This is Random… But We’ve got a Winner!

(If you are new or confused of the point or the rules for my random challenge click here! Now enjoy the post!)

Howdy everyone, Sporty Boa here and um, this is kinda random…

Random Guy: Wow SB, was that another one of your well-crafted and long-thought out puns?

Me: Well somebody’s in a great mood… You know what this post is about don’t you?

RG: Yes, and I’m NOT looking forward to it.

Me: Why not? This contest was intended to be fun… Fun for the participants.

RG: Exactly! I’m afraid of what these “participants” think I look like!

Well let’s just reveal the winner and what she thinks!

Random Guy: She?

Yep! The grand prize winner for the Sporty Boa Blog’s first ever contest is… Drum-roll please! (*Imaginary Drum roll guy starts drumming*) ZIPPY SKY AKA Estherli521!!!

*Shoots confetti everywhere* Whoo! Yay you! Hooray!

RG: *Crosses arms* … So what do I look like?

Me: Jeez RG, getting there!

RG: K then, I won’t celebrate until I know I don’t look like an idiot.

Any who… Our winner, Zippy Sky also owns an awesome blog known as zippy sky’s poptropica fun corner  so hop on over and show it some love!

Random Guy: Can you show me some love and get to the reveal?

Me: Ugh, You’re going to make me start calling you by your actual name!

Hungry Bug: Please don’t! Wait you already did didn’t you.

Me: *Muffles a laugh*

Alright! Now I will soon reveal what Random guy really looks like but first, without further ado, the winning submission:


Random Guy: Whoa…

Me: Well?

Random Guy: That Shirt… I wore that same shirt in High school!

Me: Oh. Why am I not surprised.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… What Random Guy looks like!

hungry bug.png

Tada! *Blows your minds*

HB: This is an awful picture of me dude. I should’ve worn that flaming skull shirt.

Me: *Sighs* Hungry Bug will be Hungry Bug.

Now, I’ve already notified Estherli521 via Discord regarding her reward and let’s just say I’m working on it now and it’ll be awesome! I hope you guys enjoyed this little blog post from ya boy, I’ll try to be more active on my blog since (Surprise!) My birthday’s coming up and I’ve got a ton of things planned… For my blog at least. (Still don’t know what I’m going to do for my sweet 16th Rip.) Welp, catch you on the flip-side (whatever that means), Boa out!

P.S. Hungry Bug needs friends! You can add him on Poptropica original using the username: Randomguy3 













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