Memory Lane Mondays #4: The First

Hi, hello, greetings, good day, SB finally made a post today! (Intentional rhyme totally worth it, no regrets!…. *Cringes in corner*) Yup, it’s Sporty Boa here, with a series thought to be forgotten: Memory Lane Mondays!! Why was it postponed you ask? Because I- The thing is… *Sighs and scratches back of head* I was l-lazzz… E. Yeah, laz- e. Anyways, let’s do this!


Alright, so on the last chapter of MLM: Memory Lane Mondays #3: The Lab I talked about the place where I witnessed my first ever glimpse of Poptropica: A lab.

MML the lab

No, not that kind of lab! A computer lab! Computer- Lab! (Sporty Boa: Woah calm down Narrator, I’m not paying you to criticize my blogging mistakes!) Anyway, Sporty’s awkwardly shy, third grade- self couldn’t bring himself to ask one of the “cool kids” the name of that fascinating computer game they were playing, so he was left in the blue by the time he arrived back to his mommy’s classroom afterschool. What a wimp!

(SB: Ok that’s it, you’re out narrator guy!

Narrator: Out? What do you mean?

SB: I mean, out! You have been fired.

N: Ah, very well… *mumbles* I didn’t want to work for this blog anyways…

SB: *Crosses arms* Why did I hire a narrator in the first place? Wait, why are you still here??

N: *Sticks out hand* My pay. 20 credits.

SB: *places five creds in hand* Here, now out!

N: Whatever… )


Heh, where were we? Of course! That day or sometime later, after school I had rushed into my mom’s classroom, drop my backpack to the floor and made for a pair desktops located the corner of the room. I couldn’t stop thinking of that game… Which was why I was so astonished to see someone playing it right there in front of me! It was my older sister, who was in fifth grade at the time, She was the first. The first on in our family to ever play Poptropica! My mind accelerated as I pulled up a seat next to her and watched, I think my sister was playing Shark Tooth island… I also think I was asking a lot of questions, and I think- I mean, I knew I just had to play it for myself!


Thanks for reading Chapter 4 of Memory Lane Mondays! I’d like to give a shoutout to my sister who sadly doesn’t play Poptropica anymore, but still has her account from way- back when! ( I managed to find her old poptropican in the avatar studio here! ) Btw, she’s awesome! Speaking of which, so is my new header and logo! (I made it myself :P) Comment down below if you like the new look! Anywho, I hope you all have and awesome week, and I’ll catch you later, Boa out!



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