Top Five Creepy & Mysterious NPCs

Heyo, Happy Friday!! Sporty Boa here giving you awesome viewers another Top 5 Countdown! I won’t spend too much time up here for the intro and notice, because we need to get down there for the countdown to truly begin, So just so you can remember, Every Creepy and mysterious npc I mention below is strictly MY OPINION. If you disagree with anything on my list, jot down In comments who you believe is deserving of that spot(s). Without further notice, let us begin:





As creepy as Ghost Story Island already was, There was one guy to me that just made it creepier, him name is Henry Flatbottom. As the center-piece for all of this ghost madness, and the Hooded figure’s true identity, the Magistrate isn’t lower on this list because he’s not that Mysterious. All though at first he is, eventually the old man tells your poptropican of his tragic and definitely creepy past. (Some of the characters on this list have no back story whatsoever! That’s what makes them both mysterious and creepy.)



NUMBER 4: CHARON (Mythology Island)

River of styx

Betcha it took the picture to figure out who this strange man was! When I was younger, I thought the ferryman of the Underworld was an actual man! I thought, “How the heck did this creepy guy end up here? Why the Heck would you want to give rides to poptropicans through the River of the DEAD?? Who the heck are you??? Welp, I decided to do some research of my own and I discovered…. Charon is a god. (In greek mythology) Mystery solved… He still creepy tho.



NUMBER 3: STRANGE MAN (Counterfeit Island)

His name enlists exactly what he is: A Strange Man. (Don’t talk to strangers kids!!) We’ve all met him before, probably loitering around the underground tunnel exit with his brown trench coat and large brown hat covering that scarred face… Am I creeping you out yet? Tbh, I like him as a character and believe him to be pretty underrated, but I’d like this strange man a ton more If he actually had a STORY and wasn’t such a mysterious figure. (Poptropica creators, if you’re reading this, plz make it work!)



NUMBER 2: SPIDER GIRL (Early Poptropica Island)

“…. Okay… I just went down this pit on the wonderful happy Early Poptropica Island to be greeted by a creepy dark sewer system and a creepy girl…”

*Walks up to Spider girl* “Um, hi there… The name’s Sporty, can you help me in any way?”

*Girl stares blankly at me* “Hope you’re not afraid of spiders…”

SB: *Backs away slowly then takes off running*



NUMBER 1: WILLY WONKA (Charlie and the chocolate Factory island)

Image result for poptropica willy wonka














*BAD VIBES ALERT* (Idkw, I just find Willy Wonka in the movies and Poptropica to be very, very creepy AND Mysterious…)



That wraps up my Top 5 Creepiest & Mysterious NPCs! I Hope you enjoyed it, and until next time, Boa out!


17 thoughts on “Top Five Creepy & Mysterious NPCs

  1. What was UP with the last part, SB? Believe it or not, I was moved…. to totally rethink everything I thought about Wonka up until this point!! “Wonky” Wonka ain’t my fav character and never was, but that just… just…

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