Top 5 Things Sporty Boa Dislikes/Fears

Hey everyone, let’s take a moment to celebrate… Top five Fridays will live another week! Oh and I recently reached 20 followers on my blog so, whatever. JK guys, you’re one of the main reasons why I love doing what I do, and I deeply appreciate all you do, from commenting, to liking my posts ect. *sniff* It really means a lot.

So what’s the theme for today’s countdown?… Things I hate!

This branches of from my #Popsona, (Which I made a post on in da past: Sporty Boa’s Popsona) in which I stated part of SB’s mysterious past, his favorite things, and things he… Didn’t like so much. So on this fine day, I’ll highlight Sir Sporty’s Top 5 dislikes and fears!



To put it lightly, I HATE haters. I mean, why do they even have to exist?? *Sigh*



Image result for Mayo meme



NUMBER 4: PUPPETS (more specifically, the PUPPET MAN.)

It all started as a normal, puppet-ess trip to Monster Carnival Island, I was volunteering by helping Edgar and the carnies set up for the big night. It was all good until… Well, the big night:

Image result for Poptropica Puppet man

Well THAT happened. The carnies are suddenly transformed into a bunch of “scary” Monsters and takeover the entire carnival…


Wait… What?


Holy snap, What is THAT?! Hope I don’t run into him anytime soon…

So walking through the now nightmarish Monster Carnival, I notice that there’s no sign of the puppet man… *Dabs* …But later on in your quest to find an antidote, you must locate and grab a box of black light bulbs, Where’s the box hiding you ask? Da haunted house. Who’s waiting for you there? The. Freaking. Terrifying. PUPPET MAN.





If you should know absolutely anything about me, it’s that I love animals. However, the Nokken is not an exception… *Shudders*




I don’t even need a picture. (Partially because I don’t want to scare myself. ) I know some of you have that certain monster you’re afraid of, whether it be clowns, mummies, zombies, the Jersey Devil or something else, but for ya boi, it’s ghosts. Fun fact about me IRL, I’m not a fan of haunted spirits, Why? Because they’re actually REAL. Ever been to Ghost Story Island? I have, and now I keep my ghost hunting gear as close to me as my boa staff. (What could I possible dislike more than ghosts? Check it out below!)






Image result for myron van buren

(*Holds himself back from punching the screen*) Man, I hate this man! If Sporty Boa had an ultimate archenemies, It would be M.V.B. Forget about him trying to hunt you down, think of all the rare creatures he’s already hunted…

Image result for myron van buren mansion

Just to name a few: Pandas, Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Foxes, Leopards, Moose, and a freaking Narwal for heck sake!! Thumbs down for this loser and his family of hunters too.


*Stretches* Well, hope you enjoyed this list of my Top 5 Things SB Dislikes and Fears! I’ll see ya later, this Boa’s gotta bounce!







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