The Random Guy Challenge! (SBB’s First Contest)

Greetings folks! SB here to direct your attention to my friend roommate, Hungry Bug!

HB: I preferred it when you called me “Random Guy”…

Welp if you’re new or have no idea who Hungry Bug (AKA Random Guy) is, He’s that guy who usually pops outta nowhere to roast me in some of my posts. If you look back at my old blog posts you’ll probably be able to find cringe and Random Guy won’t be far either. Plus he also recently Took over my blog so he’s not the most awesome roommate on the planet… Now where were we? Right, directing our eyes and attention to that good ol’ fellow!

Random Guy: *Stands awkwardly* Um… They can’t actually see me dude.

Sporty Boa: Oh riiiight… *Smirks*

RG: Oh no, you have your “idea” face on…

SB: Yes sir!



What do you think Random Guy looks like??

I’m excited to announce that the Sporty Boa Blog is hosting its very own contest! (The community hasn’t had one in a while) I call it the “Random Guy Challenge” and here are the rules!

Random Guy: This is an awful idea.



1)It’s simple, since I already know what Random Guy looks like, I’ll provide 3 clues to give you something to start with. Then it’ll be up to you guys to either draw or customize in Poptropica (Worlds or Original) his perfect look!

2) You can send me as much submissions as you please, as long as they’re not inappropriate

3) You can send them to ya boi via discord, twitter or even the comment section (Just post the link!)

4) The deadline will be next Sunday, March 18 @Midnight

5) The 1st place prize will be revealed at the end of this post (The others are tba)

6) That’s pretty much it,  if you have any questions cast them below in the comments!

Random Guy: I’ve got a question.

Sporty Boa: Okay, whatcha got?

Random Guy: *Crosses arms* What are these “clues” about my appearance? They better not be something dumb like, “He looks like an idiot” or something.

SB: Heck no! But to answer your (and probably everyone’s) question, her are your clues!

RG: Here we go…



  1. Random Guy’s skin color is a light grey
  2. He always wears a hat
  3. Favorite color is Dark Gray

About a week from now, I’ll show off your designs here on the blog and reveal RG’s real appearance! The one concept with the closest resemblance to my design wins and will receive the prize of a guest post or a drawing by me! 

And there you go! No get out there and customize/draw/create the ultimate Random Guy! This Boa’s gotta bounce, Peace!





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