Memory Lane Mondays #3: The Lab

Welcome ladies and gents, to a series I like to call, Memory Lane Mondays! This is basically where I talk about my life, (Sport Boa’s life) and the fun times I had (and are still having) with the game Poptropica. So without further awaitment, let’s begin chapter #3, The Lab.


Thank you narrator, It’s SB here and last time on MLM, I was speaking of my dearest friends… Whom I never talk to anymore:


And you must be thinking, ‘These guys must’ve helped you discover Poptropica! So sweet!’ Well… Nope. Although my two best friends did introduce me a game I still (kinda) enjoy today, Poptropica wasn’t that game. (*whispers*Roblox was) However, there was a person- no, a place! That gave me my first glimpse of that blue loading screen: The lab.

No, it’s not a science lab like in the feature image, It was a computer lab. A majority of the computer games I enjoyed playing at my new Elementary school were all born in that very lab, including Poptropica. *Sigh* Memories.. Oh right, how’d I discover it? Let the key word there be: Discover. I didn’t necessarily play the game right then and there, I just caught a glimpse of it.. My memory is a bit cloudy but I do remember a couple of kids playing Poptropica during free time in the computer lab, I also remember a bunch of kids who watched them while they played, me included, eyes glued to the screen with amazement and curiosity… And finally I remember me rushing after school to my mom’s classroom eager to play it.


That’s the end of Chapter 3 on Memory Lane Mondays, I hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing it! That’s all from me, boa out!





4 thoughts on “Memory Lane Mondays #3: The Lab

      1. Yup! Though I sorta doubt she remembers the blonde spaz who used to live 2 houses down. I’ll see her in the hall and she doesn’t recognize me.
        Then there’s my other BFF who I’ve known since 3rd and we’re still tight. XP


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