Here’s the Deal…

Hey friends, Sporty Boa here with just a short info post about what’s going on with my blog. Just want to let you know that by no means have I lost interest in Poptropica. Heck, I was just playing it the other day! Anyways guys, A lot has been going on in my daily life and it’s kinda getting in the way of my “blogging life”. For one, my cat Thankful is pretty sick and has been to the vet like 3 times in the past week, also I have Summer courses that need to get done before school begins in the fall (I’m actually going to attend a real public high school next year rip). To make a long story short, I want to thank you guys for being cool with my crazy ‘blog breaks’ and just being here for me no matter what. With that being said, This Boa’s gotta bounce!

P.S. New blog posts are coming soon (I didn’t change my blog’s design for nothing!) just bear with the Boa, your patience will pay off 😉



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