How I Almost Died for a Poppies outfit (The Complete Trilogy)

Hey Whassup, Sporty Boa here! Well the well- anticipated Poppies Awards and Party has been schedule for… (*Checks Calendar*) Holy carrot, Tomorrow! To celebrate this occasion, The entire trilogy, all three chapters to the story of how I almost died for a Poppies outfit is now at your disposal! Enjoy, and see you at the Poppies!



There was a frantic storm brewing in my mind about the PHB‘s Poppies Awards 2017. “Who do I nominate?” “What is it like?” “What do I wear??”

Random Guy: Woah, Woah, Woah Boa boy, Since when did you care about CLOTHES? You literally go about your life wearing robin hood’s shirt and some worn-out hiking boots!

Sporty Boa: First off, solid roast RG, and secondly, I do care about my appearance, one of my favorite things about Poptropica & Worlds is the store! Plus it’s my first poppies awards and I want to look nice… Back to the story!

Continuing off from my last question, I headed to Mystery Train Island for some inspiration. (If you’re also struggling finding a outfit for the awards, I highly suggest you do the same. Those folks back in the day had swag!) I took out my costumizer tool and tried on some fancy suits, one in particular I liked so I put it on, but there just wasn’t enough green … I threw on my green jacket and strutted my stuff:


Not bad, But uh…. It needs something.

At this moment, I should’ve just kept what I had on…



This was the first idea for my Poppies outfit:


I should’ve just keep it in the first place… BUT I DIDN’T! I had to keep looking for the perfect outfit. “Mystery train Island can’t be the only place where I can find fancy costumes right?” I had to ask my friend, she has rarely failed me in the past, providing me with the answers to my most burning questions… Her name is Google. (Don’t sue me!)

Google lead me to a great post from the Poptropica Help Blog, (Check it out here! ) Which then lead me to: the ONE.


It was right at this moment that I saw the Joker’s green vest and knew that was the one! The one thing I needed to complete my Poppies outfit, Yus! Where can I find it? I’ve got the blimp ready!


*Wipes eyes* What? Nah, I must be seeing things… Lemme get a closer look:


… No… Please… WHY?! Of all places, the Haunted house Mini-quest??

Is it worth it? For a darn vest? (A darn nice-looking vest,) Yes. Yes it is.



*Snatches Ghost-hunting net, Thermal scanner, EMF Detecter, a Thermometer and Bo staff  from Shelf *

Sporty Boa: “Thank you Jane the Baker!”

(My loyal pet cat Rusty rubs against my leg as I prepare to leave for the Haunted Mansion. )

SB: “Sorry my adorably fluffy companion, This Boa’s gotta face doom on his own!”

*Briefly stops petting cat and looks him in the eyes*

SB: “… Maybe you should go with me, ya’ know, since your adorable and stuff… Rusty, follow!”

*Leaves house and pulls out a sparkling new gold card*

SB: “Haunted Mansion and Poppies outfit, Here we come!”


(Notice: I’ve actually NEVER completed the Haunted Mansion Mini- Quest before, so… This should be fun! *Cries in corner*)

Things would be boring if I just talked about my experience without any pics, so the following are photos and excerpts from Sporty B. himself, describing his horrifying quest… For your entertainment!


First impressions:


First off, Some of those tombstones are funny, others are just pain scary…. Wait… I swear I just saw those bushes move!


Ghostly Presence Comic:


The image speaks for itself.


Deathly Call:


NOPE. I really hate dis… (P.S. That mini game with the two clocks took me forever, let’s just say they ticked, me off.


The Cat and the Broom:


K Rusty, you can play with the flying broom, but when the creepy witch lady comes to get it back, you must LEAVE IT BEHIND AND RUN.



poppies hyde!.png

If you were paying attention to the items on the bottom of the previous images, turns out they ended up being for some weird Ghoul Gala thing featuring a bunch of  famous monsters, dead guys, and… That’s basically it…. *Spots Hyde* WAIT, IS THAT IT?? Is that the ONE?? *Snaps out costumizer tool* By golly, it is! Wahoo!! *Hugs Dracula* I DID IT! Mission accomplished!!


Sorry Witch lady, can’t stay, gotta get ready for the Poppies! Boa out!


One final message from ya boi: I’d like to personally congratulate all the nominees and future winners for the Poppies, I wish you all the best before and after the results are released! If you spot me at the PHB’s anniversary party tomorrow and have read this blog post, come up to me & click the smiling reaction button in the common room so I can shout you out in my next post! See ya, this Boa’s gotta bounce!

P.S. For all the people who didn’t get nominated for anything this year, including me, Watch out cause we’re coming next year! 😉


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