Top 3 Most Underrated Poptropica Islands!

Hi again my friends! I told ya I’d catch you later- well not literally catch- You know I meant! Anywho, If you’re wondering why am I back so early,  it’s because today’s Thursday! Which means Top 3 Thursdays on the SBB! Finally! Today’s Theme is Under-the-radar Poptropica Islands that don’t get as much credit as they deserve. I made this list myself, so it is very opinion-based. Therefore, if you strongly disagree or agree with my list, you can let me know or even make your own Top 3 underrated islands list in the comments, I’m interested in your opinion! 🙂

Well, nothing left to do but countdown my top 3 picks so… Let’s do this thing!




Related image

I have to give this incredibly creative and unique Poptropica island an honorable mention! I’ve heard people mention Mocktropica as their personal favorite island and I don’t blame them. I love this island’s concept, design and pet NARFS!

Image result for mocktropica narf

Which by the way, are pretty popular amongst the Pop fandom. (Which is part of the reason this Island isn’t ranked lower) All an all, the creators deserve tons of- if not more credit for pulling this off!

(Oh, Forgot to mention that this island in my humble opinion, has one of the least talked-about final boss battles in Poptropica!)



NUMBER 3: S.O.S Island

Image result for sos island

Now I know I’ve mentioned this Island multiple times on my blog and a few references to it have been tossed around the community from time to time, but I just can’t have this list without S.O.S island on it. It’s just SO GOOD! As one of my favorite islands on Poptropica, I wished it received more praise. Some may say S.O.S Island is a little too difficult and that takes away from the fun, but to me, a little challenge doesn’t hurt!

Random Guy: Says the same guy who still hasn’t completed Astro Knights Island yet.

Me: Hush you!

Anyways, to add, it contains a lot of memorable characters and creatures that should have their popularity points increased amongst the fandom such as Captain Boomer, Stubb the Mechanic and Ishmael (My whale-whispering, bro). I think you get the gist, SOS Island is underrated.



NUMBER 2: Black Lot Island

Related image

Ever dreamed of being a celebrity, filmmaker, or a producer? Well, you can be ALL THREE on Black Lot Island! Sadly though, not much buzz has surrounded this masterpiece. I mean come on people, I had a blast with this island! The sunset scenery and backgrounds were stunning, and also watching all the hard work come together in the end was quite satisfying.

Image result for black lot island poptropica



NUMBER 1: Night Watch Island!

Related image

How could we forget how awesome and crazy Night Watch Island is?!?! My bro and I loved every last bit of the ‘Mall Cop Life’ as we continually played through it all day. However, upon arriving in the community, we barely heard a word of how awesome chasing the masked Preston Welhiem through the mall’s A/C vents was or how flipping cool Little Eddie the segway-hijacking serpent could be! I just think this island needs more praise and recognition for being one of the best Poptropica islands I’ve ever played.


Well, there you have it, that was my list for the Top 3 Most Underrated Islands in Poptropica! If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out my Top 10 list of the Most Underrated Poptropicans! And don’t forget to drop a like and continue to have an awesome day! This Boa’s gotta bounce, I’ll see ya around!


P.S. I just remembered I wanted to put Lunar Colony on this list… Maybe it should’ve been a ‘Top 5’ post after all :/


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