Top 5 Most Powerful Poptropica Villains!

Salutations, to Poptropicans around the nations! It’s me, SB and as you can see… I’m done rhyming. Happy Thursday to all, I’m super psyched to jump into this list but first just a few announcements:

Participate in my Random Guy Challenge! It’s my very first time hosting a contest here on the SBB and anyone’s free to join in! I won’t bore you with the deets cause they’re all packed into this blog post: The Random Guy Challenge! (SBB’s First Contest) so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate! The deadline is this Sunday. Also…

The Odyssey is open to All! Yep, you read it right, Poptropica’s latest island, Greek Sea Odyssey is open to all players! Go check it out, I certainly will!

Important Notice: The following countdown list is completely my opinion. If you agree or disagree with my choices, you can tell me in the comments, even providing your own version of my list!

So… Let us find out who the most powerful Pop Villains are!



HONORABLE MENTION #1: E.VILLE (Legendary Swords)

Related image

Located on a far away planet within the Legendary Sword Mini-quest, an new e.ville rises to power (I had to with the puns! XP). In my all-time favorite Poptropica mini-quest, we are introduced to a vast, powerful army of evil robots planning to take over infiltrate and conquer Poptropica. They appear to be ruled over by a robot named E.ville, and after battling through his artillery first hand, you realize: This guy is no joke.




You should all know his name. The most feared pirate in Poptropica, Captain Crawfish and his crew were the most powerful people on the Seven Seas… Of course, until your Poptropican defeated and then stranded them on an island. :l



NUMBER 5: BETTY JETTY (Super Power Island)

Image result for betty jetty poptropica

Without a doubt the most formidable of the escaped and powered-up villains, Betty Jetty can fly while shooting powerful blasts of green energy that literally could knock you out of the sky. *Has flashbacks of boss battle* Very powerful, very painful… Energy blasts. *Shivers*



NUMBER 4: OMEGON (Poptropicon Island)

Image result for omegon poptropica

Holy Cow, what can I say about this guy? Maybe I can just show you this picture of him:

Image result for omegon poptropica


“Why isn’t he No. 1 SB? He captured all the Aveng- I mean, heroes and it took all their powers to defeat him!”

Great points fellow reader, but in my opinion, his evil reign was too short. For me it was kinda like: O, Meh, Gone.



NUMBER 3: DR. HARE (24 Carrot Island)

Dr hare

The Hare makes the top 3! I mean, world domination, ultimate power, and all the carrots were right at his fingertips… But because of your heroics, he wasn’t able to hold on. Maybe next time Doc.



NUMBER 2: BINARY BARD (Astro Knights Island)

Image result for binary bard poptropica

It was so close between him and #1! Binary Bard is an amazing, in-depth, and powerful villainous ruler/ inventor and what separates the gap between him and E.Ville is the fact that E.Ville conquered a planet while Mordred had a PART OF THE UNIVERSE under his control! Not to mention a wave of ultra-powered cyborg bosses, and the Bard’s giant mech he battles you and Merlin with in the finale. Binary Bard has earned this spot!



NUMBER 1: ZEUS (Mythology Island)

Image result for zeus poptropica

I didn’t have to think twice. (Wait, actually I did.) Zeus, the ruler of the Greek Gods and incredibly powerful god of lightning. You have to give everything you got along with the help of other Mythical Greek legends to help you defeat him. And even when you do… He will come back. He’s ZEUS for goodness sake!


Well, I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did writing it! Continue to be awesome and I’ll catch you later, Boa out!








The Random Guy Challenge! (SBB’s First Contest)

Greetings folks! SB here to direct your attention to my friend roommate, Hungry Bug!

HB: I preferred it when you called me “Random Guy”…

Welp if you’re new or have no idea who Hungry Bug (AKA Random Guy) is, He’s that guy who usually pops outta nowhere to roast me in some of my posts. If you look back at my old blog posts you’ll probably be able to find cringe and Random Guy won’t be far either. Plus he also recently Took over my blog so he’s not the most awesome roommate on the planet… Now where were we? Right, directing our eyes and attention to that good ol’ fellow!

Random Guy: *Stands awkwardly* Um… They can’t actually see me dude.

Sporty Boa: Oh riiiight… *Smirks*

RG: Oh no, you have your “idea” face on…

SB: Yes sir!



What do you think Random Guy looks like??

I’m excited to announce that the Sporty Boa Blog is hosting its very own contest! (The community hasn’t had one in a while) I call it the “Random Guy Challenge” and here are the rules!

Random Guy: This is an awful idea.



1)It’s simple, since I already know what Random Guy looks like, I’ll provide 3 clues to give you something to start with. Then it’ll be up to you guys to either draw or customize in Poptropica (Worlds or Original) his perfect look!

2) You can send me as much submissions as you please, as long as they’re not inappropriate

3) You can send them to ya boi via discord, twitter or even the comment section (Just post the link!)

4) The deadline will be next Sunday, March 18 @Midnight

5) The 1st place prize will be revealed at the end of this post (The others are tba)

6) That’s pretty much it,  if you have any questions cast them below in the comments!

Random Guy: I’ve got a question.

Sporty Boa: Okay, whatcha got?

Random Guy: *Crosses arms* What are these “clues” about my appearance? They better not be something dumb like, “He looks like an idiot” or something.

SB: Heck no! But to answer your (and probably everyone’s) question, her are your clues!

RG: Here we go…



  1. Random Guy’s skin color is a light grey
  2. He always wears a hat
  3. Favorite color is Dark Gray

About a week from now, I’ll show off your designs here on the blog and reveal RG’s real appearance! The one concept with the closest resemblance to my design wins and will receive the prize of a guest post or a drawing by me! 

And there you go! No get out there and customize/draw/create the ultimate Random Guy! This Boa’s gotta bounce, Peace!




Hiatus Over! And… You’ve Got to Sea This

Sup dudes and dudettes, Sporty Boa finally here to deliver a blog post to you guys!



Yeah, I took a little break from blogging. Not because I was bored or lazy, but because things have been pretty busy for us, (FF and I) Traveling, school work, personal stuff… Yeah, so I’ve been booked.

Random Guy: *Holds list of excuses* So you won’t be needing this?

Sporty Boa: Yeah no.

But now I’m back to blogging! And perfect timing too because…



(Zeus looks freaking amazing! Shout-out to the PHB for the image!)

To be precise, the island is called: Greek Sea Odyssey and I’m incredibly hyped for it! “The Odyssey” Is my favorite Greek mythological story and I’m very interested to see how Poptropica has incorporated that story into this new island, so can’t wait!



I’ve got a lot of cool new ideas and plans for this blogs future. As I mentioned in my blogiversary post, this year is going to be epic on the Sporty Boa Blog! Well all that’s left to say is to stay updated for new posts and have a great weekend, Boa out!


Happy Sporty Boa Blogiversary!!!

How’s it going Poptropicans? Sporty Boa here and happy to announce… TODAY’S MY 1-YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!! I guess the New Year has official begun on the SBB… This is crazy!



Honestly, it’s felt more like a hundred years! I don’t think you’ll understand how excited I’ve been for this day. Over a year ago, I had just remembered Poptropica. The game I’d spend hours playing and watching my siblings play, The game I’d talk and read about constantly, the game that has brought a new light upon my life… A new happiness.



… You know what? Enough about me. I wouldn’t be where I am without you, and I dead serious.

My brother, Fierce Flyer reminded me about Poptropica, He inspired me to blog, and he is the reason why I’m here. Hopefully I don’t offend any of you for saying this, but Fierce is the one I’d like to thank the most. He held opened the doors for me as I entered the Pop community for the first time, unaware of the amazing things we’d accomplish once there. My respect and gratitude goes to you Fierce Flyer, Thanks.

FF may have opened the doors, but he wasn’t the only one there to greet me. I’ll never forget the fellow community members who supported me and my up-and-coming blog; Purple Claw, Smart Flame, Lucky Wing, Tallmeloniscool, ShayShayGamer, Bendy Flyer, Friendly Whale, AlexaHalfSiren, G-hopper, and Slanted Fish,  just to name a few. Each and every person who took the time to read at least one blog posts deserves some recognition in my book, so thanks to you all!



There is a lot more to say, Segment title! I just don’t think this blog post can contain it all… I’ll just end this post about the past in a few words about the future: It’s going to be awesome!

Well congrats to the Sporty Boa Blog for 1 year of awesome, fun, Sporty Boa-ness, and more to come! Remember, Great experiences make great stories. Stay amazing guys, this Boa’s gotta bounce!

Sporty BOA2



I’m Back and Random Guy Explains What Happened

“-And I’m making the post right now so you can explain!”

Oh hey guys! SB is back on the blog for good this time. *Casts Random Guy a quick glare* If you’re not aware of what I mean or what’s going on, It’s best if you read this blog post first: Random Guy Takes Over Blog! *Takes deep breath* Okay, to answer your question of, “Where’s SB?” I’ve been…. Sort of…

(Dun, Dun, DUN!)


(Imaginary Drum Guy: “Oh…”

Sporty Boa: “What’d you think, Random Guy held me hostage?”

IDG: *Shrugs*)

I left to visit my family around Poptropica. Celebrated my older sister, Happy Sky’s birthday on Pelican Rock Island (Don’t Ask), then flew over to Counterfeit to congratulate my bro on becoming an author for the Poptropica Help Blog, you guys understand right? I just never expected my blog to be hijacked by Random Guy of all people!



Random Guy: Jeez, who knew bold and all caps lettering could be so intimidating!

Sporty Boa: Get to the point; Why did you do this?

RG: Okay, here’s what happened: 

Sporty left a few nights ago and precisely told me to, “Take care of the place… And DON’T forget to feed the cats!” before shutting the doors behind him. (Btw if you’re wondering why I was at SB’s house in the first place, it’s because we’re kinda roommates… I know, terrible right?) So I, being the kind-hearted person I am, did exactly what he said, I took out the garbage, fed pesky Rusty & What’s-her-name, and even did my own dishes! So YOUR WELCOME SB.

SB: *Crosses arms* My blog tho.

RG: Getting there! 

So about a few hours after the kid left, my keen and very observant eyes caught something sitting on Sporty’s ‘blogging desk’, it was Rusty. I shooed him away and there before me was Sporty Boa’s laptop! Which he forgot.

SB: Heh, *Scratches back of head* That’s why my bag felt so light… My bad.

RG: Yep, Pretty much all your fault.

SB: Whoa hold on, Me accidentally leaving my laptop here didn’t mean for you to hop on my blog, change up my profile, and start posting whatever you wish!

RG: Ugh… Fine, I ap- apolo- *Coughs* Apologize. It won’t happen again… *Grumbles*

SB: Heck yeah it won’t. 

I myself would like to apologize to you, the viewers, for all this. It wasn’t my intention but here we are. At least now you guys know the story, and things can officially go back to normal! As for Random Guy… Why do we even call him that?

Random Guy: Don’t do it, SB.

Sporty Boa: His real name is actually

Random Guy: I swear if you…

SB: … Hungry-

RG: Quit it!!

SB: *Smirks* Bug. Hungry Bug, Hungry Bug, Hungry Bug! 

HB: *Covers face with hands and groans* I really don’t like you.

Sporty Boa: Welp, that’s what you get!

Well hope you enjoyed this blog post, continue to be awesome and I’ll see ya around! Boa… And Bug, out!


Random Guy: Oh by the way, Dr. Hare is coming here with a Death Ray.




Top 10 of my Least Favorite SBB posts

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! It’s Sporty Boa here with another one of my ever-so-special, Top 10 thingies! … Aggh, even trying to act like SB for one-and-a-fourth lines is excruciating. Anyways, Random Guy here -_- And if for some reason you don’t know why, then get with the program.

My first day as owner of this blog has been quite… interesting. Lets just say I’ve already angered a floss of cotton candy, and learned some weird robot language. But stepping out the comment section for a bit, This blog itself is kinda interesting, I don’t exactly hate it but I don’t love it either so I comprised a list of my favorite and least favorite blog posts from the Boa. Message to haters: Just my very honest opinion here, relax and enj- actually just relax 😉





I mean jeez, aren’t I helpful? I state the obvious, give him my personal advice AND take care of his blog! I’m offended by this.



NUMBER 5 FAVORITE: Top Ten Thursdays: The Honorable Mention

I was going to make this the honorable mention but, whatever. If you don’t already know, one of the few things I like about Sporty Boa’s Blog is his Top 10 Thursdays posts, and when he released this one in particular, I was just a teeny, tiny bit… Happy.




I didn’t even bother with this post, OK YOU’RE SICK WE GET IT.



NUMBER 4 FAVORITE: How I Almost Died for a Poppies outfit (The Complete Trilogy)


This post takes the fourth spot for actually making me laugh. (Crazy right?) It was so ridiculously hilarious I had to do it. Half the stuff in that haunted house wasn’t even scary, it was just the fact SB went through all that for a freaking costume! He never ceases to amaze me.



NUMBER 3 LEAST FAVORITE: Livin’ the Membership Life! (For the First Time)

*Sarcasm* Yaaaay! You received a membership, don’t do on and brag about it bro.



NUMBER 3 FAVORITE: The Legends Behind my Logo…

Logo mystery

^ That was my face clicking onto this post for the first time ^ Surprisingly though, this post was clear and made sense. Not that we all were dying to know the story behind the SBB’s logo, this is what my logo would look like:

RGB logo




NUMBER 2 LEAST FAVORITE: Voting, Partying, and Space Traveling!

Party, Space, Vote

(The art actually is pretty good)

Here we have a blog post full of false claims: “You guys, vote for the themes from now on!” FALSE. “I’m finally going to beat Astro Knights Island!” FALSE. “I’m throwing a party for no reason!” FALSE… Not that I actually wanted to be invited to a party by SB, but still you get my point?



NUMBER 2 FAVORITE: The Truth About Sharks!! (Ft. Shark Boy)

Sure he didn’t have to dress-up as a shark to make his point, but this is still a very well-done post from the kid. I know how much he loves animals and how stoked he was for Shark Week, but I didn’t expect for him to straight-up drop some knowledge on us. I’ll give you props on that, Sporty Boa.

And now for my least favorite blog post(s) on this blog!




NUMBER 1 LEAST FAVORITE: Views/Hits Celebration Posts


*Long Sigh* I really don’t like these… I personally voiced out in a few of these posts and repeatedly tried to convince Sporty not to do this, but he just happily replied, “I gotta thank the fans RG!” In his annoying “I’m excited!” voice. Speaking of “The Fans”, One of them actually replied to my natural input within SB’s 200 Views On The SBB! post WITH THIS:

RGB lucky.png

That explains why one day Sporty Boa blurted: “From Lucky!” before WHACKING me in the FACE with a sofa cushion! My poor face… My poor, beautiful face.



NUMBER 1 FAVORITE: Every Single Countdown Post in the History of Ever… So far!

Yes a post I was actually dreaming of SB to make! (Did I say that out loud?) A list of every single Top 10, 5, and 3 post he’s made, so I can read them over and ov- I mean, good idea and good post!


Phew, that’s it for your favorite random guy, finally achieved my goal of posting a Top 10 here on the SBB! Sure it took some drastic measures but hope you enjoyed, This Random Guy’s gotta… Whatever.




Random Guy Takes Over Blog!

Hey people, it’s Random Guy. You might know me for occasionally popping into posts on the Sporty Boa Blog and giving my (usually not-so-nice) feedback to some of his comments or jokes, but today I decided to change things up a bit… Don’t know what I mean? Heh, lets just say I got a hold of SB’s laptop and will be taking care the Boa’s beloved blog from now on! … Or at least until he’s gotten over his cold.

On the bright-side, I’ll be making loads of quality posts that Sporty never could’ve provided, so in the meantime… RG out.

Top 5 Coldest Places in Poptropica! + Some “Cool” News

Hey Poptropicans! Sporty Boa here with a (Bet you didn’t expect this) Thursday Countdown post!!! It’s been FOREVER since my last post and I feel bad for letting you peeps down… Which is why I’m making up for it! Expect surprise posts including Top 10s leading up to my Blog’s birthday on the 24th, I have some pretty awesome stuff planned!



IRL, the cold irritates me, in other words I don’t like it. Which is why I’m so grateful to be living in a warmer part of the world. However in Poptropica, I reside in a humble cabin on Survival island, which isn’t exactly known for warm weather and sandy beaches… This got me thinking, “What is the coldest place I’ve ever been in Poptropica?” I forged this list together to ultimately reveal the answer… Enjoy! (Remember this list is just my opinion if you wish, you can list your version of a top 5 in the comments!)



NUMBER 5: THE HIMALAYAS (Cryptids Island)

Image result for the himalayas poptropica

My pal the Yeti pretty much depicts my mood while climbing the abode of snow on Cryptids island, sheets of freezing snow and extremely dangerous winds collide to form a very difficult trek up the mountains. “Why is it so high on my list!?” you may be wondering, It’s because after the treacherous climb with your awesome Sherpa, you discover a small civilization. People actually live up there! Not to mention they seem perfectly chill. (Puns!)

Sherpa pop



NUMBER 4: SURVIVAL ISLAND (Episode 1: Crash Landing)

Coldest Pop

Past SB might actually be right, The cold temperatures I encountered after crash-landing on Survival island were almost unbearable. (Bear pun actually not intended!) I literally had to keep moving or I’d freeze to death! Enough said.




Image result for s.o.s poptropica

Yeah… I would expect colliding with an iceberg in the northern Atlantic ocean to be an awful and frigid experience. I mean, you find the Pequod‘s chef fully encased in a block of ice for goodness sake! What doesn’t give this the top spot is the fact that you can safely and calmly swim in the water without getting hypothermia (or freezing to death) … My only guess is… Pop logic?




*Checks pocket watch*

“Right, these goggles match to this climber guy’s so guess I’m headed there next,”

*Adjusts watch*


Being a prepared person, I definitely wasn’t prepared to teleport immediately to the SUMMIT of the tallest peak on Earth, therefore it was one of the coldest places I’ve ever been… But not the coldest.



NUMBER 1: ICE PLANET (Astro Knights)

Ice planet

The answer is crystal clear: A planet floating in space made entirely of ICE? I have a feeling that is the coldest place ever… But I don’t know that for sure… since I… *Mumbles* Haven’t actually completed Astro Knights Island yet.


Well I hope you enjoyed today’s Thursday countdown post! Remember to stay alert for more posts coming soon and I wish you all an awesome day, Boa out!









Winter has arrived on the Sporty Boa Blog!

Hey guys, it’s SB here with some amazing news!


Yup! Although it’s not my all-time favorite season, I decided to spice up my blog with a new winter-themed logo and header! I’ve decided to make this a seasonal thing I do more often in the future.

Well what do you think? I personally love how the header turned out, mint green is definitely a winter-y color. Anyways that’s all from me, I wish those who celebrate a very Happy Holidays and incoming New Year, Boa out!


Custom Villains & Backstories #3!!

Greetings friends, the Sportiest of Boas is here to serve you a blog post I bet you weren’t expecting… C.V.B.3! The last custom villains blog post I made was published 8 whole months ago, the very first one was made nine months back so… Yeah, its been a while!

Before we plunge into these two corrupt customs and my crazy backstories for them, just a reminder, this is all just my silly opinion so try not to think to deep into this stuff. Alright, buckle up and let’s go!




Custom villain the wanderer

As winter strengthens on Survival island, The wanderer is still out there to find him.


Not long after the events of episode 5 when you and the underground survivor, Max McGillicutty had trapped the insane Myron V. Buren and escaped the island for good, multiple police reports reveal someone just as dangerous is looking to take his place. Curious, your poptropican revisits survival island (this time not crash-landing) to investigate further. This is where he/she discovers the wanderer: A lost old man bundled up in what seems to be very warm clothing. After asking multiple questions, the man informs you that he’s lost and had a close encounter with the man supposedly laying waste to the woodlands in M.V.B.’s place. Your Poptropican asks where’s the villain’s location, and the stranger says he’ll lead you, reluctantly you follow him but many questions still remain such as, Can you trust him? Is this a trap? And what is he carrying in that black satchel?… As you approach a vast area of cut-down tree stumps and Myron’s scary mansion, you thank the old sir for his help and he responds by saying in a chilling, familiar voice, “Charmed.” Before disappearing.

To make a long story short, the Wanderer is Winston, Myron Van Buren’s butler. After finding his master’s frozen remains, he became obsessed with finishing what Buren started: Hunting your Poptropican down. Not knowing you had left, Winston had sent multiple search dogs but to no avail, so he gave up and decided to continue clearing land for future camps. That was until he spotted your blimp floating across the horizon. He dawned his “wanderer” persona and initiated his ultimate plan of vengeance.


Not sure if this is considered a “fun” fact, but the Wanderer carries a loaded pistol in his satchel.




Custom Villain Blonde Beard

A loyal bird always returns to ye captain!


Captain Blonde Beard hasn’t made smartest choices recently, but 8 years ago he made the smartest move any pirate has done at the time: Save his doubloons. Blonde Beard’s parrot, Barnacle gave him the idea when he was about to spend 20,000 on some “magical” spices at a trading post, and from that moment on he saved up a MASSIVE amount of doubloons stashed in a secret compartment within his ship. His crewmates were very supportive of his decision even nicknaming him, “Captain Gold Beard” for fun!

After months of discussion, the Captain and his crew came to a conclusion on what they should spend it on: The Phoenix Warbird! They arrived excitedly at the harbor with their worn down ship egar to replace it, only to figure out… It was already sold. To your Poptropican. Also do you remember how you sailed the seas of skulldiggerey island defeating “monsters” and “enemy pirate ships” well, you might have destroyed BB’s ship in the process, stranding him, his crew and all of his treasure in the ocean as they watched the Warbird sail away. Yeah, things went downhill from there.


After losing his loot, the captain’s crewmates went back to calling him “Blonde Beard”.


Well that concludes today’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it! I’ll catch you later, this boa’s gotta bounce!