How I Almost Died For a Poppies Outfit (Part One)

Hey Everyone, It’s Sporty here to tell you a tale… Of DEATH. (*Pauses dramatically then resumes typing*) This isn’t a joke, (and it’s definitely not clickbait) we Poptropican’s face life threatening situations almost all the time, but usually not over a fancy suit… Just enjoy the true tale of how I almost died for a Poppies Outfit!



There was a frantic storm brewing in my mind about the PHB‘s Poppies Awards 2017. “Who do I nominate?” “What is it like?” “What do I wear??”

Random Guy: Woah, Woah, Woah Boa boy, Since when did you care about CLOTHES? You literally go about your life wearing robin hood’s shirt and some worn-out hiking boots!

Sporty Boa: First off, solid roast RG, and secondly, I do care about my appearance, one of my favorite things about Poptropica & Worlds is the store! Plus it’s my first poppies awards and I want to look nice… Back to the story!

Continuing off from my last question, I headed to Mystery Train Island for some inspiration. (If you’re also struggling finding a outfit for the awards, I highly suggest you do the same. Those folks back in the day had swag!) I took out my costumizer tool and tried on some fancy suits, one in particular I liked so I put it on, but there just wasn’t enough green … I threw on my green jacket and strutted my stuff:


Not bad, But uh…. It needs something.

At this moment, I should’ve just kept what I had on…



Hey guys, *Yawns* I’m typing this up pretty late at night so I’m gonna end Part one here. But don’t freak out, Part: 2 of my terrifying tale Will be released very soon! This Boa’s gotta sleep, so peace!





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