Voting, Partying, and Space Traveling!

Hey Everybody! Sporty Boa here, (After what? Like, a WEEK? *Shrugs*) and I don’t like doing this often, but I’ve got news and ya need to hear it!

Alright, were to start…

(Random Guy: *Stands w/ arms crossed* “You can start by apologizing to me,”

Sporty Boa: “Um, why just you? I let pretty much let everyone down by being slow lately..”

RG: “Well you’ve got a point but, I’m just here for the Top 10 countdowns, and from what I can see, you haven’t delivered… I even wanted to participate in voting for like, the first time in my LIFE! Any explanation?”

SB: … “I-

RG: *Sighs loudly* “Excuses, excuses…”

SB: “Let me talk dude! This Boa’s been busy! With classes, exams and stuff, Top Ten Thursdays as well as voting ARE returning and I was just about to talk about that in this post!”

RG: “Proceed then.”

SB: *Sighs and rolls eyes*)

Top Ten Thursdays

Top 10 Thursday posts on my blog are resuming starting today! A friend of mine requested for me to do my Top 3 favorite and least favorite Poptropica common room games, which is a gr8 idea! (thx tallmeloniscool!) So don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts and opinions on what you think the theme should be! Like my friend, if you suggest a theme for my countdown, there’s a 99.9% chance it’ll be featured on my blog! (unless it’s inappropriate, then 0.01% chance) To send my suggestions just use the comments or DM me on discord or Twitter, it’s up to you. Voting will also make a comeback next week, which means, (Random Guy..) you awesome viewers can vote on the theme you want, just like the olden times!


1,000 Hits SBB Party Info

On my recent post, ( Happy Boa Birthday! And A Thousand Thank Yous ) I asked you guys to vote on how I should celebrate 1,000 hits on Sporty Boa Blog, and you guys choose… To PARTY!! Well a Poptropica Multiverse Party to be exact, the time in date are a work in progress but I just wanted to drop the news, see ya! (Runs to next section)


You Haven’t Gone to Space Yet?!?!

Well if you have already read my Earth Day post: ( This Earth Day… ) You would’ve already known that I planned on FINALLY conquering Astro Knights Island on Poptropica. If you’ve already read the title of this section… You would’ve known that I haven’t… technically done it yet. Don’t attack me yet, it turns out that Earth Day Saturday was also the day my family decided to take me on a surprise b-day trip… Which was awesome, but then as the days went by, I got more and more busy and didn’t have time to sit at my computer playing Poptropica’s toughest island for Idk how long… bear with me guys, one day I’ll do it *Looks up at the stars* one day…


Hey, hope you enjoyed this “update” kinda post but I’ve gotta bounce, I hope you enjoy your day and I’ll see you later, Boa out!





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