Hiatus Over! And… You’ve Got to Sea This

Sup dudes and dudettes, Sporty Boa finally here to deliver a blog post to you guys!



Yeah, I took a little break from blogging. Not because I was bored or lazy, but because things have been pretty busy for us, (FF and I) Traveling, school work, personal stuff… Yeah, so I’ve been booked.

Random Guy: *Holds list of excuses* So you won’t be needing this?

Sporty Boa: Yeah no.

But now I’m back to blogging! And perfect timing too because…



(Zeus looks freaking amazing! Shout-out to the PHB for the image!)

To be precise, the island is called: Greek Sea Odyssey and I’m incredibly hyped for it! “The Odyssey” Is my favorite Greek mythological story and I’m very interested to see how Poptropica has incorporated that story into this new island, so can’t wait!



I’ve got a lot of cool new ideas and plans for this blogs future. As I mentioned in my blogiversary post, this year is going to be epic on the Sporty Boa Blog! Well all that’s left to say is to stay updated for new posts and have a great weekend, Boa out!



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