Discord Disarray & Dismay

Yo it’s SB here with just a short post regarding a serious situation that has to do with my Discord account online. No, I haven’t gotten hacked and It’s not your fault either… It’s just I might have.. (*face-palm*) Forgotten my password… Or something like that, cause when I went online the other day I usually have Discord bookmarked on my computer, but when I clicked it something unusual happened: I was sent to login. (Crud.) I couldn’t remember my password or even the email I signed up with, so until I do, I guess I’m on Discord Hiatus.. Which sucks.

-Sporty Boa

(P.S.) Any advice on what I should do? It’d help… I hope.)


6 thoughts on “Discord Disarray & Dismay

  1. If you have those kinds of problems and/or encounter a glitch or a bug, try contacting Discord Support. Just tweet to @Discord about your problem and they may ask if they can start up a DM with you.


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