Happy Boa Birthday! And A Thousand Thank Yous

Hey Everybody! SB here to happily announce… Today is my birthday!! I probably had one of the best weekends ever last week to celebrate, and I won’t get too into detail but I just want to thank my family for an awesome surprise party!

Now I want to thank you, The amazing supporters, followers, or just viewers in general. I woke up Monday morning to discover something insane: I reached ONE THOUSAND HITS! Not only that, but I acquired my highest number of visitors two days in a row also on my most previous post, Top 5 Mysterious & Creepy Poptropicans, received the highest number of views for ANY of my blog posts! Cray cray right?! I’m extremely pleased with the progress I’ve made on my blog, I didn’t dream I’d reach 1,000 hits this quickly, which is why I’m also extremely thankful to have such great viewers on my blog!

How will I celebrate? Tbh, I’m not sure yet… Maybe an epic multiverse party? Or shall I open up a Discord Server? Oh I know, Lets VOTE! Option #1 or #2? You decide, This Boa’s gotta bounce, and thanks again to everyone for helping me reach 1,000 hits! The sky’s the limit!


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