Happy Sporty Boa Blogiversary!!!

How’s it going Poptropicans? Sporty Boa here and happy to announce… TODAY’S MY 1-YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!! I guess the New Year has official begun on the SBB… This is crazy!



Honestly, it’s felt more like a hundred years! I don’t think you’ll understand how excited I’ve been for this day. Over a year ago, I had just remembered Poptropica. The game I’d spend hours playing and watching my siblings play, The game I’d talk and read about constantly, the game that has brought a new light upon my life… A new happiness.



… You know what? Enough about me. I wouldn’t be where I am without you, and I dead serious.

My brother, Fierce Flyer reminded me about Poptropica, He inspired me to blog, and he is the reason why I’m here. Hopefully I don’t offend any of you for saying this, but Fierce is the one I’d like to thank the most. He held opened the doors for me as I entered the Pop community for the first time, unaware of the amazing things we’d accomplish once there. My respect and gratitude goes to you Fierce Flyer, Thanks.

FF may have opened the doors, but he wasn’t the only one there to greet me. I’ll never forget the fellow community members who supported me and my up-and-coming blog; Purple Claw, Smart Flame, Lucky Wing, Tallmeloniscool, ShayShayGamer, Bendy Flyer, Friendly Whale, AlexaHalfSiren, G-hopper, and Slanted Fish,  just to name a few. Each and every person who took the time to read at least one blog posts deserves some recognition in my book, so thanks to you all!



There is a lot more to say, Segment title! I just don’t think this blog post can contain it all… I’ll just end this post about the past in a few words about the future: It’s going to be awesome!

Well congrats to the Sporty Boa Blog for 1 year of awesome, fun, Sporty Boa-ness, and more to come! Remember, Great experiences make great stories. Stay amazing guys, this Boa’s gotta bounce!

Sporty BOA2



5 thoughts on “Happy Sporty Boa Blogiversary!!!

  1. I’m so proud of you big bro!! Introducing you to the community is the least I could’ve done for how amazing you’ve been to me my entire life. I’ve always got your back and I know you’ll always have mine. Fly Fierce my friend, and to many more years of Sporty Boaness!!

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