What is up Pop fans!? It’s me SB here with a shiny new blog post for you guys that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!… Why? Cause you voted for it of course! That’s right, this week you awesome fans had the chance to vote on which theme would be featured right here on the blog. Out of the three options I listed, you favored Top 10 Most Underrated Poptropicans (npc) the most! ( tbh, I’m glad this theme won! Thx for voting! 🙂 Anyway I’m super excited to commence this countdown, so without further adu… A NOTICE?? *sigh* Alright then…


Keep in mind that the upcoming countdown is all just MY opinion, I do not intend for anyone to get offended or upset. If you disagree with something on my list, then simply type down in the comments what it was and I’ll cool with it, (Don’t forget to be polite) If you do agree and enjoy my post, then make sure to like it or share with a friend! (that would be very helpful) Okie Dokie, everything clear? If so, lets leap into my Top 10 Most Underrated Poptropicans!




NUMBER 10: PROFESSOR PENDULUM (Time Tangled/ Shark Tooth)


… I’ll give you a second to figure out who this guy is and where he’s from… That’s how underrated he is!! Professor Peter Pendulum is a scientist and inventor from Time Tangled Island, he is known for being the first to successfully build a working Time Machine! Yeah, you heard me right, he BUILT a time machine, *the time machine. Then again, he did kinda place the entire world of Poptropica in danger by mixing up the very essence of time… Still, that doesn’t give him the right to be left unrecognized, literally.




NUMBER 9: POSEIDON (Mythology)


Poseidon makes my list for many, many reasons, Personally he was my favorite of the Greek gods located on Mythology Island, But to me, Poptropica might have over-looked him. He played a huge role in helping your Poptropican during the epic battle against Zeus, by offering you his awesome trident. Twice. He returned in Super Villain Island to aid you once again when it seemed that hope was lost, And yet Hades seems to get more love than his underrated brother. Not to mention, Poseidon is the oldest.




NUMBER 8: R.J. EARL (Wild West Island)

When I first came across the bearded salesman with the flashy wagon in Wild West Island, I had so many questions like, (Western accent) How’d you make those doggone magical potions partner? Is this here fella tryin to rip me off? Or could these here potions help a honest cowboy out? Who exactly are you, R.J Earl? And where in tarnation, can I find a golden monocle like yours?! Sadly though, all but one of those questions were actually answered, I just paid him gold, he gave me the potions and that was it. However, that one question answered was, could these potions help me out? And they did, by helping me sneak past El Mustachios gang and eventually saving the day.






(Can you believe we’re just at #7?) Alright Pop fans, listen closely… In my opinion, the construction boss/ Lumberjacks on Twisted Thicket are probably the (second ;)) most underrated Poptropica villains, and to me personally, one of Poptropica’s best. The manipulation, the mercilessness, (is that a word?) the small amount of respect, they have it all!




NUMBER 6:  ZACK (Steamworks)


Meet Zach, now he’s not as underrated as some of the others on my list, but still he deserves SO much more credit for his role he played in Steamworks Island. This island is long and hard, and Zack’s incredible creations such as Sprocket and the Mech make it so much simpler. (Especially in that final boss battle!) Can we all just take a second to say, “Thanks Zack!”






I’m stomped… Why ISN’T the Villain Mademoiselle Moreau considered one of the best?! Is it because her name’s too long? Or because Mystery Train was a bad island? (Which it totally isn’t!)I literally have no clue. I could go on and on about how great of a Villain she is, But it probably won’t help, Is there someone out there who agrees with me??




NUMBER 4: BASHO (Red Dragon)

The number 4 spot for my top ten most underrated NPC’s goes to Basho, a kind old man who trains you in the ways of the ninja as well as saving you and your Magic Treehouse pals on multiple occasions… Yeah, he’s awesome but I personally would love to see more of that wise Basho in the future. (*Stares into the sunset while japanese flute music plays in background*)






It was such a difficult choice between number 2 and Ishmael, but this kid’s just too loveable and has grown more popular in Poptropica lately, Ishmael was an amazing, but sometimes overlooked character that I really liked. But seriously how could you not like someone that quite frankly, SAVED YOUR LIFE with that whale calling device! Some say the white whale was the hero but if it wasn’t for that whale-loving kid Ishmael, you and the captain would’ve been jellyfish, So major props to Ish!





Number two is… Who? Jane the baker? Boa, explain. So before I made this list I though about characters I’ve come across that deserve a lot of credit for something they’ve done, but have received very little or no credit at all… Jane the baker is one of those Poptropicans who has recieved NO CREDIT. She was the one that had supplied your poptropican with all of that sick ghost hunting gear! Plus she sold sweets! I love sweets! *Sigh* Without Jane, You’d suck at ghost hunting and probably Never complete the island all together. Please Poptropica, give this girl the credit she rightfully deserves.






And the number one most Underrated Poptropican goes to… Doctor Spyglass!… Well now that I think of it… It should actually be a TIE! Jane and Dr. S Basically do the same thing: Supply you with LIT gear. The only difference is, Spyglass actually invented every single gadget you use in Spy island, as well as a lot more! The doc is basically a top secret inventor for the Spy HQ! To me he’s underrated because, he has such limited screen time, one second he hands you the chameleon suit, the next second Spyglass is gone. I know he’s a secretive guy, but Dr. Spyglass plays a huge role and deserves to be recognized, not forgotten.


And that was my list for Top 10 Most Underrated Poptropicans! Hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you later! This boa’s gotta bounce!

-Sporty Boa


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