Top 3 Favorite & Least Favorite Common Room Games! (ft. Fierce Flyer)

Ayyyo Everyone! It’s SB here back at it again with Thursday Countdown posts, and I couldn’t be more glad cause I got to spend it with my bro, FF! ( Btw If you have no idea who FF is, he owns and amazing blog know as Fierce Flyer Adventures. Check it. ) Before I get into my picks for my Top 3 Favorite and Least Favorite Common room games and the pandemonium, I just want to announce that the following is all MY opinion. I do not intend to offend anyone, plus this blog post is literally just fun and games, so let’s keep the positive vibes going shall we? With that cleared up, here we go!

The Idea:

So I plan on not wasting much time dwelling on details so let’s cut right to the chase: Me and Fierce were just chillin’ on separate computers and I was just about to type up this very post, about my favorite and least favorite common room games in Poptropica. To get better perspective, I literally went to a common room in poptropica in order to refresh my memory of the games. Only problem was, no one in the arcade wanted to play with ya boy, (RIP) they were to.. “busy”. That’s when the idea came to me, I could just set up a multiverse room and play all the common room games with the kid sitting right next to me, Fierce Flyer!

Da Gamez:

So me and my bro met up in a mystical realm know as the Poptropica Multiverse and played. All. Da. Gamez. (Below are some pictures, and Important Notice: all of the games in red= least favorites and Green= favorites!)


Proof of our meet up. (Also don’t question why we’re in the brain lab, I have a pretty dumb explanation.)



I am being 100% honest, I’ve never played Sudoku in my life. And in addition, Poptropica never even mentioned the rules to game, resulting in me and Flyer becoming clueless. Even a GOOGLE SEARCH didn’t help! After some time though, we figured it out. (*Mumbles* ..And FF won…) Moving On!



I love Hoops!! (P.S. Ball is life.)


Skydive is an addictive and probably the most popular common room game in all Poptropica, no pic needed. (Btw SB wins!)



Fierce Flyer gets a bit triggered at this point… Probably can guess what happened next..



He beat me in Balloons. I love the game Balloons, but by the look on my face, you might thought otherwise lol.



*Sigh* Star-link… I mean I’m starting see why people like this game, but to me it seems too quick and a teeny bit frustrating… Well I guess that’s if your on the losing end of this inter-galactic game… Like I was. (This really doesn’t give me much confidence heading into my upcoming Astro Knights adventures..)



Welp, the score’s tied 3-3 and it’s down to our last two games. One of which is the famous common room game, Soupwords… (Why is it in Red Sporty?!) The game doesn’t work… For me. I love, love, love the concept but I just can’t click the letters! I mean when I do, they don’t appear on the silver spoon, this resulted in me taking the “L” to my lil’ brother…



This was it, the final game that rested on the top of the list… Pathwise. (Which was Fierce Flyer’s favorite common room game btw.. *gulp*) I. Was. Screwed. I choked! I was up 3-1 and choked! (Like a popular basketball team I know of in the finals… *Cough* Warriors)

I may not have won, but I got all the info I needed to make this list, which was requested by tallmeloniscool FYI. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll catch you later, Boa out! (Notice: FF is also going to make a post about our head- to- head Multiverse battle! Please do not accuse him of copying me! See ya!)

My List:

Least Favs:

#3: Soupwords

#2: Star- Link

#1: Sudoku


#3: Ballons

#2 Pathwise



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