Special Anouncments!…. Oh, and Vote!

Hey, What’s up Poptropicans?! It’s Sporty Boa here just briefing you guys on some special announcements… Well not all of them are considered “Special” so yeah, Lets hop into it!



I going to keep this short, But again I apologize for not posting in a while… MLM and TFF (Top Five Fridays) were cancelled last week because I was busy w/ traveling and stuff like that. It was also Spring break for me and I just wanted to kick it and chillax… I hope you’ll understand.


So, Pop news… (meh) Well there is a book and membership giveaway, in which I entered… Without parental permission. (*Beat Drops*) Also a kind friend of mine created this masterpiece of me and my brother that I requested: (Never before released to the public!)

Sporty Boa & Fierce Flyer!.png

I love it! & Thanks again! (Where ever you are) Now for some bad news… The Poptropica Movie Theater. I hate it. And now they added new non pop-related, Kid friendly, Cringe-worthy videos for us all to enjoy, Yes! Dat’s it for news.



Alright now for the special announcements! The first one is that… My Birthday is comming up! Yay me! Can any of you guess how old I’ll be in the comments?? Also my b-day will be on a Tuesday… Smh. Now for the Second special anouncement… Sporty Boa Blog is getting a new LOGO! I sketched it out and everything, it’s perfect for me! Here what my logo looks like now:


Prepare to see the unveiling of the new logo soon!



Top Five Fridays is back! And it’s time to vote on da theme! Today though, there are only 2 options. However, I’ll gladly except theme suggestions below in the comments from you guys! Remember: To vote type either #1 or #2 below! You can also vote on my twitter poll here: https://twitter.com/SportyBoa17  Let’s vote, vote, vote!

Option #1: Top 5 Coolest Store items

Option #2: Top 5 Creepy & Mysterious NPCs


Alright that’s all I wanted to get off my chest, (I think…) Have a great day and I’ll see you later, Boa out!

P.S. That feature image is me trying to give a thumbs up to convince you to vote… Seriously, why don’t us Poptropicans have thumbs?!





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