Top 5 Most Powerful Poptropica Villains!

Salutations, to Poptropicans around the nations! It’s me, SB and as you can see… I’m done rhyming. Happy Thursday to all, I’m super psyched to jump into this list but first just a few announcements:

Participate in my Random Guy Challenge! It’s my very first time hosting a contest here on the SBB and anyone’s free to join in! I won’t bore you with the deets cause they’re all packed into this blog post: The Random Guy Challenge! (SBB’s First Contest) so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate! The deadline is this Sunday. Also…

The Odyssey is open to All! Yep, you read it right, Poptropica’s latest island, Greek Sea Odyssey is open to all players! Go check it out, I certainly will!

Important Notice: The following countdown list is completely my opinion. If you agree or disagree with my choices, you can tell me in the comments, even providing your own version of my list!

So… Let us find out who the most powerful Pop Villains are!



HONORABLE MENTION #1: E.VILLE (Legendary Swords)

Related image

Located on a far away planet within the Legendary Sword Mini-quest, an new e.ville rises to power (I had to with the puns! XP). In my all-time favorite Poptropica mini-quest, we are introduced to a vast, powerful army of evil robots planning to take over infiltrate and conquer Poptropica. They appear to be ruled over by a robot named E.ville, and after battling through his artillery first hand, you realize: This guy is no joke.




You should all know his name. The most feared pirate in Poptropica, Captain Crawfish and his crew were the most powerful people on the Seven Seas… Of course, until your Poptropican defeated and then stranded them on an island. :l



NUMBER 5: BETTY JETTY (Super Power Island)

Image result for betty jetty poptropica

Without a doubt the most formidable of the escaped and powered-up villains, Betty Jetty can fly while shooting powerful blasts of green energy that literally could knock you out of the sky. *Has flashbacks of boss battle* Very powerful, very painful… Energy blasts. *Shivers*



NUMBER 4: OMEGON (Poptropicon Island)

Image result for omegon poptropica

Holy Cow, what can I say about this guy? Maybe I can just show you this picture of him:

Image result for omegon poptropica


“Why isn’t he No. 1 SB? He captured all the Aveng- I mean, heroes and it took all their powers to defeat him!”

Great points fellow reader, but in my opinion, his evil reign was too short. For me it was kinda like: O, Meh, Gone.



NUMBER 3: DR. HARE (24 Carrot Island)

Dr hare

The Hare makes the top 3! I mean, world domination, ultimate power, and all the carrots were right at his fingertips… But because of your heroics, he wasn’t able to hold on. Maybe next time Doc.



NUMBER 2: BINARY BARD (Astro Knights Island)

Image result for binary bard poptropica

It was so close between him and #1! Binary Bard is an amazing, in-depth, and powerful villainous ruler/ inventor and what separates the gap between him and E.Ville is the fact that E.Ville conquered a planet while Mordred had a PART OF THE UNIVERSE under his control! Not to mention a wave of ultra-powered cyborg bosses, and the Bard’s giant mech he battles you and Merlin with in the finale. Binary Bard has earned this spot!



NUMBER 1: ZEUS (Mythology Island)

Image result for zeus poptropica

I didn’t have to think twice. (Wait, actually I did.) Zeus, the ruler of the Greek Gods and incredibly powerful god of lightning. You have to give everything you got along with the help of other Mythical Greek legends to help you defeat him. And even when you do… He will come back. He’s ZEUS for goodness sake!


Well, I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did writing it! Continue to be awesome and I’ll catch you later, Boa out!








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