Discord Disarray & Dismay

Yo it’s SB here with just a short post regarding a serious situation that has to do with my Discord account online. No, I haven’t gotten hacked and It’s not your fault either… It’s just I might have.. (*face-palm*) Forgotten my password… Or something like that, cause when I went online the other day I usually have Discord bookmarked on my computer, but when I clicked it something unusual happened: I was sent to login. (Crud.) I couldn’t remember my password or even the email I signed up with, so until I do, I guess I’m on Discord Hiatus.. Which sucks.

-Sporty Boa

(P.S.) Any advice on what I should do? It’d help… I hope.)

Voting, Partying, and Space Traveling!

Hey Everybody! Sporty Boa here, (After what? Like, a WEEK? *Shrugs*) and I don’t like doing this often, but I’ve got news and ya need to hear it!

Alright, were to start…

(Random Guy: *Stands w/ arms crossed* “You can start by apologizing to me,”

Sporty Boa: “Um, why just you? I let pretty much let everyone down by being slow lately..”

RG: “Well you’ve got a point but, I’m just here for the Top 10 countdowns, and from what I can see, you haven’t delivered… I even wanted to participate in voting for like, the first time in my LIFE! Any explanation?”

SB: … “I-

RG: *Sighs loudly* “Excuses, excuses…”

SB: “Let me talk dude! This Boa’s been busy! With classes, exams and stuff, Top Ten Thursdays as well as voting ARE returning and I was just about to talk about that in this post!”

RG: “Proceed then.”

SB: *Sighs and rolls eyes*)

Top Ten Thursdays

Top 10 Thursday posts on my blog are resuming starting today! A friend of mine requested for me to do my Top 3 favorite and least favorite Poptropica common room games, which is a gr8 idea! (thx tallmeloniscool!) So don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts and opinions on what you think the theme should be! Like my friend, if you suggest a theme for my countdown, there’s a 99.9% chance it’ll be featured on my blog! (unless it’s inappropriate, then 0.01% chance) To send my suggestions just use the comments or DM me on discord or Twitter, it’s up to you. Voting will also make a comeback next week, which means, (Random Guy..) you awesome viewers can vote on the theme you want, just like the olden times!


1,000 Hits SBB Party Info

On my recent post, ( Happy Boa Birthday! And A Thousand Thank Yous ) I asked you guys to vote on how I should celebrate 1,000 hits on Sporty Boa Blog, and you guys choose… To PARTY!! Well a Poptropica Multiverse Party to be exact, the time in date are a work in progress but I just wanted to drop the news, see ya! (Runs to next section)


You Haven’t Gone to Space Yet?!?!

Well if you have already read my Earth Day post: ( This Earth Day… ) You would’ve already known that I planned on FINALLY conquering Astro Knights Island on Poptropica. If you’ve already read the title of this section… You would’ve known that I haven’t… technically done it yet. Don’t attack me yet, it turns out that Earth Day Saturday was also the day my family decided to take me on a surprise b-day trip… Which was awesome, but then as the days went by, I got more and more busy and didn’t have time to sit at my computer playing Poptropica’s toughest island for Idk how long… bear with me guys, one day I’ll do it *Looks up at the stars* one day…


Hey, hope you enjoyed this “update” kinda post but I’ve gotta bounce, I hope you enjoy your day and I’ll see you later, Boa out!




Top Ten Thursdays: The Honorable Mention

E’llo everybody! Sporty Boa here with some news regarding Top Ten Thursdays! For centuries, (Centuries?? People were writing top 10 lists during World War one?) I mean for years, Top 10, 5, and 3 countdowns were made for the enjoyment of others and thyself. However, sometimes people get triggered, and the creators themselves might have that burning desire to add someone they believe should’ve been on their list… Hence the birth of the Honorable Mention(s)! People, Characters, Places (ect.) that didn’t quite make it now have a chance to shine with honor! So next week’s countdown will mark the “honorable mention era” on the Sporty Boa Blog!

Have a wonderful day! This Boa’s gotta bounce!

Memory Lane Mondays #3: The Lab

Welcome ladies and gents, to a series I like to call, Memory Lane Mondays! This is basically where I talk about my life, (Sport Boa’s life) and the fun times I had (and are still having) with the game Poptropica. So without further awaitment, let’s begin chapter #3, The Lab.


Thank you narrator, It’s SB here and last time on MLM, I was speaking of my dearest friends… Whom I never talk to anymore:


And you must be thinking, ‘These guys must’ve helped you discover Poptropica! So sweet!’ Well… Nope. Although my two best friends did introduce me a game I still (kinda) enjoy today, Poptropica wasn’t that game. (*whispers*Roblox was) However, there was a person- no, a place! That gave me my first glimpse of that blue loading screen: The lab.

No, it’s not a science lab like in the feature image, It was a computer lab. A majority of the computer games I enjoyed playing at my new Elementary school were all born in that very lab, including Poptropica. *Sigh* Memories.. Oh right, how’d I discover it? Let the key word there be: Discover. I didn’t necessarily play the game right then and there, I just caught a glimpse of it.. My memory is a bit cloudy but I do remember a couple of kids playing Poptropica during free time in the computer lab, I also remember a bunch of kids who watched them while they played, me included, eyes glued to the screen with amazement and curiosity… And finally I remember me rushing after school to my mom’s classroom eager to play it.


That’s the end of Chapter 3 on Memory Lane Mondays, I hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing it! That’s all from me, boa out!




Happy Boa Birthday! And A Thousand Thank Yous

Hey Everybody! SB here to happily announce… Today is my birthday!! I probably had one of the best weekends ever last week to celebrate, and I won’t get too into detail but I just want to thank my family for an awesome surprise party!

Now I want to thank you, The amazing supporters, followers, or just viewers in general. I woke up Monday morning to discover something insane: I reached ONE THOUSAND HITS! Not only that, but I acquired my highest number of visitors two days in a row also on my most previous post, Top 5 Mysterious & Creepy Poptropicans, received the highest number of views for ANY of my blog posts! Cray cray right?! I’m extremely pleased with the progress I’ve made on my blog, I didn’t dream I’d reach 1,000 hits this quickly, which is why I’m also extremely thankful to have such great viewers on my blog!

How will I celebrate? Tbh, I’m not sure yet… Maybe an epic multiverse party? Or shall I open up a Discord Server? Oh I know, Lets VOTE! Option #1 or #2? You decide, This Boa’s gotta bounce, and thanks again to everyone for helping me reach 1,000 hits! The sky’s the limit!

Top Five Creepy & Mysterious NPCs

Heyo, Happy Friday!! Sporty Boa here giving you awesome viewers another Top 5 Countdown! I won’t spend too much time up here for the intro and notice, because we need to get down there for the countdown to truly begin, So just so you can remember, Every Creepy and mysterious npc I mention below is strictly MY OPINION. If you disagree with anything on my list, jot down In comments who you believe is deserving of that spot(s). Without further notice, let us begin:





As creepy as Ghost Story Island already was, There was one guy to me that just made it creepier, him name is Henry Flatbottom. As the center-piece for all of this ghost madness, and the Hooded figure’s true identity, the Magistrate isn’t lower on this list because he’s not that Mysterious. All though at first he is, eventually the old man tells your poptropican of his tragic and definitely creepy past. (Some of the characters on this list have no back story whatsoever! That’s what makes them both mysterious and creepy.)



NUMBER 4: CHARON (Mythology Island)

River of styx

Betcha it took the picture to figure out who this strange man was! When I was younger, I thought the ferryman of the Underworld was an actual man! I thought, “How the heck did this creepy guy end up here? Why the Heck would you want to give rides to poptropicans through the River of the DEAD?? Who the heck are you??? Welp, I decided to do some research of my own and I discovered…. Charon is a god. (In greek mythology) Mystery solved… He still creepy tho.



NUMBER 3: STRANGE MAN (Counterfeit Island)

His name enlists exactly what he is: A Strange Man. (Don’t talk to strangers kids!!) We’ve all met him before, probably loitering around the underground tunnel exit with his brown trench coat and large brown hat covering that scarred face… Am I creeping you out yet? Tbh, I like him as a character and believe him to be pretty underrated, but I’d like this strange man a ton more If he actually had a STORY and wasn’t such a mysterious figure. (Poptropica creators, if you’re reading this, plz make it work!)



NUMBER 2: SPIDER GIRL (Early Poptropica Island)

“…. Okay… I just went down this pit on the wonderful happy Early Poptropica Island to be greeted by a creepy dark sewer system and a creepy girl…”

*Walks up to Spider girl* “Um, hi there… The name’s Sporty, can you help me in any way?”

*Girl stares blankly at me* “Hope you’re not afraid of spiders…”

SB: *Backs away slowly then takes off running*



NUMBER 1: WILLY WONKA (Charlie and the chocolate Factory island)

Image result for poptropica willy wonka














*BAD VIBES ALERT* (Idkw, I just find Willy Wonka in the movies and Poptropica to be very, very creepy AND Mysterious…)



That wraps up my Top 5 Creepiest & Mysterious NPCs! I Hope you enjoyed it, and until next time, Boa out!

This Earth Day…

It’s Sporty Boa here, and I have something important to share with you today. I’ve been itching to get this off my chest, all my life I’ve been waiting for this moment… I won’t be easy, but I refuse to go down easily, This is it. This Earth Day I’m leaving… Earth, I’m leaving Earth when I finally attempt to complete Astro Knights Island! (Tricked ya!)

It’s embarrassing to really say this,  but I have NEVER Beaten Astro Knights Island before. Until this weekend that is, so to commemorate this historic moment, I need your support. Wish me well friends, This Boa’s gotta bounce!

Special Anouncments!…. Oh, and Vote!

Hey, What’s up Poptropicans?! It’s Sporty Boa here just briefing you guys on some special announcements… Well not all of them are considered “Special” so yeah, Lets hop into it!



I going to keep this short, But again I apologize for not posting in a while… MLM and TFF (Top Five Fridays) were cancelled last week because I was busy w/ traveling and stuff like that. It was also Spring break for me and I just wanted to kick it and chillax… I hope you’ll understand.


So, Pop news… (meh) Well there is a book and membership giveaway, in which I entered… Without parental permission. (*Beat Drops*) Also a kind friend of mine created this masterpiece of me and my brother that I requested: (Never before released to the public!)

Sporty Boa & Fierce Flyer!.png

I love it! & Thanks again! (Where ever you are) Now for some bad news… The Poptropica Movie Theater. I hate it. And now they added new non pop-related, Kid friendly, Cringe-worthy videos for us all to enjoy, Yes! Dat’s it for news.



Alright now for the special announcements! The first one is that… My Birthday is comming up! Yay me! Can any of you guess how old I’ll be in the comments?? Also my b-day will be on a Tuesday… Smh. Now for the Second special anouncement… Sporty Boa Blog is getting a new LOGO! I sketched it out and everything, it’s perfect for me! Here what my logo looks like now:


Prepare to see the unveiling of the new logo soon!



Top Five Fridays is back! And it’s time to vote on da theme! Today though, there are only 2 options. However, I’ll gladly except theme suggestions below in the comments from you guys! Remember: To vote type either #1 or #2 below! You can also vote on my twitter poll here: https://twitter.com/SportyBoa17  Let’s vote, vote, vote!

Option #1: Top 5 Coolest Store items

Option #2: Top 5 Creepy & Mysterious NPCs


Alright that’s all I wanted to get off my chest, (I think…) Have a great day and I’ll see you later, Boa out!

P.S. That feature image is me trying to give a thumbs up to convince you to vote… Seriously, why don’t us Poptropicans have thumbs?!




The Boa Is In!

Hey, Boa here! I just got invited to be a co-author for Gentle Glove’s blog! So… It’s lit!

Gentle Glove

Hey Everybody, it’s Sporty Boa (AKA: SB) here and I have a special announcement! (*Drum roll*) I’m an offical co-author on Gentle Glove’s blog! I’m actually pretty happy and excited to have accepted the role as co-author, because I noticed Gentle Glove is a first-time Pop blogger. And if you didn’t know, I started my first blog a few months ago, (My Blog:  https://sportyboa.wordpress.com/ ) so that’s pretty cool. I also get to post great content as well as kinda help GG grow as a blogger, Sounds like a win, win! Well that’s all from me… at least for now, Boa out!

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Top Three Thursdays: My Top 3 Toughest Poptropica Boss Battles


It’s finally Thursday, and you know what that means… SB here with yet another Top 3 Countdown List! Apologies for not posting last Thursday… This Boa’s been busy. However, this week I’ll Supply you awesome viewers with a list of my Top three Toughest boss battles I ever played in Poptropica! Just be sure to check out this very important notice:


Guys, please don’t make fun of me… This list is strictly MY OPINION. I have not beat all the bosses in Poptropica, and the toughness is solely based upon my first time facing off with these bosses. With that out of the way, I want to thank everyone for voting, and enjoy the list of my Top 3 Toughest Poptropica Bosses!



NUMBER 3: MOTHER PHEONIX (Astro Knight Island)


Okay, once you get the hang of it, this boss is easier to beat than a worn-out punching bag,  but… When me and my brother took on this mechanized bird of pain, with might I add, no idea what to do or how to defeat it, We were obliterated. More than once too. It fires freaking bird missiles at you as well as launching its self at you from multiple directions! Before the battle, I should’ve just told the pegasus unicorn that “We’re all going to die!”



NUMBER 2: DRAGOTANK (Astro Knights)


Ah, the Dragotank. DRAGOTANK!? The name itself sounds insane, and according to a lot of Poptropica fans and community members, this is the hardest boss battle in all of poptropica. Then why the heck is it second on my list!? … Well… You see, I technically might’ve… Not played it yet. My brother did. While I watched. In horror.



NUMBER 1: PLANT MONSTERS (Steamworks Island)

plant mosters pop

Which of the following is true?

A. I raged quit while fighting this boss multiple times

B. This boss took me 2 days to defeat

C. This is the toughest boss I’ve ever faced

D. All of the Above

The answer is D. End of story. (Loved the island tho!)


Welp, that’s it for my Top 3 Toughest Boss Battles list! If you liked it, like the post! Also type in the comments what you think is the toughest boss in all Poptropica I’m interested in seeing your opinions! See ya around, this Boa’s gotta Bounce!