Top Three Thursdays: My Top 3 Toughest Poptropica Boss Battles


It’s finally Thursday, and you know what that means… SB here with yet another Top 3 Countdown List! Apologies for not posting last Thursday… This Boa’s been busy. However, this week I’ll Supply you awesome viewers with a list of my Top three Toughest boss battles I ever played in Poptropica! Just be sure to check out this very important notice:


Guys, please don’t make fun of me… This list is strictly MY OPINION. I have not beat all the bosses in Poptropica, and the toughness is solely based upon my first time facing off with these bosses. With that out of the way, I want to thank everyone for voting, and enjoy the list of my Top 3 Toughest Poptropica Bosses!



NUMBER 3: MOTHER PHEONIX (Astro Knight Island)


Okay, once you get the hang of it, this boss is easier to beat than a worn-out punching bag,  but… When me and my brother took on this mechanized bird of pain, with might I add, no idea what to do or how to defeat it, We were obliterated. More than once too. It fires freaking bird missiles at you as well as launching its self at you from multiple directions! Before the battle, I should’ve just told the pegasus unicorn that “We’re all going to die!”



NUMBER 2: DRAGOTANK (Astro Knights)


Ah, the Dragotank. DRAGOTANK!? The name itself sounds insane, and according to a lot of Poptropica fans and community members, this is the hardest boss battle in all of poptropica. Then why the heck is it second on my list!? … Well… You see, I technically might’ve… Not played it yet. My brother did. While I watched. In horror.



NUMBER 1: PLANT MONSTERS (Steamworks Island)

plant mosters pop

Which of the following is true?

A. I raged quit while fighting this boss multiple times

B. This boss took me 2 days to defeat

C. This is the toughest boss I’ve ever faced

D. All of the Above

The answer is D. End of story. (Loved the island tho!)


Welp, that’s it for my Top 3 Toughest Boss Battles list! If you liked it, like the post! Also type in the comments what you think is the toughest boss in all Poptropica I’m interested in seeing your opinions! See ya around, this Boa’s gotta Bounce!




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