2,000 Thank Yous this Time!

Hey guys and gals, SB here with just a short post addressing some AWESOMENESS that happened to me recently!

(Random Guy: “Before you get to that awesomeness, can you address why you’ve abandoned your blog for the past two weeks?!”

Sporty Boa: *Sighs* “You’ve killed the mood my man, but here, check out this blog post from Fierce Flyer which basically explains everything: Hiatus/ Road Trip

SB: “Also I’m back now so now everyone can relax!”

RG: “Hrmph, Proceed.”)



This happened about a week ago when I stopped by my blog and saw this:

2,000 hits

Coolio indeed! I was just one view away from 2,000!! Literally, a couple minutes later my wish came true, and the SBB hit another amazing milestone!



I want to thank you guys, the viewers, for your awesome support, your awesome comments, likes, your awesome everything!! (XD) It means so much to me, It really does! Like I always say, The sky’s the limit, don’t stop doing what you love, and be yourself! Thanks again for 2k, Boa out!





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