Every Single Countdown Post in the History of Ever… So far!

Sup friends!… And haters, It’s SB here with an important announcement regarding my blog. But first, let’s hop in this invisible time machine and go back a few weeks ago! (*Makes weird sound effects and pretends to flip switches*)

A Few Weeks Ago: 

I was sick. Physically, (because I waz zick) and mentally, Of my header-less, plain, and kinda ‘meh’ blog design, so I decided to change it. By change, I mean experimenting with stuff. (Which I’m not that good at) I’m talkin’ Changing things then changing it back, realizing after all this time I could’ve added a header image, trying to convince my artistic brother to draw my new logo design, Cats walking on the keyboard, It was pretty hectic, but ya boi pulled through.

In Present Time:

Now looking at my blog design, It’s… Alright. What’s your favorite new feature? Wait, before you answer that, check out the menu and click/ tap on TTT (Top Ten Thursdays) and…


Kazam! The link to every single countdown post I’ve made in the history of ever! Don’t be scared, Go ahead and check em’ out! And while you’re doing that, this Boa’s gotta bounce, see ya!



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