a sparkly new post on my sparkly new series, Memory Lane Mondays! I apologize if you were looking forward to it last week but I need to let you guys know that… I HATE Mondays. Mostly because I’m very busy then and because… Well, it’s Monday. But hopefully today, I can brighten up your Monday with my story, and how I discovered Poptropica!



So if you were wondering where we left off, I was talking about a kid arriving at a brand new school. To be more specific, (Yes, that’s the correct spelling) This kid:


To be even more specific, that kid was me(in third grade), and surprisingly things were going a lot better than planned at this new school. I had met two very nice friends who basically liked everything I did, and all through lunch we’d talk we’d talk about those cool things and even pretend to be some of the characters!


(FYI: I was the shortest of my friends, lol.)


*Sniff* You probably won’t understand but, The three of us were the bestest of pals, we had so much in common! Plus these two were the first best friends I’ve had in a long while… But sadly as time passed and we moved through the grades, I saw them less and less. To this day, It’s been nearly three years since I last spoke to one of them. Moving on, as you know my mommy was a teacher at the school I went to, so after school my siblings and I would chill in her classroom. Fun Fact: I went to a Montessori school in elementary and middle, so We’d usually play with the montessori materials in our free time, even though we technically weren’t supposed to… Even though my mom’s classroom would be the first place I ever played the game Poptropica, you wouldn’t guess where I truly uncovered it…


Welp, that’s the end of this week’s Memory Lane Monday segment, I really hope you enjoyed it and I also really hope you have a wonderful day! Boa out.



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