Prehistoric Peril Island Pt. III: Help

Good evening my friends! SB here with the fourth installment of my Prehistoric Peril Island series, in which I dive deeper into my Dream Island’s story! If you’re new, I highly recommend checking out My Dream Island post on the PHB, as well as my introductory post from last week to get all caught up!

Last week’s episode was a real knockout, so strap up and continue along with the adventure!




While out on a field mission for Professor Pendulum, you come across ancient cave paintings deep within Dino Island. The only way you can make sense of the prehistoric print is with Professor Hammerhead’s Ancient Script Translator, kept in Research Site A. When you arrive to the base to retrieve the device you run into a dino-sized problem, and things get heated real quick. Desperate to save your team and research, you venture into the dense Jurassic Jungle treetops to find a Mysterious Medicine Man that comes to your aid.

When the situation has finally cooled down, the team regroups at Research Site B. It is revealed that two radios have been stolen, all of your evidence is lost, and a downtrodden Shark Guy blames himself for not being there for the team. Feeling sorry for him, you give him the Megalodon tooth to boost his spirits.

Things may seem dim, but you still have a job to do and mysteries to solve. You journey back down the Archaic Cave system until you arrive back at the ancient painting. The primeval art depicts masked figures surrounded by dinosaurs. With hammerhead’s Ancient Script Translator, you translate the following phrase: “Beware the masked man”.

Oddly, as soon as you finish reading this, the battery of your flashlight dies. You’re left in pitch darkness. Suddenly, out of the black, multiple pairs of Eerie glowing eyes manifest themselves around you. There is a loud ‘POW!’ as your Poptropican is knocked out.


You awake in a large torchlit cavern. You are bound to a stalagmite and facing a campfire along with a very large pile of dinosaur bones and a collection items from various Poptropica islands (Insert a ton of Easter eggs here).

“Dinner’s ready!”

A masked poptropican with a pegleg and torn clothing suddenly appears alongside two raptors.

“Please don’t eat me!” your Poptropican exclaims to which the mysterious man laughs, “I was talking to you, silly!” He sets a plate of mystery meat in front of you and a raptor cuts you free. You store the rope in your inventory and question being tied up in the first place.

Cave Man: “Well I haven’t had someone over for dinner in FORTY YEARS!” 

Your Poptropican: “Who are you?”

Cave Man: “Call me Castaway, Caveman, Cave Collector, Busch Borrower, whatever floats your boat… You don’t happen to have a boat by chance, DO YOU??”

Something about this guy seems off… you are allowed to explore his cavernous home, and find the stolen radios amidst his “collection”.  A raptor blocks the only exit so you must create a distraction. You place the mystery meat down and the hungry scavenger abandons post, allowing you to sneak away to the surface

You emerge disturbingly close to Research Site B and hurry inside to tell the team your tale. Unfortunately everyone is too frustrated, busy trying to salvage evidence for the mission and don’t have time for your “silly stories”. Everyone except Shark guy, who is missing. The only hint you receive about his whereabouts comes from Prof. Hammerhead who bluntly states, “I’ll tell you what I told that Shark lad, make yourself useful!” 

Make yourself useful? Given his sad state when you left him, as well as his belief in the medicine man, Shark Guy could be in serious trouble! You head to the treetops and return to the Shack of the Shaman, but you’re too late. 

Shark Guy: “I’m not a big genius, I’m not an adventurer, I just mess things up. Like the Professor said, I need to make myself useful, which is where you come in.”

Medicine Man: “Very Well.”

Using the Megalodon tooth and the shark head of his costume, a potion is whipped up for Shark Guy. Before you can stop him, Shark Guy drinks the potion and transforms into a monstrous Megalodon Man! 

Giant, Angry and confused, the only thing standing between Megalodon Man and the destruction of the island is you.

BOSS BATTLE: Catch of the Day!

Objective: Combining your rope and the reverse-engineered dung-scooper, you create a Rope-launcher! Now use it to tie up Meg Man before your shark-bait!

Challenge: Meg Man’s charges and throws exploding potions at you! Dodge, aim your launcher and click to fire! 

How to Defeat: Meg Man will break out of your first two ropes, third time’s the charm!

Location: Shack of the Shaman

One you have contained Megalodon Man, the Medicine man will watch over him, informing you that the potion will wear off soon. If you go to talk to the dazed Meg Man, he will mutter something about needing water.


Well hope you enjoyed Part 4! The Series finale to my prehistoric tale arrives next week Sunday, and you won’t want to miss it! Also, keep an eye out for another Top Ten Thursday post this week! Until then, stay safe and stay awesome!


Prehistoric Peril Island Pt. II: Ruin

Good Afternoon, SB here! This post is the third installment of my new 5-part series sharing the full story/walkthrough of Prehistoric Peril Island. If you’re new, I highly recommend checking out My Dream Island post on the PHB, as well as my introductory post from last week to get all caught up!

Things on Dino Island are starting to get interesting so, strap up and enjoy reading about Prehistoric Peril Island!




On Dino Island, your Poptropican has been given the important job of helping the scientists in your group obtain evidence of living dinosaurs. You’ve helped Dr. Lange obtain genetic info, Dr. Alima capture photographic evidence, and even discovered a cute, but mysterious baby dino brought in by Professor Hammerhead and Shark Guy!

But now, at the far end of Dino Island you find a rocky cave perfect for collecting sediment samples for Professor Pendulum. The professor intends to age-trace different rocks to figure out how old the island really is. Once inside the cave, you must traverse deeper through the cave system to obtain samples from different layers of rock.

Using a Flashlight you found on Professor Pendulum’s desk, you light your way through the dark passageways and arrive at the lowest rock layer. There you come across a shocking discovery: ancient cave paintings along the cave walls with proof of Poptropican civilization alongside dinosaurs! When you return to Pendulum with the samples you tell him the groundbreaking news, to which he excitedly refers you to Professor Hammerhead. Hammerhead is an expert in ancient civilizations and possesses a device within his quarters on Research Site A that is capable of translating ancient texts!


However, when you arrive at Research Site A you come across a BIG problem: An angry Giganatosaurs mother has the scientists trapped in the facility! You quickly search your items and activate the photo drone in an attempt to distract her, but she smashes it, causing sparks from the damaged drone to ignite the area in flame! Now you have to save your team and the giant carnivore’s baby before all is lost!

With communications and your path to the coast cut off, your only hope is to venture back into the Jurassic jungle, where if you search high in the treetops (You were unable to access this area before due to dense foliage), you’ll find the hut of the Medicine man

There’s no time to explain! You ask the mysterious, masked herbalist for help and he surprisingly obliges, requesting a succulent from the Dino Desert, the cycad cone, magnolia flower, and your dung-scooper. He throws them all in his cauldron and produces a “cooling” potion that can be launched from the now reverse-engineered scooper! You hurry back to the smoldering Site A and shoot the potion at the chaos causing a miraculous blue burst of smoke. When the smoke is clear, the fire is put out and the Giganotosaurus has been put fast asleep.   

Lange, Hammerhead, and Shark Guy escape the singed Research camp to your relief, but to your dismay, the baby dino is still trapped inside the wreckage! You tell the A-team to meet with the others at Site B before you rush into the ruins of the research facility. In professor hammerhead’s quarters you collect the Ancient script translator and free the trapped baby giga from some debris. She follows you out of the collapsing base where you are greeted by a now-awake mother giga. Instead of swallowing you whole, she appears grateful as she and her baby saunter off.

Back at Research Site B, you regroup with the team. You sadly learn that Dr. Lange’s research was lost in the fire, and with the scooper and drone malfunctioned, photographical, genetic and hormonal evidence can no longer be obtained. Shark guy blames himself for bringing the baby on site in the first place. Feeling sorry for him, you give him the Megalodon tooth to boost his spirits.

Dr. Alima asks how you were able to put out the fire, and you relay your story of acquiring a magic potion from a mysterious man in the trees to which everyone except Shark guy seem to disbelieve. However, the most unbelievable information is announced when Dr. A and Professor P. reveal why their radios were unresponsive: they were stolen. 

Things may seem dim, but you still have a job to do and mysteries to solve. You journey back down the Archaic Cave system until you arrive at the ancient painting. The primeval art depicts masked figures surrounded by dinosaurs. With hammerhead’s ancient script translator, you translate the following phrase: “Beware the masked man”. Oddly, as soon as you finish reading this, the battery of your flashlight dies. You’re left in pitch darkness. Suddenly, out of the black, multiple pairs of Eerie glowing eyes manifest themselves around you. There is a loud ‘POW!’ as your Poptropican is knocked out.


That’s all for now! Sorry for the cliff-hanger ending, but I hope you’ll tune in next Sunday for Part 3! I’ll see you next time, stay safe and stay awesome!


Top 10 Poptropican Geniuses 💡

Sporty boa here, hope everyone’s doing well! I certainly am as today marks the return of a beloved series of mine, Top Ten Thursdays! They’re pretty much my favorite things to post here on the blog, countdown lists of all things Poptropica: Favorite characters, creatures, common rooms, boss battles (well maybe favorite isn’t the word I’d choose for that one…) and tons more! If you’re new here, I recommend checking them out in my blog’s menu.

This Week’s Theme

This week’s theme is Top 10 Poptropican Geniuses, delving into who I believe are the greatest minds Poptropica has to offer! I was inspired in part by my recent blog posts regarding Prehistoric Peril Island. Some of the key characters that come along for the adventure I consider experts in their respective fields of knowledge. But would I consider them at the level of genius? If not, who do I believe is deserving of such title? Well, sit back, relax and find out for yourself!

My List:

Honorable Mention: Professor Hammerhead

Professor Hammerhead | Poptropica Wiki | FANDOM powered by ...

A seeker of knowledge, adventure, and ancient ruins, Professor Hammerhead is a wise old gentleman undoubtedly held in high honor. He “discovered” Islands like Shark Tooth, and observed creatures like the Great Booga! …Only to be stranded on said island by said creature.

NUMBER 10: Max Mcgillicutty

Max McGullicutty | Poptropica Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Speaking of getting stranded on islands, at the number ten spot we got my guy Max Mcgillicutty. What I believe separates himself from Prof. Hammerhead in terms of genius is his resourcefulness and proactivity. Being a plane pilot alone requires a respectable amount of skill, add wilderness survival and psychotic hunter evasion to the list and you’ve got yourself a truly gifted individual!

NUMBER 9: Thomas Edison

Some of you may be thinking, “World-famous inventor Thomas Edison at number 9?!” In the real world, Edison is considered a genius innovator who, despite the hard work of his hired engineers and inventors, was given credit for many advances in sound and electricity production. In the world of Poptropica however, there have been many inventions that exceed that of the lightbulb.

NUMBER 8: Dr. Spyglass

Exhibit A: Remember Spy Island’s Chemeleon suit, Grappling Bowtie, and Ultra Vision Goggles? They are all inventions from the brilliant mind of Dr. Spyglass! Eye doctor by day, undercover scientist by night, Dr. Spyglass has his sights on revolutionizing the world of espionage!

NUMBER 7: Leonardo De Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci - Poptropica Wiki

An insanely talented artist, inventor and architect, Leonardo da Vinci is truly a jack-of-all-trades! His iconic works include the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, both pieces of art are prominently displayed both IRL and in Poptropica! In regards to his diverse skill set, one could say Leo is not only the best of both worlds, he’s the best in both worlds!

NUMBER 6: Dr. Harold Langley

While many poptropicans on this list helped or will help change the world, Dr. Harold Langley actually single-handedly did it himself! By creating the advanced super-computer “Holmes” (named for his problem-solving abilities), the inventor yearned to show Game Show Island the true capabilities of technology and Poptropican ingenuity. Unfortunately, this futurist couldn’t foresee his creation turning evil and creating a dystopian society controlled by robots.

NUMBER 5: Dr. Hare

Dr. Hare is the definition of an evil genius, which is still a genius nonetheless. If you look past his nonsensical intentions and appearance, you’ll find a scientific aerospace engineer who’s perfected the art of mind control, enough so it can be utilized on a global scale.


This prodigious genius invented a fully functional SHRINK RAY for her school SCIENCE FAIR!!! Need I say anymore? If she’s capable of this at such a young age, I wonder what the future has in store for C.J!

NUMBER 3: Professor Pendulum

Professor Pendulum - Poptropica Wiki

These final three spots were extremely tough to decide as you’ll soon see, but Time Tangled’s Professor Pendulum with out a doubt had to be up here. This guy invented TWO TIME MACHINES for goodness sake!

NUMBER 2: Dr. Jupiter/ Zeus

Dr. Jupiter, better known as Zeus, is a mastermind who’s schemes exceed that of most other villains. I place this version of the Greek ruler so high up on my list mainly because of his mind-blowing creation: The Dream Machine.

This device allows the user to enter someone’s MIND and traverse their thoughts and dreams! It takes an insanely high level of genius to put something as intricate as that together!

And finally the greatest genius of them all…

NUMBER 1: Mordred/Binary Bard

“His Universe” by pinklasgne
(It truly encapsulates Mordred’s magnificence)

While Professor Pendulum allowed us to travel through time, Mordred, also known as the Binary Bard was truly ahead of his time. Advanced Cybernetic enhancements and Inter-planetary exploration all during MEDIEVAL TIMES?!?!

Mordred | Poptropica Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Leave it to Mordred to make the impossible possible, to push limits, expand boundaries. At the end of the day that’s what what geniuses do.


Thanks for stopping by to check out my list of Poptropica’s Top 10 Geniuses! Remember this is just my opinion, and I’m very interested to know yours so don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments! That’s all from me, stay safe and stay awesome!


Prehistoric Peril Island Pt. I: Evidence

Sporty boa here, I hope everyone’s doing well this fine Sunday (or whichever day you’re reading this)! This post is the second installment of my new 5-part series sharing the full story/walkthrough of Prehistoric Peril Island. If you have no idea what’s going on, I highly recommend you check out My Dream Island post on the PHB, as well as my introductory post from last week to get all caught up!

Without Further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about Prehistoric Peril Island!



The Mews helicopter lands on a clear coastal beach as you and team arrive on Dino island. Dr. Alima conducts the first order of business by assigning two groups to set up research sites on the isle: 

Group 1: Research Site A

Location: Paleozoic plains


  • Dr. Lange
  • Professor Hammerhead
  • Shark Guy

Group 2: Research Site B

Location: Jurassic jungle


  • Dr. Alima
  • Professor Pendulum

Dr. Alima advises your poptropican to frequently visit both sites to provide any needed assistance before informing the teams that they will communicate via radios. She hands you one before the teams venture off screen, leaving you free to explore. 

This early exploration allows you to pick up valuable items as well as learn about the amazing prehistoric life surrounding you. You can radio Dr. Alima if you come across a unique flower or friendly dinosaur to receive cool facts. 


Radio Given to you by Dr. Alima once you arrive on the island. Radio Icon will appear on screen for easy access

  • Action/ability: Call -You can select a scientist to call (If you radio without a reason they’ll just respond “Sorry I’m busy”)

Megalodon tooth – Found embedded in an elasmosaurus skeleton washed up on the beach.

Magnolia flower – Found in a blooming magnolia tree

Cycad Cone  – Found lying near a giant cycad plant

Cycad cones - Stock Image - C009/1216 - Science Photo Library

Enter the nearest research site (Site A) to receive your first “exciting” assignment from Dr. Lange: Collect fecal samples from dinosaurs! In other words, gather dino-dung for non-invasive genetic and hormonal analysis. You’re less thrilled about it than Lange as she excitedly hands you a dung-scooper. Once you exit to the plains, you can get to collecting! 

Mini-game #1: Dino Dung Dig-up! 

Objective: Collect dino-dung from all the different species! Remember where each species was so you don’t collect repeats!

Skill: Memory

With your diverse collection of dung stored in the scooper, you return to Dr. Lange. You curiously ask about the purpose of the odd task and she states that the dung will be processed and hormones will be extracted revealing the dinos’ stress levels. When you ask how, she walks you through the process in her lab.

(Side note: I used to work at an aquarium, fecal sampling was a method animal care takers used to assess the health and well-being of the marine mammals!)

While in Site A, you check in on Prof. Hammerhead and Shark Guy. Hammerhead has taken a liking to a baby dinosaur Shark guy found and keeps it in his quarters. You ask him if the mother is nearby and he distractedly deflects the question.

You receive your next important missions on Research site B after crossing the dangerous ‘Dino desert’. Dr. Alima wants you to take photos of dinos while professor pendulum requests sediment samples to deduce the age of the island.


Drone – Given to you by Dr. Alima to take photographs of living dinosaurs from a distance

  • Action: Take photo

Sediment sampler – Provided by Prof. Pendulum to collect rock samples

Flashlight – Found on Professor Pendulum’s desk

  • Action: Turn on/off

Mini-game #2: Primeval portraits!

Objective: Capture photographs of dinos using the drone!

Skills: Timing & Speed

At the far end of the island you find a rocky cave perfect for collecting Professor Pendulum’s samples. Once inside, you must traverse deeper through the cave system to obtain samples from different layers of rock. At the lowest layer you come across a shocking discovery: ancient cave paintings along the cave walls with proof of Poptropican civilization alongside dinosaurs! When you return to Pendulum with the samples you tell him the news, to which he refers you to Professor Hammerhead, who has a device in his quarters capable of  translating ancient texts.

To be Continued…


Well, that’s all for today, what do you guys think so far? Any predictions on what may happen next? Things will definitely start to “heat up” on Dino Island next Sunday, so until then, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day!

Prehistoric Peril Island Intro: Discovery!

Hey everyone Sporty Boa here! A while back, I made a post on the Poptropica Help Blog showcasing Prehistoric Peril Island, my submission for Poptropica’s Design Your Dream Island Contest.

Random Guy: A “while back” you made a post here highlighting your plan to post more! 😡

Sporty Boa: Shoo, shoo.

My island design wasn’t selected as one of the three winners, but I am still incredibly pleased with the world I was able to build and the story I was able to create. Be sure to read my my PHB post which highlighted some key aspects of my concept, such as plot, characters and locations! It gives a good taste of what to expect, but I really didn’t get into a lot of detail regarding how everything actually connects and unfolds. And let me tell you, there is A LOT that unfolds.

I mentioned that I would soon unveil these intricacies here on my blog, so here I am! I will be releasing Prehistoric Peril Island’s full story in a 5-Part series, with a part of the story being published every Sunday starting today. This will push me to post more on my blog as well as make for an easier read.

With that being said, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about Prehistoric Peril Island!


Intro: Discovery

The island opens as your blimp arrives at the Sasquatch Sanctuary, a wildlife reserve in the Pacific northwest home to the infamous Bigfoot. Here you can explore the serene area, meeting up with other players in the “Sasquatch Souvenir Shop” common room and even catching a glimpse of the big guy himself near his cave behind protective viewing glass. 

When you arrive at the bigfoot viewing area, you find a spiffy gentleman observing the cryptid.

Long time players will recognize this man as Herald Mews, and by interacting with him, newer players will learn about him and his love of crypitids as well as his passion for expanding the boundaries of science. This will lead to your Poptropican asking the last of three dialog options: “What’s new in the world of discovery?” 

“I’m glad you asked my friend, follow me!” After Mew’s response he then runs off screen.

Following the him will lead you to the edge of the map where a high-tech helicopter, engines revving, sits atop a helipad facing the pacific coast. You spot Harold and an unknown scientist exchange a few words before they enter the chopper: 

Scientist: “Are you sure about this sir?”

Harold Mews: “I sense in them a good spirit, a yearning for adventure! The more the merrier!”

You enter the rotorcraft to be greeted enthusiastically by Mews as he explains reports of a new ground-breaking discovery: A remote island of dinosaurs that have evaded extinction! 

You can hardly believe your ears as Mews goes on about his mission: For you and a team of experts to go on an expedition to this mysterious island and bring back evidence of living dinosaurs. He then introduces you to his scientific associate as well as the rest of your team:

Dr. Alima – Expert paleontologist and paleobotanist; she is the go-to-gal for all things prehistoric!

Professor Pendulum – The inventor behind Time Tangled Island’s time machine, he’s more than ready for this blast to the past!

Professor Pendulum - Poptropica Wiki

Dr. Lange – When making contact with prehistoric creatures, you may also make contact with prehistoric viruses. Thankfully Poptropica’s top virus hunter is here to fight the unseen threats!

Dr. Lange | Poptropica Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Professor Hammerhead – This 100-year old professor has vast experience discovering ancient islands as well as being stranded on them. 

Professor Hammerhead - Poptropica Wiki

Shark Guy – Impressed by his knowledge of shark facts, Prof. Hammerhead took this chompy chap under his wing. As his protégé, Shark guy shakily prepares himself for what lies ahead!

Shark Guy - Poptropica Wiki

After you’ve talked to everyone on board, you return to Harold. To your surprise, he won’t be joining you on the expedition, bidding you and the team farewell, he states Dr. Alima will be in charge and once sufficient evidence has been collected, work can be done on declaring Dino Island a universally protected area. With the coordinates plugged in, Mews exits the chopper and the real journey begins.

To Be Continued…


I Hope you guys enjoyed part one of Prehistoric Peril Island’s Full story/Walkthrough! Remember to stop by next week Sunday for Part 2 where things start to get interesting once you and your team arrive on Dino Island. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day, this Boa’s gotta bounce!

This New Look ‘Falls’ Right in Place!

Hey everyone, it’s the sportiest of boas here dropping in to give you guys a quick update on the blog!


Finally, Fall! 

Yep, noticed the new look of the SBB? This new autumn theme finally marks my completion of all four seasons, and it only took… almost 2 years! (Sheesh.)

Which one’s your favorite? (Tell me in the comments below)

Fall 2019:


Winter 2017:


Spring 2018:


Spring 2019:

SSB spring

Summer 2018:


(I’d be more than happy to make a header for your blog if you have one, just hit me up!)


Inactivity Update

Yeah, it’s kinda obvious how inactive I’ve been on this blog recently, and it bums me out as much as it does for you guys.  With my family’s big move last year, Poptropica’s quiet community, and Senior year, I think it’s safe to say my motivation has somewhat deteriorated. BUT, by no means does that imply I’m shutting down the SBB or quitting blogging altogether, I enjoy it too much, I still have a lot left in the tank in terms of ideas and plans. (Fierce and I are cooking up something pretty cool for the PHB, stay tuned!)

The thing is, I had and still have a lot going on in terms of real life. But from now on, I’ll put the effort in trying to post more, trying to make time. Hopefully, everything will fall into its right place. Thanks for being patient, thanks for being awesome, Boa out!

Top 5 Best Poptropica Island Endings!


Hey all, It’s Sporty Boa coming at you (finally) with a new blog post! As many of you know, the types of posts I love to do on the blog are crazy countdowns, so why not get back into the swing of things with a Top 5 countdown list of the best Poptropica island endings!


Part of the Journey is the End

A crucial part of any story is the ending. Endings tend to provoke thought or evoke a feeling, endings are what make the journey worthwhile, or a complete waste. Endings are-

Random Guy: *rolls eyes* We get it.

Right. Anyways Poptropica’s island endings are no exception. Although some contain epic final boss battles, this list will focus less on battles and more on the climax and overall endings to islands. Also, remember this is all solely my opinion, you guys are free to share yours in the comments below! 

Alright, here’s my list of the top 5 best island endings!


Honorable Mention: BLACK LOT ISLAND 

Related image

Few things seem more gratifying than seeing all your hard work pay off on the big screen! Black lot’s cinematic ending saw me becoming a successful, world-renowned filmmaker… In the world of Poptropica, I mean.





Counterfeit is one special island. The memorable characters, a creative, art-centered theme as well as the twist and turns of the plot unveil a spectacular storyline with everything ending how it should. Speaking of unveiling, how bout’ that secret art gallery tho?




Image result for cryptids island bigfoot

Perhaps my favorite Poptropica island of all-time, Cryptids Island raises the stakes BIG time. I’m talking Bigfoot big, as the sasquatch’s well being and oh- a MILLION BUCKS is on the line! Literally, the line of rope you have to detach from the villainous Gretchen Grimlock’s helicopter mid-flight! It’s a heart-pounding rescue, but as usual good defeats evil, and your Poptropican does the ultimate good of donating the cash prize to look out for the big guy.





Entering top 3 territory! Ok, this one may lean more on my personal side of things, but after 5 episodes of fighting for your life in the frigid and relentless wilderness, sticking it to MVB, and blowing that popsicle stand is soooo satisfying.




Image result for poptropica mystery train island ending

What can I say about this island’s ending? It’s practically perfect. The suspense, the thrill, and the challenge all made this island’s climax some of Poptropica’s best work. I never actually pictured myself chasing some crazy French lady though the Chicago World’s Fair, but then again, I never imagined saving Bigfoot either. Gotta love Poptropica!


And now finally…



Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 10.09.20 AM

You might’ve guessed it would be close between my picks for #1 and #2, and you are most certainly correct. However, while many Poptropican island endings including Mystery train’s, give you the sense that everything going to be alright, Time Tangled Island actually shows you that everything is going to be alright!  There’s quite a difference between sensing and knowing outcomes. Knowing that your efforts in fixing the past have resulted in a beautiful, cleaner and greener future is so worthwhile. (Also seeing that old man me is living a good life, the afro is still in style!)


That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed my list of the Top 5 Best Poptropica Island Endings, I’m interested to hear your feedback or even requests for my next countdown post here on the blog! I can’t see the future, but I hope you all have an awesome day! This Boa’s gotta bounce, see ya!


(P.S. Seriously, Time Tangled Island’s ending gives me hope for a better future, remember to always make eco-friendly choices and look for/invest in positive solutions!)


Continue reading Top 5 Best Poptropica Island Endings!

Top 3 Most Underrated Poptropica Islands!

Hi again my friends! I told ya I’d catch you later- well not literally catch- You know I meant! Anywho, If you’re wondering why am I back so early,  it’s because today’s Thursday! Which means Top 3 Thursdays on the SBB! Finally! Today’s Theme is Under-the-radar Poptropica Islands that don’t get as much credit as they deserve. I made this list myself, so it is very opinion-based. Therefore, if you strongly disagree or agree with my list, you can let me know or even make your own Top 3 underrated islands list in the comments, I’m interested in your opinion! 🙂

Well, nothing left to do but countdown my top 3 picks so… Let’s do this thing!




Related image

I have to give this incredibly creative and unique Poptropica island an honorable mention! I’ve heard people mention Mocktropica as their personal favorite island and I don’t blame them. I love this island’s concept, design and pet NARFS!

Image result for mocktropica narf

Which by the way, are pretty popular amongst the Pop fandom. (Which is part of the reason this Island isn’t ranked lower) All an all, the creators deserve tons of- if not more credit for pulling this off!

(Oh, Forgot to mention that this island in my humble opinion, has one of the least talked-about final boss battles in Poptropica!)



NUMBER 3: S.O.S Island

Image result for sos island

Now I know I’ve mentioned this Island multiple times on my blog and a few references to it have been tossed around the community from time to time, but I just can’t have this list without S.O.S island on it. It’s just SO GOOD! As one of my favorite islands on Poptropica, I wished it received more praise. Some may say S.O.S Island is a little too difficult and that takes away from the fun, but to me, a little challenge doesn’t hurt!

Random Guy: Says the same guy who still hasn’t completed Astro Knights Island yet.

Me: Hush you!

Anyways, to add, it contains a lot of memorable characters and creatures that should have their popularity points increased amongst the fandom such as Captain Boomer, Stubb the Mechanic and Ishmael (My whale-whispering, bro). I think you get the gist, SOS Island is underrated.



NUMBER 2: Black Lot Island

Related image

Ever dreamed of being a celebrity, filmmaker, or a producer? Well, you can be ALL THREE on Black Lot Island! Sadly though, not much buzz has surrounded this masterpiece. I mean come on people, I had a blast with this island! The sunset scenery and backgrounds were stunning, and also watching all the hard work come together in the end was quite satisfying.

Image result for black lot island poptropica



NUMBER 1: Night Watch Island!

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How could we forget how awesome and crazy Night Watch Island is?!?! My bro and I loved every last bit of the ‘Mall Cop Life’ as we continually played through it all day. However, upon arriving in the community, we barely heard a word of how awesome chasing the masked Preston Welhiem through the mall’s A/C vents was or how flipping cool Little Eddie the segway-hijacking serpent could be! I just think this island needs more praise and recognition for being one of the best Poptropica islands I’ve ever played.


Well, there you have it, that was my list for the Top 3 Most Underrated Islands in Poptropica! If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out my Top 10 list of the Most Underrated Poptropicans! And don’t forget to drop a like and continue to have an awesome day! This Boa’s gotta bounce, I’ll see ya around!


P.S. I just remembered I wanted to put Lunar Colony on this list… Maybe it should’ve been a ‘Top 5’ post after all :/

New Year, New SB! (JK) 2018 Recap & Future Plans

What’s going on my friends? Yup, it’s me Sporty Boa A.K.A SB, A.K.A Where the heck have you been?! Anyways, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on this beloved blog, (SIX MONTHS to be exact, but who’s counting? *Nervous laughter*) And I must first deeply apologize for leaving you guys in the dark. I had no intention of abandoning this blog and on various occasions, I was in the mood to post content. However, life happened and my plans had to change… Along with other things I was familiar with, but I’ll into that later. Secondly. I’d like to say…

Happy New Year!!

To all of you awesome people, I hope you accomplished a ton this year and continue to improve and strive for greatness moving forward! I myself can say 2018 was quite an eventful and action-packed year, both personally and overall. Unrelated to Poptropica, a bunch of cool movies came out this year (Black Panther, Incredibles 2, Infinity War, Into the Spiderverse- Wait a minute, I’m just mentioning superhero movies… :l) Do me a favor and share your favorite movie of 2018! Mine was Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse, It was just one of the most amazing animated movies I’ve ever seen! PLEASE see it if you haven’t yet, you won’t regret it! K, Where were we?

Looking Back at 2018

Okay, let’s run through this recap ‘Sporty’ style, with my list of the 5 Biggest SB Moments of 2018!

 #5: Random Guy Takes over the Sporty Boa Blog!


Note to self: Don’t leave laptop alone with roommate.

Random Guy: Things could’ve been worse.

You can check out the blog post right here!

#4: First SBB Contest: Random Guy Challenge

random contest

Whoo! My blog’s first ever contest! I’d like to say it went pretty good, plus we got to see what Random Guy actually looks like! (You can see RG and the winning submission here!) Hopefully in 2019 the blog can host more awesome contests for you guys!

#3: My 1-year Bloggiversary!

Sporty Boa Bloggiversary

Year #2 coming soon! Hold the confetti cannons!

#2: Joined the PHB and Co-hosted the Poppies

Image result for phb poppies 2018

My face says it all in this great picture drawn by Slanted Fish, What an honor and a blessing it was to be selected to write for the Poptropica Help Blog alongside my bro Fierce Flyer! To top it off, it was right before my favorite community event, the Poppies, so  I got the special opportunity to Co-host the 2018 Poppies Awards Livestream on YouTube! I’d like to thank my fellow PHB authors once again for selecting me to join their ranks!

#1 Biggest Moment of 2018? And What Lies Ahead?

What’s the biggest thing to happen to me last year? You’ll have to wait and see! (Hint, it has something to do with my recent inactivity) I plan on saving that moment for a future blog post. Speaking of the future, what lies ahead for the Sporty Boa Blog? I honestly don’t know… I mean, who knows what the future will hold? One thing I know for sure, This blog isn’t going anywhere, and I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things when it comes to the blogging and the Pop community! Thanks you guys, I truly appreciate your patience and support, here’s to a new year of Awesome Sporty-Boaness! Catch you guys later, Boa out! 🙂





Top 5 Great & Not-So-Great Vacation Spots in Poptropica

What’s up friends, SB here with a new countdown post… On a Sunday? (This blog’s all over the place) Anywho, it’s the season of Summer for most people, and around this time peeps like me enjoy the green outdoors and go on wild vacations! But some people, *Glances at Random Guy* Stay indoors and go on wild vacations… In their dreams that is, because they sleep half the day! (Which is pretty much how I spent my summer irl, lol) So I cooked up a top 5 list of the best Islands to visit during the Summer as well as a top 5 list of worst vacation destinations. But don’t take my word for it, just my crazy opinion (But don’t say I didn’t warn you)! Hope you Enjoy my Lists!




No better way to enjoy the Summer than the Poptropolis Games on Poptropolis!

Image result for POPTROPOLIS

Beautiful locations, Vibrant tribes, Great Spirit, and SPORTS! Pretty much an epic vacation spot that literally rose from the ocean, add it to your ‘Must Visit’ list!




Image result for pelican rock island

Well… At least it’s an island? Let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend their Summer vacation is a highly-fortified prison, even especially if it’s on an island.




I was kinda hesitant to include the Wimpy Boardwalk Island on the list since it is Members only, But then I realized that some of the best vacation spots are off-limits to the public! This is basically a summer vacation as a Poptropica island! I mean, you get to play beach-side carnival games as a part of the mission! Sure some were rigged, but still!




Image result for super villain island

Wow, another intimidating, high-security, island prison! Accept this one’s waaaay more dangerous. Any island with “SUPER VILLAIN” in the name should be avoided this Summer… Unless your a crime-fighting hero, which is basically everyone in Poptropica.




Don’t let the name fool you! Although it is/was a pirate war zone, after the defeat of Captain Crawfish you really start to notice how cool and interesting the places and people are here. Also, just taking time to cruise across the seven seas is a relaxing experience, that is, until a giant sea monster shows up.




Image result for monster carnival island

No this isn’t a happy, fun, or silly type of carnival, It’s the type of carnival that will leave you sad, miserable and scared silly. This isn’t a very good place to take the family, especially during the evening hours.





There are a bunch of  awesome vacation destination around Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds too! A pair of great examples include Greek Sea Odyssey and Mythology island. Go and visit! There are some absolutely stunning structures and locations within both islands (Especially Poseidon’s Beach & The Hera statue!) as well as a variety of Pop-ular characters we all know and love 😉




NG vacation

(That’s me questioning this life decision)

Unless you really, really, really love vampires, I wouldn’t advise spending your Summer here. Islands like this one and Ghost story are known for their dreary setting, questionable people and lack of sunlight, Hello? There is no Summer without the freaking SUN!




Image result for sos island poptropica

Picture this: You’re on a huge cruise ship! But while in the freezing north Atlantic, the cruise ship smashes into an iceberg! While the ship slowly sinks into its watery grave, you make a last-minute escape and spend the rest of your summer cruise on an ice flow. Worst. Vacation. Ever.




Image result for shark tooth island

I love this place! I keep revisiting Shark Tooth Island for it’s sandy beaches and delicious coconut milk, also my buddy Joe (AKA Shark Guy) lives here so that’s a plus! Just… uh, don’t go in the water before the sharks have been fed. *Nervous laughter*



Well, Now I’ve gotta decide where to go on vacation this Summer! I hope you enjoyed my 10 good and bad vacation spots in Poptropica! If you want, you can re-order or recreate this list in the comment section. For now though,  I hope you continue to have an awesome Summer break and I’ll catch you on the flip-side, Boa out!