How I Almost Died for a Poppies Outfit (Part 2)

Ayy whadup guys and gals? I won’t spend too much time on this intro because we have to get back my story of DEATH. (Btw, if you haven’t read Part One to this terrifying tale, I suggest you check that out first!) Let’s go kids!



This was the first idea for my Poppies outfit:


Not Bad, but uh… it needs something.

At that moment, I should’ve just keep what I had on… BUT I DIDN’T! I had to keep looking for the perfect outfit. “Mystery train Island can’t be the only place where I can find fancy costumes right?” I had to ask my friend, she has rarely failed me in the past, providing me with the answers to my most burning questions… Her name is Google. (Don’t sue me!)

Google lead me to a great post from the Poptropica Help Blog, (Check it out here! ) Which then lead me to: the ONE.


It was right at this moment that I saw the Joker’s green vest and knew that was the one! The one thing I needed to complete my Poppies outfit, Yus! Where can I find it? I’ve got the blimp ready!


*Wipes eyes* What? Nah, I must be seeing things… Lemme get a closer look:


… No… Please… WHY?! Of all places, the Haunted house Mini-quest??

Is it worth it? For a darn vest? (A darn nice-looking vest,) Yes. Yes it is.


To be continued! I really hope you enjoyed this post, Part Three will be out soon so don’t fret! For now, This Boa’s gotta sleep, Peace!




How I Almost Died For a Poppies Outfit (Part One)

Hey Everyone, It’s Sporty here to tell you a tale… Of DEATH. (*Pauses dramatically then resumes typing*) This isn’t a joke, (and it’s definitely not clickbait) we Poptropican’s face life threatening situations almost all the time, but usually not over a fancy suit… Just enjoy the true tale of how I almost died for a Poppies Outfit!



There was a frantic storm brewing in my mind about the PHB‘s Poppies Awards 2017. “Who do I nominate?” “What is it like?” “What do I wear??”

Random Guy: Woah, Woah, Woah Boa boy, Since when did you care about CLOTHES? You literally go about your life wearing robin hood’s shirt and some worn-out hiking boots!

Sporty Boa: First off, solid roast RG, and secondly, I do care about my appearance, one of my favorite things about Poptropica & Worlds is the store! Plus it’s my first poppies awards and I want to look nice… Back to the story!

Continuing off from my last question, I headed to Mystery Train Island for some inspiration. (If you’re also struggling finding a outfit for the awards, I highly suggest you do the same. Those folks back in the day had swag!) I took out my costumizer tool and tried on some fancy suits, one in particular I liked so I put it on, but there just wasn’t enough green … I threw on my green jacket and strutted my stuff:


Not bad, But uh…. It needs something.

At this moment, I should’ve just kept what I had on…



Hey guys, *Yawns* I’m typing this up pretty late at night so I’m gonna end Part one here. But don’t freak out, Part: 2 of my terrifying tale Will be released very soon! This Boa’s gotta sleep, so peace!




Every Single Countdown Post in the History of Ever… So far!

Sup friends!… And haters, It’s SB here with an important announcement regarding my blog. But first, let’s hop in this invisible time machine and go back a few weeks ago! (*Makes weird sound effects and pretends to flip switches*)

A Few Weeks Ago: 

I was sick. Physically, (because I waz zick) and mentally, Of my header-less, plain, and kinda ‘meh’ blog design, so I decided to change it. By change, I mean experimenting with stuff. (Which I’m not that good at) I’m talkin’ Changing things then changing it back, realizing after all this time I could’ve added a header image, trying to convince my artistic brother to draw my new logo design, Cats walking on the keyboard, It was pretty hectic, but ya boi pulled through.

In Present Time:

Now looking at my blog design, It’s… Alright. What’s your favorite new feature? Wait, before you answer that, check out the menu and click/ tap on TTT (Top Ten Thursdays) and…


Kazam! The link to every single countdown post I’ve made in the history of ever! Don’t be scared, Go ahead and check em’ out! And while you’re doing that, this Boa’s gotta bounce, see ya!


Top 5 Things Sporty Boa Dislikes/Fears

Hey everyone, let’s take a moment to celebrate… Top five Fridays will live another week! Oh and I recently reached 20 followers on my blog so, whatever. JK guys, you’re one of the main reasons why I love doing what I do, and I deeply appreciate all you do, from commenting, to liking my posts ect. *sniff* It really means a lot.

So what’s the theme for today’s countdown?… Things I hate!

This branches of from my #Popsona, (Which I made a post on in da past: Sporty Boa’s Popsona) in which I stated part of SB’s mysterious past, his favorite things, and things he… Didn’t like so much. So on this fine day, I’ll highlight Sir Sporty’s Top 5 dislikes and fears!



To put it lightly, I HATE haters. I mean, why do they even have to exist?? *Sigh*



Image result for Mayo meme



NUMBER 4: PUPPETS (more specifically, the PUPPET MAN.)

It all started as a normal, puppet-ess trip to Monster Carnival Island, I was volunteering by helping Edgar and the carnies set up for the big night. It was all good until… Well, the big night:

Image result for Poptropica Puppet man

Well THAT happened. The carnies are suddenly transformed into a bunch of “scary” Monsters and takeover the entire carnival…


Wait… What?


Holy snap, What is THAT?! Hope I don’t run into him anytime soon…

So walking through the now nightmarish Monster Carnival, I notice that there’s no sign of the puppet man… *Dabs* …But later on in your quest to find an antidote, you must locate and grab a box of black light bulbs, Where’s the box hiding you ask? Da haunted house. Who’s waiting for you there? The. Freaking. Terrifying. PUPPET MAN.





If you should know absolutely anything about me, it’s that I love animals. However, the Nokken is not an exception… *Shudders*




I don’t even need a picture. (Partially because I don’t want to scare myself. ) I know some of you have that certain monster you’re afraid of, whether it be clowns, mummies, zombies, the Jersey Devil or something else, but for ya boi, it’s ghosts. Fun fact about me IRL, I’m not a fan of haunted spirits, Why? Because they’re actually REAL. Ever been to Ghost Story Island? I have, and now I keep my ghost hunting gear as close to me as my boa staff. (What could I possible dislike more than ghosts? Check it out below!)






Image result for myron van buren

(*Holds himself back from punching the screen*) Man, I hate this man! If Sporty Boa had an ultimate archenemies, It would be M.V.B. Forget about him trying to hunt you down, think of all the rare creatures he’s already hunted…

Image result for myron van buren mansion

Just to name a few: Pandas, Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Foxes, Leopards, Moose, and a freaking Narwal for heck sake!! Thumbs down for this loser and his family of hunters too.


*Stretches* Well, hope you enjoyed this list of my Top 5 Things SB Dislikes and Fears! I’ll see ya later, this Boa’s gotta bounce!






Memory Lane Mondays #4: The First

Hi, hello, greetings, good day, SB finally made a post today! (Intentional rhyme totally worth it, no regrets!…. *Cringes in corner*) Yup, it’s Sporty Boa here, with a series thought to be forgotten: Memory Lane Mondays!! Why was it postponed you ask? Because I- The thing is… *Sighs and scratches back of head* I was l-lazzz… E. Yeah, laz- e. Anyways, let’s do this!


Alright, so on the last chapter of MLM: Memory Lane Mondays #3: The Lab I talked about the place where I witnessed my first ever glimpse of Poptropica: A lab.

MML the lab

No, not that kind of lab! A computer lab! Computer- Lab! (Sporty Boa: Woah calm down Narrator, I’m not paying you to criticize my blogging mistakes!) Anyway, Sporty’s awkwardly shy, third grade- self couldn’t bring himself to ask one of the “cool kids” the name of that fascinating computer game they were playing, so he was left in the blue by the time he arrived back to his mommy’s classroom afterschool. What a wimp!

(SB: Ok that’s it, you’re out narrator guy!

Narrator: Out? What do you mean?

SB: I mean, out! You have been fired.

N: Ah, very well… *mumbles* I didn’t want to work for this blog anyways…

SB: *Crosses arms* Why did I hire a narrator in the first place? Wait, why are you still here??

N: *Sticks out hand* My pay. 20 credits.

SB: *places five creds in hand* Here, now out!

N: Whatever… )


Heh, where were we? Of course! That day or sometime later, after school I had rushed into my mom’s classroom, drop my backpack to the floor and made for a pair desktops located the corner of the room. I couldn’t stop thinking of that game… Which was why I was so astonished to see someone playing it right there in front of me! It was my older sister, who was in fifth grade at the time, She was the first. The first on in our family to ever play Poptropica! My mind accelerated as I pulled up a seat next to her and watched, I think my sister was playing Shark Tooth island… I also think I was asking a lot of questions, and I think- I mean, I knew I just had to play it for myself!


Thanks for reading Chapter 4 of Memory Lane Mondays! I’d like to give a shoutout to my sister who sadly doesn’t play Poptropica anymore, but still has her account from way- back when! ( I managed to find her old poptropican in the avatar studio here! ) Btw, she’s awesome! Speaking of which, so is my new header and logo! (I made it myself :P) Comment down below if you like the new look! Anywho, I hope you all have and awesome week, and I’ll catch you later, Boa out!


Lemme do Lucky Wing’s List Thing real Quick..

Hey guys, It’s the Boa here with a special post about another post… Yeah I’ll explain. So fellow Pop blogger and friend of mine Lucky Wing, posted on her blog a post with basically a bunch of questions about Poptropica. Most of those Qs were pretty interesting, and I think yaboi SB got some answers!… I said I think. Here we go!

( If you want to check out LW’s awesome blog post, click here! )


Q: What is Director D’s real name!? Is this bugging anyone else here?

A: It is bugging me!! But I believe Director D’s real name is Derek… I mean, It should be.


Q: What color is Dr. Hare’s hair? Bunny or otherwise?

A: I might know the answer, and have scary evidence to back it up!

dr's hair.png

Now this could obviously be fake, (Dude doesn’t have da teeth!) but it was in the official Poptropica photo booth so… I’m going to leave this up to you guys. (that can’t be the Doc, right?!)


Q: Why do we even have Survival Island? It’s freaking creepy! This a freaking kid’s game!

A: So kids can learn how to build a fire and be taught real life survival skills! Oh, and to stay away from bears, helicopters, creepy mansions, scary dogs, old butlers, and scary, creepy, old psychopaths!


Q: Do you think Ringmaster Raven ever snapped out of his trance? 

A: Do you think the townspeople ever showed mercy on him?


Q: Cows. Why are they evil? (It’s back peeps!) 

A: You know, I should find out! *Gathers scientific equipment and straw hat* “I’m living on a pasture for the next six weeks!”


Q: Do the inhabitants of the islands notice the ads? 

A: I would think so, I mean how else would Poptropica get their credits?


Q: What’s up with the knights? Why didn’t they do more? They’re supposed to be the King’s elite for cat’s sake! 

A: They’re wimps I tell you, WIMPS!!


Q: You know those Poptropicans with wings? Like mine for instance, my angel wings? Why don’t they ever fly anywhere?!

A: Cause logic.


Q: We really ought to have that IRL Popcon. It would be so much fun!

A: IKR!?!?


Q: I think Mews had heard of you. Is that weird? He seems to know you can handle this sorta thing.

A: That’s why Mews is awesome!!


Well that’s all the replies I’ve got so far, have an epic weekend, Boa out!





Top 8 Coolest Tribe Common Rooms!!

Ayyo, what’s going on guy- Wait wha- what’s been going on with me?? Why haven’t I posted any content in a while, you ask? *leans back in rocking chair* Well…. I’ll save that for another post later on, for now, it’s countdown time!

I know some of you may be a bit confused about the theme, because when you voted last time it said: Top 10 Poptropica Common Rooms. I figured it’d be more interesting and less time- consuming if I ranked all the Tribe CRs instead, since in my opinion, they’re more creative and interactive than the normal Pop Common rooms. (Type in the comments if you agree or disagree with me) Speaking of my opinion, this entire list of my favorite Tribe CRs is strictly my opinion, (I do not intend to trigger you) So with that out of the way, Lets do this!!




*Scratches head* Does this look familiar?… Getting past that fact, the Pathfinder’s concept is displayed pretty well here, but It’s at the top of my list cause reasons…




I Sporty Boa, am proud to say that I’m a Flying Squid! I’m not so proud to say that our common room needs improvement… I mean, it’s a good concept, but not the one I was particularly expecting, and definitely not as good as the others on this list. (Sadly.)



Tbh, I give this tribe’s CR a thumbs up for lots of detail… But personally when I think of the Poptropolis tribe, Black flags, I don’t necessarily think of dead bird skeletons, or gold statues… But that’s just me.



Don’t get me wrong, the Yellowjackets’ Common room is awesome, with it’s buzz- chopper, lasers, city skyline view, oh, and a freaking teleporter! However, I think it’s a bit too much… Before you attack me, just look at the picture above, are you a bit confused? I definitely was.



Image result for Nano bots COMMON ROOM

Woah, calm down people! In my defense, these last four top picks were very hard for me to decide so bear with me, I absolutely love this room, and of all the tribes, the Nanobots have the most interactive common room. I seriously recommend you check it out for yourself!



Image result for Seraphim COMMON ROOM

Wow, this common room is just… A masterpiece! So much detail, So much beauty, so much story… (Nice work Poptropica!)



If this is your first time seeing the Nightcrawler’s common room, then like me, you mind has been blown. Luminous colors and creatures roam this majestic cavern… Honestly, I’m almost at a loss for words describing this magnificent room, so I’ll leave it up to you to voice your opinion down in the comments! (*sighs and wipes away tear*)




Still no words… Except… EPIC.


That’s it for my list of favorite Poptropolis tribe common rooms! I hope you enjoyed and will enjoy the rest of your day, I’d like to thank the PHB for the inspiration and pics, as well as Poptrickia for supplying them with most of the images! That’s all from me, this Boa’s gotta bounce!



I Guess I’ll Just Chill in OP for a While longer..

Hey everyone! Sporty Boa’s in the building to talk about the buzz of the town… Flipping Poptropica Worlds is out everyone!!! (Wait, everybody knows that already?… *Sits back down and sniffs* I understand.) Of course I know it’s been out, My Brother and I have already played and experienced this “New Pop” game, so today I’ll just be giving my personal opinion about the game as a whole.

Before I get on with the pros and cons of Poptropica Worlds, I’d like to thank the creators themselves for sending me these marvelous graphics I can use for my blog:

VIP graphics.png

(^Looks Epic!^) Any who… Where were we?.. Right, Worlds, below I’ll list things I liked about the game and things that weren’t very likeable. (also keep in mind, just my opinion) So let’s get into it, shall we?


First Impressions:

Now that Pop Worlds has officially released, I can finally announce that I was not a beta tester… However, Fierce Flyer (My younger brother) did, I wasn’t offended when I found out, in fact, We both got HYPED. ( If Poptropica is reading this, don’t sue my bro! I was literally sitting right next to him when he got the news) So Asap we got on the computer to check it out and were… Pretty impressed, I mean of course it had its issues but it wasn’t yet released yet to the public, so we figured those quirks would be straightened out… *Checks Twitter and Discord after release of Pop Worlds* …Guess not.


What I liked:

  1. Sporty’s New Look: There were two thing I was most interested in seeing from PW (Can I just call it that? *Shrugs*) 1: Crisis Caverns Island and 2: Our Poptropican’s new look and movements, (And 3 would probably be the store) I personally logged in as Sporty Boa and did some work with his outfit with help from the store and he turned out.. Not bad:

Pop Worlds Sporty Boa


2. The Store: The pros out-weigh the cons when it comes to the new store, I really like the individualized items we can buy such as: Shoes, Hair ect. I was kinda annoyed that somethings were for “members only,” but hopefully as time goes by we get more swag costumes to wear!


3. Your Home/ Home island:

Home PW.png

Excluding crazy glitches and little stuff to do, very nice place to kick back and relax before adventures. (Plus I’d like to meet Captain Scuttlebutt’s parents, lol!)


What I didn’t like:

From what I’ve heard from around the community and what I’ve seen myself, It seems Poptropica Worlds has a bit more bad things going for it than good. But come on though, it JUST came out so there’s tons of room for improvements, here what I think needs just that:

  1. Please add Customizer!
  2. Add more Items to da Store
  3. #Youcan’tswimonland
  4. #Weneedourmouths
  5. #StopBleechyBoy2017
  6. Lag
  7. We don’t have our same outfit when we login
  8. #Justfixglitches
  9. Add Colorizer plz
  10. More islands

Soo… Yeah, for now I guess I’ll just chill in Old Poptropica for a little while longer… I’ll see you next time, Boa out!




Sporty Boa’s Popsona + It’s Time to Vote!

Hey, how’s it going Boa buds? (Sheesh, the “Cringe train” has just arrived at the station!) It’s ya boy, SB here and I’ve been dying to share something with you guys for the last like, Six days! And that something is…. My Popsona!

So if you haven’t the slightest clue what a Popsona is, then you need to check out the awesome post the Pop creators sent out on their blog right here! I have to admit, there were some pretty cool and interesting stuff I learned from reading other poptropican’s Popsonas, (Like who knew Smart Flame was a Leprechaun?!… Jk :p) So that encouraged me to make my very own!

Now before I reveal Sporty Boa’s own Popsona, I’d like you 2 check out these neat entries I found on social media:

Btw, I made my own Popsona card a little while before this post, Check it out right here! K, now for the moment you’ve been waiting for… My Per- I mean, Popsona!


Sporty Art1

Name: Sporty Boa

Nickname(s): SB, Sporty, Boa (lel)

Backstory:  Sporty Boa actually has a pretty mysterious past… It’s not that he doesn’t remember, it’s just he choses not to share it with everyone. What he will tell us though, is that he grew up on Twisted Thicket island, in a small town constantly under construction. As a young kid, he always felt unsettled when the construction crew’s machines started chopping down trees, and when most people saw fear in the creatures that lurked within the twisted thicket, SB drew interest and fascination. He eventually would leave his home island and travel the world, discovering new places and people, and most of all, uncovering new adventures.

Personality: Intuitive, Humorous, Laid Back, Curious, Preporational, Kind, and fearful

Age: 15

Favorite Color: Green (Specifically: Pine Green)

Favorite Island: Cryptids

Likes: Nature(Animals, Trees), Making friends, Sports, Family, and Video Games

Dislikes: Myron V. Buren, Haters, Lumberjerks, The Nokken, Ghosts, Mayo, and Puppets

Aaand that’s all folks! Oh wait, I promised Top 10 Thursdays were returning and Voting would be available this week! Sooo, Type in the comments either option #1 or #2 you can also vote using my twitter poll to decide theme you want to see! I’ll catch you later, this boa’s gotta bounce!

Option #1: Top 10 Poptropica Villains

Option #2: Top 10 Coolest Common rooms in Poptropica






Top 3 Favorite & Least Favorite Common Room Games! (ft. Fierce Flyer)

Ayyyo Everyone! It’s SB here back at it again with Thursday Countdown posts, and I couldn’t be more glad cause I got to spend it with my bro, FF! ( Btw If you have no idea who FF is, he owns and amazing blog know as Fierce Flyer Adventures. Check it. ) Before I get into my picks for my Top 3 Favorite and Least Favorite Common room games and the pandemonium, I just want to announce that the following is all MY opinion. I do not intend to offend anyone, plus this blog post is literally just fun and games, so let’s keep the positive vibes going shall we? With that cleared up, here we go!

The Idea:

So I plan on not wasting much time dwelling on details so let’s cut right to the chase: Me and Fierce were just chillin’ on separate computers and I was just about to type up this very post, about my favorite and least favorite common room games in Poptropica. To get better perspective, I literally went to a common room in poptropica in order to refresh my memory of the games. Only problem was, no one in the arcade wanted to play with ya boy, (RIP) they were to.. “busy”. That’s when the idea came to me, I could just set up a multiverse room and play all the common room games with the kid sitting right next to me, Fierce Flyer!

Da Gamez:

So me and my bro met up in a mystical realm know as the Poptropica Multiverse and played. All. Da. Gamez. (Below are some pictures, and Important Notice: all of the games in red= least favorites and Green= favorites!)


Proof of our meet up. (Also don’t question why we’re in the brain lab, I have a pretty dumb explanation.)



I am being 100% honest, I’ve never played Sudoku in my life. And in addition, Poptropica never even mentioned the rules to game, resulting in me and Flyer becoming clueless. Even a GOOGLE SEARCH didn’t help! After some time though, we figured it out. (*Mumbles* ..And FF won…) Moving On!



I love Hoops!! (P.S. Ball is life.)


Skydive is an addictive and probably the most popular common room game in all Poptropica, no pic needed. (Btw SB wins!)



Fierce Flyer gets a bit triggered at this point… Probably can guess what happened next..



He beat me in Balloons. I love the game Balloons, but by the look on my face, you might thought otherwise lol.



*Sigh* Star-link… I mean I’m starting see why people like this game, but to me it seems too quick and a teeny bit frustrating… Well I guess that’s if your on the losing end of this inter-galactic game… Like I was. (This really doesn’t give me much confidence heading into my upcoming Astro Knights adventures..)



Welp, the score’s tied 3-3 and it’s down to our last two games. One of which is the famous common room game, Soupwords… (Why is it in Red Sporty?!) The game doesn’t work… For me. I love, love, love the concept but I just can’t click the letters! I mean when I do, they don’t appear on the silver spoon, this resulted in me taking the “L” to my lil’ brother…



This was it, the final game that rested on the top of the list… Pathwise. (Which was Fierce Flyer’s favorite common room game btw.. *gulp*) I. Was. Screwed. I choked! I was up 3-1 and choked! (Like a popular basketball team I know of in the finals… *Cough* Warriors)

I may not have won, but I got all the info I needed to make this list, which was requested by tallmeloniscool FYI. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll catch you later, Boa out! (Notice: FF is also going to make a post about our head- to- head Multiverse battle! Please do not accuse him of copying me! See ya!)

My List:

Least Favs:

#3: Soupwords

#2: Star- Link

#1: Sudoku


#3: Ballons

#2 Pathwise