My Pet Profile: Rusty the Cat!

Heyo my peeps, It’s Sporty Boa here with another awesome April blog post for you guys!

PETS. (A sub-par poem by SB, enjoy)

The put a smile on my face, and fur on my clothes,

I love them all, but as far as that goes…

There’s a certain pet with a small, pink nose,

He always follows me wherever I go,

His name is Rusty and he’ll always be my bro.

Random Guy: Well that was cheesy,

Me: For once we are at an agreement.

RG: So… What was that for?

Me: I’m making a post about my cat, Rusty!

Rusty: Meow. (Finally.)

Me: Yes you!

You head me right, today I’m basically making a pet portfolio/profile/persona so you guys can get to know more about my furry friends!

RG: So is this going to be an ongoing series you’re doing? *Closes eyes and crosses fingers*

No, I don’t think this’ll be a series on the blog… However, I do have a lot of pets… What do you guys think? should I make a profile for all of my pets, both IRL and in Poptropica? Tell me in the comments!

Now for the spotlight of this post, Rusty!

Rusty: Mew, Mew! (Yes, yes!)


Name: Rusty

Nickname: None

Age: 5 years old (About 32 in cat years!)

Species: Tabby cat

Gender: Male (Tom)

Color: Burnt orange with brownish stripes

Size: Big. Really Big.

Likes: The outdoors, Scratching trees, Playing with my Bo staff, Danger, High places, Going on adventures, Other cats, and of course, me! (Right??)

Dislikes: Rain, Birds, Bugs, Cucumbers, Super Villains, Strangers, and Random Guy

Favorite food: Fish, any kind

Favorite Pass-time: Staring out the window, Messing with ghost-hunting equipment, siting on my keyboab1ywegvdk b52sas0;2,. 

Favorite toy: A stick with a bright red feather attached to it (Gotta go homemade!)

Anyways, that’s all I got! Anything you want to add Rusty? *Massages fur*

Rusty: Meooow, Purrrr… Meeooow! (My hooman named me after a story book charater… and I sometimes drink from the toilet!)

Well, what he said! I wish you guys an awesome new week and If I somehow can’t get a post out this Wednesday, just know that it’s my birthday! Woo me! Catch you guys later, this Boa’s gotta bounce!









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