How I Almost Died for a Poppies Outfit (Part 2)

Ayy whadup guys and gals? I won’t spend too much time on this intro because we have to get back my story of DEATH. (Btw, if you haven’t read Part One to this terrifying tale, I suggest you check that out first!) Let’s go kids!



This was the first idea for my Poppies outfit:


Not Bad, but uh… it needs something.

At that moment, I should’ve just keep what I had on… BUT I DIDN’T! I had to keep looking for the perfect outfit. “Mystery train Island can’t be the only place where I can find fancy costumes right?” I had to ask my friend, she has rarely failed me in the past, providing me with the answers to my most burning questions… Her name is Google. (Don’t sue me!)

Google lead me to a great post from the Poptropica Help Blog, (Check it out here! ) Which then lead me to: the ONE.


It was right at this moment that I saw the Joker’s green vest and knew that was the one! The one thing I needed to complete my Poppies outfit, Yus! Where can I find it? I’ve got the blimp ready!


*Wipes eyes* What? Nah, I must be seeing things… Lemme get a closer look:


… No… Please… WHY?! Of all places, the Haunted house Mini-quest??

Is it worth it? For a darn vest? (A darn nice-looking vest,) Yes. Yes it is.


To be continued! I really hope you enjoyed this post, Part Three will be out soon so don’t fret! For now, This Boa’s gotta sleep, Peace!





9 thoughts on “How I Almost Died for a Poppies Outfit (Part 2)

  1. For everyone who does not know when I make it to PHB parties I like recording the Parties then uploading it to Youtube for memories. i really hope the make it because everyone looks like they have good Poppies costumes and i want to make sure they get recorded!

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