Top 5 Coldest Places in Poptropica! + Some “Cool” News

Hey Poptropicans! Sporty Boa here with a (Bet you didn’t expect this) Thursday Countdown post!!! It’s been FOREVER since my last post and I feel bad for letting you peeps down… Which is why I’m making up for it! Expect surprise posts including Top 10s leading up to my Blog’s birthday on the 24th, I have some pretty awesome stuff planned!



IRL, the cold irritates me, in other words I don’t like it. Which is why I’m so grateful to be living in a warmer part of the world. However in Poptropica, I reside in a humble cabin on Survival island, which isn’t exactly known for warm weather and sandy beaches… This got me thinking, “What is the coldest place I’ve ever been in Poptropica?” I forged this list together to ultimately reveal the answer… Enjoy! (Remember this list is just my opinion if you wish, you can list your version of a top 5 in the comments!)



NUMBER 5: THE HIMALAYAS (Cryptids Island)

Image result for the himalayas poptropica

My pal the Yeti pretty much depicts my mood while climbing the abode of snow on Cryptids island, sheets of freezing snow and extremely dangerous winds collide to form a very difficult trek up the mountains. “Why is it so high on my list!?” you may be wondering, It’s because after the treacherous climb with your awesome Sherpa, you discover a small civilization. People actually live up there! Not to mention they seem perfectly chill. (Puns!)

Sherpa pop



NUMBER 4: SURVIVAL ISLAND (Episode 1: Crash Landing)

Coldest Pop

Past SB might actually be right, The cold temperatures I encountered after crash-landing on Survival island were almost unbearable. (Bear pun actually not intended!) I literally had to keep moving or I’d freeze to death! Enough said.




Image result for s.o.s poptropica

Yeah… I would expect colliding with an iceberg in the northern Atlantic ocean to be an awful and frigid experience. I mean, you find the Pequod‘s chef fully encased in a block of ice for goodness sake! What doesn’t give this the top spot is the fact that you can safely and calmly swim in the water without getting hypothermia (or freezing to death) … My only guess is… Pop logic?




*Checks pocket watch*

“Right, these goggles match to this climber guy’s so guess I’m headed there next,”

*Adjusts watch*


Being a prepared person, I definitely wasn’t prepared to teleport immediately to the SUMMIT of the tallest peak on Earth, therefore it was one of the coldest places I’ve ever been… But not the coldest.



NUMBER 1: ICE PLANET (Astro Knights)

Ice planet

The answer is crystal clear: A planet floating in space made entirely of ICE? I have a feeling that is the coldest place ever… But I don’t know that for sure… since I… *Mumbles* Haven’t actually completed Astro Knights Island yet.


Well I hope you enjoyed today’s Thursday countdown post! Remember to stay alert for more posts coming soon and I wish you all an awesome day, Boa out!










Winter has arrived on the Sporty Boa Blog!

Hey guys, it’s SB here with some amazing news!


Yup! Although it’s not my all-time favorite season, I decided to spice up my blog with a new winter-themed logo and header! I’ve decided to make this a seasonal thing I do more often in the future.

Well what do you think? I personally love how the header turned out, mint green is definitely a winter-y color. Anyways that’s all from me, I wish those who celebrate a very Happy Holidays and incoming New Year, Boa out!


Custom Villains & Backstories #3!!

Greetings friends, the Sportiest of Boas is here to serve you a blog post I bet you weren’t expecting… C.V.B.3! The last custom villains blog post I made was published 8 whole months ago, the very first one was made nine months back so… Yeah, its been a while!

Before we plunge into these two corrupt customs and my crazy backstories for them, just a reminder, this is all just my silly opinion so try not to think to deep into this stuff. Alright, buckle up and let’s go!




Custom villain the wanderer

As winter strengthens on Survival island, The wanderer is still out there to find him.


Not long after the events of episode 5 when you and the underground survivor, Max McGillicutty had trapped the insane Myron V. Buren and escaped the island for good, multiple police reports reveal someone just as dangerous is looking to take his place. Curious, your poptropican revisits survival island (this time not crash-landing) to investigate further. This is where he/she discovers the wanderer: A lost old man bundled up in what seems to be very warm clothing. After asking multiple questions, the man informs you that he’s lost and had a close encounter with the man supposedly laying waste to the woodlands in M.V.B.’s place. Your Poptropican asks where’s the villain’s location, and the stranger says he’ll lead you, reluctantly you follow him but many questions still remain such as, Can you trust him? Is this a trap? And what is he carrying in that black satchel?… As you approach a vast area of cut-down tree stumps and Myron’s scary mansion, you thank the old sir for his help and he responds by saying in a chilling, familiar voice, “Charmed.” Before disappearing.

To make a long story short, the Wanderer is Winston, Myron Van Buren’s butler. After finding his master’s frozen remains, he became obsessed with finishing what Buren started: Hunting your Poptropican down. Not knowing you had left, Winston had sent multiple search dogs but to no avail, so he gave up and decided to continue clearing land for future camps. That was until he spotted your blimp floating across the horizon. He dawned his “wanderer” persona and initiated his ultimate plan of vengeance.


Not sure if this is considered a “fun” fact, but the Wanderer carries a loaded pistol in his satchel.




Custom Villain Blonde Beard

A loyal bird always returns to ye captain!


Captain Blonde Beard hasn’t made smartest choices recently, but 8 years ago he made the smartest move any pirate has done at the time: Save his doubloons. Blonde Beard’s parrot, Barnacle gave him the idea when he was about to spend 20,000 on some “magical” spices at a trading post, and from that moment on he saved up a MASSIVE amount of doubloons stashed in a secret compartment within his ship. His crewmates were very supportive of his decision even nicknaming him, “Captain Gold Beard” for fun!

After months of discussion, the Captain and his crew came to a conclusion on what they should spend it on: The Phoenix Warbird! They arrived excitedly at the harbor with their worn down ship egar to replace it, only to figure out… It was already sold. To your Poptropican. Also do you remember how you sailed the seas of skulldiggerey island defeating “monsters” and “enemy pirate ships” well, you might have destroyed BB’s ship in the process, stranding him, his crew and all of his treasure in the ocean as they watched the Warbird sail away. Yeah, things went downhill from there.


After losing his loot, the captain’s crewmates went back to calling him “Blonde Beard”.


Well that concludes today’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it! I’ll catch you later, this boa’s gotta bounce!

I’m Being Followed….

Yo it’s SB here with just a quick post about these new followers I have… They’re pretty adorable!… Aaaand a teeny bit creepy.

Thanksgiving pop



So on November 17th, Poptropica announced on social media that Thanksgiving had gone missing! In the form of three free food followers. (Say that 5 times fast!) Anyways, thanks to @Poptropica_King Aka Young Hippo I was able to find all 3 little Thanksgiving friends on Early Poptropica, Wimpy Wonderland, and Home island. My personal favorite is Cran Berry, (Yes they have names) who’s just so darn happy!

Cran Berry Pop

See? They all just make me smile 🙂



Remember my Membership post? Do you also remember how I mentioned mentioning something I got from the store in another post? Confused?

I got a new pet cat follower!!!

Midnight SB.png

I adopted her last week and her name is Midnight, she’s a 2-year old domestic shorthair and so far, she and my other cat Rusty are getting along fine!


Well that’s all from me, I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving weekend! Boa out!


Livin’ the Membership Life! (For the First Time)

Happy Weekend friends! It’s Sporty B. here with personally, a very special post. About 3 weeks ago, the amazing Poptropica Help Blog gave me about the best news I’ve heard all day… I won their annual spoopy costume contest!

membership  Messy seagull.png

Messy Seagull: “AHEM!”

Sporty Boa: “Holy PUPPET MAN! You almost scared the swag out of me!” *Pauses and then points at him* “… Have you been standing in that dark corner the whole time?”

MS: *Nods and crosses arms*

SB: “Terrifying, but somewhat makes sense…”

MS: “… I like this corner… It’s so… Dark. *Smirks showing fangs*

SB: “Don’t push it Messy,” *Adjusts Boa Staff on nearby rack*

Anyways, shoutout to Messy Seagull for stylin’ my spoopy (And extremely cheap) costume! (No seriously, Three words of advice if you create a new account for a costume contest:

  1. Spin the Wheel in the *ugh* Theater
  2. By all free costumes in the store
  3. Go to Poptropicon Island. )


The reward for ranking in the top six of the contest was what really made me happy: A ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP!!! … Oh and being IMORTALIZED in the “Costumes” database on the PHB!



Is happy.

I mean, do you know how long I’ve dreamt to have a real membership badge? *Shoves fake membership badge in drawer* Today officially marks a whole week I’ve had it and I still have pretty much scratched the surface of what it can do. but what I have done with it… Is buy clothes. Lots of clothes.

I kinda went on a shopping spree in Pop Worlds, purchasing as much cool membership clothes with the low amount of credits I already had then, I was able to customize very sporty fits ( Ah, puns…):


^ Really love my casual look! X)

sporty membership2.png

One of my personal favs, you can tell by this picture I drew based on it:

Sporty swag membership



When the universe doesn’t approve of your fashion choice:

flannel ninja2.png


I have more I want to show you but the images just disappeared so… Aliens!

On Poptropica Original however, I went on a shopping frenzy! (since everything is free) I also bought something really special that I might talk about in a later post so just stay tuned! What I did do was change-up my casual outfit into something more me:

bendy membership.png

Thanks to my friend, Bendy Flyer for the jacket Idea! Also with the closet now unlocked I can save my favorite, memorable costumes!


As I conclude, I’d just like to send a message to all those non- members out there: Don’t lose hope! I didn’t make this post just to show off or brag, it was basically to prove that good things come to those who wait. I never planned on buying membership anytime soon, and I definitely didn’t expect to win the Halloween contest, but it happened, and I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart to Poptropica and the PHB for making my childhood dream come true. I hope you all have an epic weekend, this boa’s gotta bounce!





MLM Special #2: Interviewing my Sister, Happy Sky!

Yoooo guys, it’s the sportiest of boas here and for some reason I’m feeling really happy! Crazy right? It’s Monday, I’m supposed to feel sad, grumpy or too lazy to post, but nope! SB is a happy person right now! *Makes weird excited sounds* It’s finally happening! As you read in the title, today I’m interviewing the awesome person who got me into the game Poptropica… *Drumrolls on desk* My older sister HAPPY SKY!!! So for this interview, my dialog will be in beautiful Green, and Happy Sky’s will be Magenta! With that all cleared up, sit tight and enjoy da post! XD



Sporty Boa: *Grabs pencil, note pad & Boa staff* “Wait what? Not going to whack my sister on the head in this interview! But, I’ll keep it just in case of an emergency…”

Rusty the cat: “Mew,” (“Where ya going hooman?“)

SB: Sorry Rusty, you’re gonna have to stay and protect the house while I’m gone, not going on any perilous adventures today,”

Rusty: “Mew, Meow?” (“I said, Where ya going?“)

SB: *Grabs fake membership badge* Just heading to Red Dragon Island to interview my sister for my dying Memory lane Mondays series, Be good! Don’t destroy the automatic food dispenser again!”

R: “Meow??” (“You have a sister??“)

Later that day…

SB: “Okay sooo, this should be the place. I mean, this IS the last island she completed so it has to be… But I could be wrong and accedentally enter someone else’s- “

HS: “Come in, bro.”

SB: *Awkwardly opens door and walks in* “Hi,”

HS: *Is working on computer and doesn’t respond* 

SB: “Whatcha doin’?”

HS: “Studying.”

SB: (Riiight, studying, preparing for college, have no time for childish stuff…) *Takes deep breath* Want to be on my blog!? 

HS: *Looks up from computer*

SB: “It’s like an interveiw thing… About Poptropica”

HS: “Cool, sure.”

SB: “Cool!” (She already said that! I hope the actual interview isn’t this awkward…)



Favorite Stuff:

SB: “Alright, lets get started!”

*Relaxes on a bean bag and pulls out notepad and pencil* “What’s your favorite island?”

HS: “Mystery Train… Actually it might be a tie because I loved Reality TV!”

SB: *Grins* “Reality TV was pretty fun! Alright… Who’s your Favorite Poptropica Villain?”

HS: “Was her name Black Widow?” 

SB: “Yeah, on Counterfiet Island. That was a quick answer, why is she your favorite?”

HS: “It shocked me once I found out she was the villain, it was disturbing but cool.”

SB: “Disturbing but cool?” *Writes in notebook*

HS: “Yeah she’s so smart, clever and such a trickster!”

SB: “Agreed. (*Cough* Read *Cough* My Top 3 Poptropica Traitors post!) 

Now lets move on to the good stuff…”

Scary Stuff:

SB: “What’s the scariest moment you’ve had playing Pop?” *Gives smirk* Let me guess, Fiona’s voice in Ghost Story Island?” (She was actually the only one of us who experienced that first hand! We were both watching her play with headphones on and then she just randomly screamed, “She Spoke!!!” XD Memories…)

HS: “YES… And that bat-thing in the window,”

SB: “The devil- sorry, meant to say, the Jersey Devil?”

HS: *Nods then starts laughing* I remember when it happened you fell out of you chair! Oh my gosh you were so scared!”

SB: *Sarcastically laughs* “I remember.” (I was saving that moment for a future blog post!)

HS: “What also worried me is when there’s a time spam on a mini-game or boss and if you fail you have to start all over, THAT raised my blood pressure at the time!”

SB: *Scribbles in book* “Interesting!

Creepiest Island Sis?”

HS: “I don’t really know, I honestly forgot most of them… Remember that Wild West one? I hated that one, it was SO challenging!”

SB: “Yeah I remember, riding the horse was fun tho!”

HS: “I still beat it… Don’t I have the most medals out of you and Fierce? I think I do..” 

SB: “I think he beggs to differ!”

Final Remarks?

SB: “Any last things you want to say on blog?” *Turns page in notepad*

HS: *Sighs* “Poptropica has taught me so much about the world. The different people, the adventures, to me Poptropica was revolutionary.”

SB: “Big word.”

HS: *Laughs* “All I remember was me just being so happy playing… I really miss it actually,”

SB: *Raises eyebrows* “It’s still around you know, if you have time you can hop on and play!”

HS: “I might just go on it someday, I still remember my password!”

SB: “Great! And thanks so much for your time sis!” 

HS: “Your welcome!” 🙂



Well that was the end of the interview! If some of you were wondering if I made this all up, this was all an actuall conversasion I had with my sister, It was a bit awkward at first but we both had tons of fun talking about a game we grew up enjoying and still love today! Afterwards I explained to her about the PHB’s My Place in Poptropica series, she has an amazing story and is a great writter, she actually considered it! Anyways, Thank you all for reading this post and I wish you a great new week! This Boa’s gotta Bounce!


Vote for an Extremely Spoopy Theme!

Hello, *Yawns* Poptropicans! It’s tired SB here with new post containing some spooktacular theme choices for this week’s countdown post! This Thursday is the last of October so I got to make it count, right? I mean, YOU got to make it count, since YOU’RE voting for the theme! I’ve also got some really exciting news toward the end of this post so stay tuned!



Just jesting with you guys, it doesn’t matter which theme you decide, just when you decide. Thursday’s right around the corner, so with out further delay… VOTE!

You can also vote by using the comment section! Just type: option #1, #2 or #3 down below, easy peasy. Here are your options:

  1. Top 10 Scariest Poptropican Creatures
  2. Top 5 Places Never to Visit in Poptropica
  3. Top 3 Creepy things I Noticed in Poptropica



Alright, I’ve been very on and off when it comes to my “weekly” series, Memory Lane Mondays which basically highlights the story of how I got into Poptropica and other fun memories I had revolving around the game. Weeellll… I decided to spice things up a bit. Not going to reveal anything yet but… Just be ready for nxt Monday’s blog post K?   

One last thing-a-ma-jig, Be sure to participate in the PHB’s  Spoopy Costume Contest It’s closing up in less than 10 days so try putting together some creepy costumes and who knows, you may win!


Yep that’s all from me, whether you are reading this in the morning, afternoon, or evening, I want to wish you a great rest of the day! This Boa’s gotta bounce, Peace!



Top 5 Coolest Villain Lairs!

Good day mates! I’m Sporty Boa, just a Pop- loving kid and a Top 10 enthusiast! Today isn’t a top 10 though, it’s a top 5 post about my all- time favorite Poptropica villain lairs!  Mwahaahaa! (#I’mNotEvil #OrAmI? #TotallyNot) You guys voted and I’m here to deliver, plus I got some fun stuff planned on the SBB for this spoopy month so stay tuned! One more thing, the following list is all just my opinion, so don’t get triggered in the comments K? Nice, let’s go!




SB BW lair

Black Widow is one of Poptropica’s most crafty and smart villains, (Well except for the part where she throws Thousands of dollars worth of priceless art to the floor…) So smart that you don’t even know where her lair is located! You were literally brought there unconscious! But even though Black Widow’s warehouse is spacious and pretty industrial-looking, the other evil lairs on this list are even more striking.



NUMBER 5: THE SEA CHICKEN (skullduggery Island)


Woah, speaking of striking, get a load of that! Captain Crawfish’s portable, Tank-like ship is equipped with everything an evil pirate needs: Multiple cannons, dingy sails, an awesome design, and… Stain glass windows? Man, I wish I had a ship like that… Wait. *Glances at the Phoenix Warbird docked besides him* I do!




Sheesh, I’m finding nothing in these smelly vents except some rats and HOLY-!

dr hare's lair

Behold the doc’s “Top secret” lair! (Fitting he lives under ground since he’s part rabbit and all…) Barrels of toxic waste, cool! Carrot juice rocket fuel, neato! Giant, rabbit-like space ship? Awesome! Kidnapped, mind controlled, and enslaved kids? Not awesome.




If I were an evil super villain, (Which I’m not) my evil lair would be alot like Director D’s. This highly booby-trapped, fortified base is an extreme pain zone for inexperienced heroes. (Not including myself, who dodged the lasers unscathed! *Covers laser scar with hand and laughs nervously*) Even once you get in the control center, (Which is really cool looking!) traps await you around every step and turn. Advanced, Secure, and Techy, definitely the lair for me… If I were an evil super villain… Which I’m not.




A breathtaking medieval fortress. On a planet in SPACE. How did Mordred make this happen?!? The only downside is that we don’t get to see much of the castle’s interior… A flipping CASTLE! What could be a cooler evil lair than a CASTLE?!



NUMBER 1: COUNT BRAM’S CASTLE (Vampire’s Curse Island)

Castle Lair Pop

…Another FLIPPING CASTLE! (Sry, I’ll chill with the caps lock… But aren’t castles awesome?!) Sorry Binary Bard, this one takes the cake, It is the literal definition of an evil lair! whether you liked the island or not, you have to admit that this daunting palace is a masterpiece. If you don’t, the Count’s hypnotizing stare will force you to admit it… JK!


Well peeps, that it for my list of Top 5 Favorite Villain Lairs! Hoped you enjoyed and remember to vote for next Thursday’s Top Ten theme tomorrow! (lit alliteration, SB!) Well see you then, this Boa’s gotta bounce! 🙂










Poll: Which Theme Will Win?

Hello ladies and gentleman, SB here announcing that today is the day you get to cast your vote for next week’s theme! Haven’t been keeping up with my weekly top 10s, so I’m playing catch-up.

How 2 Voat:

You have multiple options when It comes to voting:

  1. Use this Awesome Poll, It’s super easy peasy and also includes the option to suggest your own theme!
  2. You can take my Awesome Twitter Poll
  3. You can do it the old fashion way: In the comments! Just type in either option 1, 2 or 3 down below!

Here are this week’s options:

  1. Top 5 things SB likes to do in his free time
  2. Top 5 favorite Villain Lairs
  3. Top 5 Least Favorite Islands


Well, all I have to say now is… Vote! Catch ya later, Boa out!

Top 10 Poptropicans (NPCs) I’d be Friends With!

Heyo Amigos! It’s the Boa of Sportiness here FINALLY bringing you a Top 10 Post!! What took so long? *Checks list of excuses* Hang on a sec… *Mumbles* Hurricane…? Nah, already did that one… Aliens?? The heck? *Sighs and puts away paper* I guess I was just lazy then. Anyways, TTT (Top Ten Thursdays) has returned and this Thursday’s theme is, Poptropican NPCs I’d be friends with! When it comes friends, I’m pretty cautious, I’ve had my fair share of bad and deceiving comrades, (Why Director D? Wai?!) So This list took me a while to create. Remember this is all just ya boi’s opinion, so don’t judge me! Also, there may be Spoilers. Enjoy my friends!



NUMBER 10: SLIM SLAM (Reality TV Island)


Reality TV is one of my all-time favorite islands in Poptropica, and it was a blast to play or even watch someone else play!

( SB: Not to brag, but my brother’s like a 14- time champion,

Random Guy: What about you, Sporty?

SB: I… Don’t… Remember?

RG: Sure you don’t. )

One of many things I love about the island are the contestants, or in your case, competitors. Why would I want to be friends with a rival? Because Slim Slam is cool, that’s why. I’d love to play hoops with him one day!


NUMBER 9: CHARLIE/ WHISKERS ( 24 Carrot Island )









Let me clear up any confusion you may have; My cat Rusty needs a friend, and it looks like does Charlie too. Working at and old tools and carrot surplus shop sounds kinda boring… You know what’s not boring? Cats. Whiskers and I may’ve not started on the right foot, ( Judging by this rather embarrassing and perfectly-timed photo: )


but now since I’ve picked up a part time job at Charlie’s I think were slowly becoming friends… Yep, I’m running low on creds… Tips?

Random Guy: “You could complete more islands, maybe quit being lazy…”

Sporty Boa: *Shakes tip jar*

RG: “Oh.”


NUMBER 8: EDGAR (Monster Carnival Island) 

I know this may sound like a shocker, but at first I wasn’t going to include lil’ Edgar on this list. Probably because I mostly remember his mind- controlled state, strapping ya boi up to a chair and preparing to transform me into a Monster! On the other hand, he’s a good kid inside and out, and just seeing him during the creepy nightmare which was Monster Carnival put me at ease.


NUMBER 7: STRANGE MAN (Counterfeit Island)

What?! How-? Huh?? That’s probably what’s going through your mind seeing the scarred face of the Strange man on this list. I’m have to agree and disagree with you. Agree that he probably should be on a list of NPCs I WOULDN’T be friends with judging from his unsettling and sinister actions in Counterfeit Island, But disagree because he changed. In the end, it was he who knocked out his former boss the Black Widow and proved he could be useful. To me, your Poptropican, and maybe even Poptropica itself.

It’d be nice to catch a glimpse of the Strange Man in the future, we’d make a great crime fighting duo!… But then again he’s probably in the shadows somewhere.


NUMBER 6: SHARK BOY (Shark Tooth Island)

My Boy! I actually met him once, (So we’re basically already friends!) he’s a really chill guy who’s just working to make a living at the Shark Museum. I’m a huge fan and really hope we become awesome shark- bros someday!


NUMBER 5: THE CREW (Skullduggery Island)

I mean why not? The crew you assemble to duel Captain Crawfish on Skullduggery Island are awesome! All equipped with special gifts and abilities, you guys make an epic team. Do you think after defeating Crawfish they’d just say ‘bye’ and sail back to what they were doing? Nah, I’d like to think we’d set sail through the Seven Seas, defeating sea monsters and preventing more evil enemy pirates from laying waste to the island.




*Diggs in inventory satchel* “Yep, still have it,” *Pulls out whale calling device and hugs it* “I’ll never forget the time you saved my life… And I’ll also never forget the guy who gave it to me, Ishmael.”

This is my first time saying this but, if Ish was a person IRL, I think we might actually become buds! I mean, he’s a little awkward, I’m a little awkward, he loves whales, I love whales, the list goes on and on! Oh wait… That’s the end of the list. Maybe that’s why Ishmael isn’t numero Uno on this countdown post…


NUMBER 2: MAX McGULLICUTTY (Survival Island) 

Max. McGullicutty. Former pilot turned underground survivor. He saved your poptropican’s life from the clutches of that… Myron Van Buren, basically helps you stop M.V.B. once and for all, and flies you off into the sunset with that no-good hunter’s OWN HELICOPTER! Need I say more?




NUMBER 2: HAROLD MEWS (Cryptids Island)

Ah, Mr. Harold S. Mews, ( The ‘S’ stands for Something… Idk) I love the guy. He’s kind-hearted, compassionate, (Everything a rich person SHOULD be) and believes in me more than almost any NPC in the game! He’s ranked so high on my list because were actually still friends to this day, I often drop by his mansion on Cryptids Island and check on Bigfoot, do some DNA studies, or just have a cup of tea! And Sometimes, Mews lets me take the chopper for a quick flight around the island! Coolest. Friend. Ever.



Before I reveal who no. 1 is, I want you to think of the perfect someone you’d be friends with. Someone with your interests…  With a similar personality… Got it? No, need more dots? Fine………


NUMBER 1: MY FUTURE SELF (Time Tangled Island)

Duh, Yourself! XD  I mean it may be an older version of yourself, but still! The stories and pure fun we could have are unlimited! *Sigh* U the best, Me.


That’s the end of this really, really late Top 10 post, you’ll be able to vote for the next theme tomorrow so stay tuned! Have an awesome rest of the week and I’ll see you next time, Boa out!