Top 5 Coolest Villain Lairs!

Good day mates! I’m Sporty Boa, just a Pop- loving kid and a Top 10 enthusiast! Today isn’t a top 10 though, it’s a top 5 post about my all- time favorite Poptropica villain lairs!  Mwahaahaa! (#I’mNotEvil #OrAmI? #TotallyNot) You guys voted and I’m here to deliver, plus I got some fun stuff planned on the SBB for this spoopy month so stay tuned! One more thing, the following list is all just my opinion, so don’t get triggered in the comments K? Nice, let’s go!




SB BW lair

Black Widow is one of Poptropica’s most crafty and smart villains, (Well except for the part where she throws Thousands of dollars worth of priceless art to the floor…) So smart that you don’t even know where her lair is located! You were literally brought there unconscious! But even though Black Widow’s warehouse is spacious and pretty industrial-looking, the other evil lairs on this list are even more striking.



NUMBER 5: THE SEA CHICKEN (skullduggery Island)


Woah, speaking of striking, get a load of that! Captain Crawfish’s portable, Tank-like ship is equipped with everything an evil pirate needs: Multiple cannons, dingy sails, an awesome design, and… Stain glass windows? Man, I wish I had a ship like that… Wait. *Glances at the Phoenix Warbird docked besides him* I do!




Sheesh, I’m finding nothing in these smelly vents except some rats and HOLY-!

dr hare's lair

Behold the doc’s “Top secret” lair! (Fitting he lives under ground since he’s part rabbit and all…) Barrels of toxic waste, cool! Carrot juice rocket fuel, neato! Giant, rabbit-like space ship? Awesome! Kidnapped, mind controlled, and enslaved kids? Not awesome.




If I were an evil super villain, (Which I’m not) my evil lair would be alot like Director D’s. This highly booby-trapped, fortified base is an extreme pain zone for inexperienced heroes. (Not including myself, who dodged the lasers unscathed! *Covers laser scar with hand and laughs nervously*) Even once you get in the control center, (Which is really cool looking!) traps await you around every step and turn. Advanced, Secure, and Techy, definitely the lair for me… If I were an evil super villain… Which I’m not.




A breathtaking medieval fortress. On a planet in SPACE. How did Mordred make this happen?!? The only downside is that we don’t get to see much of the castle’s interior… A flipping CASTLE! What could be a cooler evil lair than a CASTLE?!



NUMBER 1: COUNT BRAM’S CASTLE (Vampire’s Curse Island)

Castle Lair Pop

…Another FLIPPING CASTLE! (Sry, I’ll chill with the caps lock… But aren’t castles awesome?!) Sorry Binary Bard, this one takes the cake, It is the literal definition of an evil lair! whether you liked the island or not, you have to admit that this daunting palace is a masterpiece. If you don’t, the Count’s hypnotizing stare will force you to admit it… JK!


Well peeps, that it for my list of Top 5 Favorite Villain Lairs! Hoped you enjoyed and remember to vote for next Thursday’s Top Ten theme tomorrow! (lit alliteration, SB!) Well see you then, this Boa’s gotta bounce! 🙂











Poll: Which Theme Will Win?

Hello ladies and gentleman, SB here announcing that today is the day you get to cast your vote for next week’s theme! Haven’t been keeping up with my weekly top 10s, so I’m playing catch-up.

How 2 Voat:

You have multiple options when It comes to voting:

  1. Use this Awesome Poll, It’s super easy peasy and also includes the option to suggest your own theme!
  2. You can take my Awesome Twitter Poll
  3. You can do it the old fashion way: In the comments! Just type in either option 1, 2 or 3 down below!

Here are this week’s options:

  1. Top 5 things SB likes to do in his free time
  2. Top 5 favorite Villain Lairs
  3. Top 5 Least Favorite Islands


Well, all I have to say now is… Vote! Catch ya later, Boa out!

Top 10 Poptropicans (NPCs) I’d be Friends With!

Heyo Amigos! It’s the Boa of Sportiness here FINALLY bringing you a Top 10 Post!! What took so long? *Checks list of excuses* Hang on a sec… *Mumbles* Hurricane…? Nah, already did that one… Aliens?? The heck? *Sighs and puts away paper* I guess I was just lazy then. Anyways, TTT (Top Ten Thursdays) has returned and this Thursday’s theme is, Poptropican NPCs I’d be friends with! When it comes friends, I’m pretty cautious, I’ve had my fair share of bad and deceiving comrades, (Why Director D? Wai?!) So This list took me a while to create. Remember this is all just ya boi’s opinion, so don’t judge me! Also, there may be Spoilers. Enjoy my friends!



NUMBER 10: SLIM SLAM (Reality TV Island)


Reality TV is one of my all-time favorite islands in Poptropica, and it was a blast to play or even watch someone else play!

( SB: Not to brag, but my brother’s like a 14- time champion,

Random Guy: What about you, Sporty?

SB: I… Don’t… Remember?

RG: Sure you don’t. )

One of many things I love about the island are the contestants, or in your case, competitors. Why would I want to be friends with a rival? Because Slim Slam is cool, that’s why. I’d love to play hoops with him one day!


NUMBER 9: CHARLIE/ WHISKERS ( 24 Carrot Island )









Let me clear up any confusion you may have; My cat Rusty needs a friend, and it looks like does Charlie too. Working at and old tools and carrot surplus shop sounds kinda boring… You know what’s not boring? Cats. Whiskers and I may’ve not started on the right foot, ( Judging by this rather embarrassing and perfectly-timed photo: )


but now since I’ve picked up a part time job at Charlie’s I think were slowly becoming friends… Yep, I’m running low on creds… Tips?

Random Guy: “You could complete more islands, maybe quit being lazy…”

Sporty Boa: *Shakes tip jar*

RG: “Oh.”


NUMBER 8: EDGAR (Monster Carnival Island) 

I know this may sound like a shocker, but at first I wasn’t going to include lil’ Edgar on this list. Probably because I mostly remember his mind- controlled state, strapping ya boi up to a chair and preparing to transform me into a Monster! On the other hand, he’s a good kid inside and out, and just seeing him during the creepy nightmare which was Monster Carnival put me at ease.


NUMBER 7: STRANGE MAN (Counterfeit Island)

What?! How-? Huh?? That’s probably what’s going through your mind seeing the scarred face of the Strange man on this list. I’m have to agree and disagree with you. Agree that he probably should be on a list of NPCs I WOULDN’T be friends with judging from his unsettling and sinister actions in Counterfeit Island, But disagree because he changed. In the end, it was he who knocked out his former boss the Black Widow and proved he could be useful. To me, your Poptropican, and maybe even Poptropica itself.

It’d be nice to catch a glimpse of the Strange Man in the future, we’d make a great crime fighting duo!… But then again he’s probably in the shadows somewhere.


NUMBER 6: SHARK BOY (Shark Tooth Island)

My Boy! I actually met him once, (So we’re basically already friends!) he’s a really chill guy who’s just working to make a living at the Shark Museum. I’m a huge fan and really hope we become awesome shark- bros someday!


NUMBER 5: THE CREW (Skullduggery Island)

I mean why not? The crew you assemble to duel Captain Crawfish on Skullduggery Island are awesome! All equipped with special gifts and abilities, you guys make an epic team. Do you think after defeating Crawfish they’d just say ‘bye’ and sail back to what they were doing? Nah, I’d like to think we’d set sail through the Seven Seas, defeating sea monsters and preventing more evil enemy pirates from laying waste to the island.




*Diggs in inventory satchel* “Yep, still have it,” *Pulls out whale calling device and hugs it* “I’ll never forget the time you saved my life… And I’ll also never forget the guy who gave it to me, Ishmael.”

This is my first time saying this but, if Ish was a person IRL, I think we might actually become buds! I mean, he’s a little awkward, I’m a little awkward, he loves whales, I love whales, the list goes on and on! Oh wait… That’s the end of the list. Maybe that’s why Ishmael isn’t numero Uno on this countdown post…


NUMBER 2: MAX McGULLICUTTY (Survival Island) 

Max. McGullicutty. Former pilot turned underground survivor. He saved your poptropican’s life from the clutches of that… Myron Van Buren, basically helps you stop M.V.B. once and for all, and flies you off into the sunset with that no-good hunter’s OWN HELICOPTER! Need I say more?




NUMBER 2: HAROLD MEWS (Cryptids Island)

Ah, Mr. Harold S. Mews, ( The ‘S’ stands for Something… Idk) I love the guy. He’s kind-hearted, compassionate, (Everything a rich person SHOULD be) and believes in me more than almost any NPC in the game! He’s ranked so high on my list because were actually still friends to this day, I often drop by his mansion on Cryptids Island and check on Bigfoot, do some DNA studies, or just have a cup of tea! And Sometimes, Mews lets me take the chopper for a quick flight around the island! Coolest. Friend. Ever.



Before I reveal who no. 1 is, I want you to think of the perfect someone you’d be friends with. Someone with your interests…  With a similar personality… Got it? No, need more dots? Fine………


NUMBER 1: MY FUTURE SELF (Time Tangled Island)

Duh, Yourself! XD  I mean it may be an older version of yourself, but still! The stories and pure fun we could have are unlimited! *Sigh* U the best, Me.


That’s the end of this really, really late Top 10 post, you’ll be able to vote for the next theme tomorrow so stay tuned! Have an awesome rest of the week and I’ll see you next time, Boa out!





I Survived Hurricane Irma 2017

Remember recently I said that I would make a post that would explain my blogging inactivity? Well thats when Fierce Flyer made this spectactular, in-depth post on his blog explaining a lot of we went through during the past couple of weeks. That means I don’t have to do anything and just reblog his post! Check it out & Thx bro!

Fierce Flyer Adventures

Greetings everyone and welcome to a new blog post about Irma (and hopefully the last)! I just want to give everyone the biggest thank you in the world for your prayers and condolences to the poptropicans in Florida (FW, SB, and FF just to name a few) and basically every other Floridian. As you know Irma was the Largest Hurricane to ever hit on the Atlantic in history. This entire experience was crazy from start to finish so put your shutters up and sit tight. (Hurricane Reference ;))

Day 1: Irma

I looked at my Computer as I gulped nervously. a couple of Days ago I heard about Hurricane Harvey as it shredded through Houston without remorse. Now, looking on twitter noticing #HurricaneIrma2017 top trending gave me shivers knowing that another Typhoon was ready to strike, but after realizing it was coming for us I immediately got a little nervous. “The biggest Hurricane…

View original post 913 more words

Memory Lane Monday Special #1: Ten Years Ago…

Yo Poptropicans, Sporty Boa is alive and ready to post… Finally. So yeah, I’ll maybe talk about my major inactivity in a later post but some of you may already know my excuse, *Cough* Hurri- *Cough* c-cane. But still, I’m pretty bummed out that I couldn’t live up to the promises I made in my previous post, so… I’m sorry. :/



We’ve gotta look on da bright side. I’m back, I have wifi, and- whaaat?? Poptropica Turned 10??!!

bday pop.png

   Okay maybe I wasn’t THAT creepily excited, but still I was stoked to hear the news!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think last Friday marked Poptropica’s 10- year birthday… Wow, Ten years. A Decade. That’s a long time if you really think about it, 10 years ago I was… In Kindergarten. (Why do I remember Kindergarten so clearly, but can’t even remember how I was like last year?) Welp time to make a MLM post about it! … Wait, I already am…



Ten Years ago, I was five. How do you picture a five- year old SB?


Did the words Quiet, Shy and Awkward come to mind? (If they did then… That’s impressive) Cause that’s who I was ten years ago. I remember my school’s name (Which was very long), my only friend at the time, who we’ll call Steven, and my teacher who when angry, was a SCARY preson. Let’s call him Mr. Hulk. (Which is partially true because when he got mad his face would turn very, very red.)

I have this funny memory from this one time when me and Steven went on a tattletail spree, going around the classroom, spotting left-out supplies or someone doing the wrong thing and rushing to the teacher to report or expose our findings. I also recall Mr. Hulk hurling a chair across the room, not at us, but so a troublesome kid could sit down and get yelled at… Oh, there was also this time when-

Random Guy: “Sorry to interrupt your leisurely stroll through memory lane, but what does any of this have to do with Poptropica?”

Sporty Boa: “You see RG, Reflecting on the past can be pretty cool. That’s why I made this series, so you guys can get a glimpse of me before AND during my Poptropica obsession. Great Experiences make Great Stories, remember my slogan?”

RG: Hmm, I guess…

On that note, I’ll end this post wishing Poptropica an Amazing (and belated) 10th B-day and wishing you guys an epic new week! Peace, this Boa’s gotta bounce!


P.S. After I left the School, I ended up meeting Mr. Hulk again who started teaching at my middle school, and I literally ran into Steven at the Grocery Store a couple of years ago… It was a VERY awkward conversation.






Daily Segments & Voting RETURNS!

Hola Poptropicans, It’s Sporty Sport here with some great news! *Crickets chirp* Oh come on, I didn’t even make a cringey joke or a pun yet! *Chirping continues* It isn’t even night yet, go to New Zealand or Something! *Crickets chirp even louder* … Okay then… LOOK A GIANT FROG!!! *Silence* Ha, that worked, Now where were we? Right, great news!



If you did the following, You know exactly what this post is about, My hiatus on MLM and TTT should officially end next week! That also includes voting for themes as well! I know I haven’t really been on top of my blogging game recently, but hopefully I can step it up a produce more cool content for you guys. With that being said, I’ve got 3 Thursday Countdown post Ideas for you below:

  1. Top 5 Pop Community Logos
  2. Top 10 NPCs I’d like to be friends with
  3. Top 3 Best and Worst Villain Schemes

Welp time to vote, but wait, things have changed! Instead typing in the comments the option you voted for, You can now use this brand new, Awesome Poll! So There you go amigos, Voting begins from now to September 5th, so hop or slither to it! *Cricket chirping returns* *Facepalm* Time for me to end this post…

In all honesty tho, I really enjoy blogging for you guys, but I can’t make any promises. We all know school has started and if something comes up on ya boi’s schedule, I’m gonna have to put blogging on the back-burner for a bit, Work comes first. So anyways, Hope you guys have an epic rest of the week and I’ll see ya later, Boa out!







The Legends Behind my Logo…

Aye Greetings Folks, It’s me Sporty Boa commin’ at you with a lit new blog post! Speaking of lit, how about dat new header and logo? …. Er, I mean It wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘new’ buuut, it’s cool right?…. No? Maybe? Let’s just get into to the post…



Throughout my time as a member of the Poptropica community, I’ve witnessed a bunch of logo changes, (Maybe I’ll make a Top 10 countdown post someday… ;)) One late, Summer-y night, Ya boi decided to change things up here on the SBB.


In like, 20 minutes I made the header you now see above this post ^^ with the help of Ms. Paint (Shout-out to G for the name idea!). But what you don’t know is that it took me much longer to unveil the new logo… Like Months. 0_0



The truth is, I’ve wanted to change my blog’s logo for a long time. When I first made the decision to create Sporty Boa Blog, my brother Fierce whipped up a makeshift logo for me:


that was… Good, but… Not Great? (Sorry bro!)

A few months back from now, I had envisioned the perfect logo, And no, it wasn’t my current one. I was just scribbling in my note book and the idea just hit me… Hard. It actually was quite painful. Anyways, I attempted to put my awesome idea on paper, but it just wasn’t as perfect as the image in my brain. I recently tried to replicate the new logo idea but it still wasn’t exactly how I pictured it, take a look:


(The snake forms an “S” and the ball forms a “B”. Yee, It stands for me! #Bars)

(…Btw, those R my new pink earbuds on the side there… #Manly)



Months Earlier:

How was this going to work? There’s NO WAY I can draw my new logo idea using Microsoft Paint? (Don’t Sue me) I can barely sketch it on paper! I needed help.

Sporty Boa: Who do I know that’s great at art, That’s close friends with me, and can get this done quickly?”

*Glances next to him and see’s FF*

Fierce Flyer: *Looks over* “Umm… Hey?”

SB: “Can do me a favor?”

*shoves notebook into Fierce Flyer’s face*

“Draw dis, please,”

I mean it was a pretty obvious, my little bro was way better than me at digital art, and he was also RIGHT THERE so… yeah mission accomplished! This should take no time at all…



I don’t mean to roast my brother, but… You still haven’t made my logo yet! But it’s all good because when I was just about done waiting, I took it upon myself to make a choice… Keep waiting for him to draw my logo for me, or draw it myself… Using Ms. Paint. As you might’ve guessed, I did option #2, and struggled and tried very hard to remaster my old perfect logo idea. But when I was finished, I was finally content:











So that’s the end of this legend behind my logo (Others may call it a ‘story’). But it does not end here, maybe one day I’ll change it again, who knows? So yeah, have an epic day and-  Wait! I just forgot I mentioned Legend’s’ in the title! Before you go, I want to show you some cool things I messed around with on M.S. Paint, Different colorways and stuff for my new logo! Which one is your favorite? let me know in the comments, this Boa’s gotta bounce!


P.S. Do you see it? XD


SBB LOGO 8.pngSBB LOGO 6.pngSBB LOGO 3.pngSBB LOGO 3.png

SBB LOGO 3.pngSBB LOGO 3.pngSBB LOGO 7.pngSBB LOGO 3.png






2,000 Thank Yous this Time!

Hey guys and gals, SB here with just a short post addressing some AWESOMENESS that happened to me recently!

(Random Guy: “Before you get to that awesomeness, can you address why you’ve abandoned your blog for the past two weeks?!”

Sporty Boa: *Sighs* “You’ve killed the mood my man, but here, check out this blog post from Fierce Flyer which basically explains everything: Hiatus/ Road Trip

SB: “Also I’m back now so now everyone can relax!”

RG: “Hrmph, Proceed.”)



This happened about a week ago when I stopped by my blog and saw this:

2,000 hits

Coolio indeed! I was just one view away from 2,000!! Literally, a couple minutes later my wish came true, and the SBB hit another amazing milestone!



I want to thank you guys, the viewers, for your awesome support, your awesome comments, likes, your awesome everything!! (XD) It means so much to me, It really does! Like I always say, The sky’s the limit, don’t stop doing what you love, and be yourself! Thanks again for 2k, Boa out!




The Truth About Sharks!! (Ft. Shark Boy)

Aloha Poptropicans! And Happy Shark Week, It’s Sporty Boa commin’ at you with a special, Summery post! First off you must have a lot of questions:

“Who’s the Hammer head shark guy?”

“What’s with the title? I’m TERRIFIED of sharks!”

“Is this going to be educational?”

Quiet down and swallow this chill pill, all of your questions will be answered by the end of this post!



Random Guy: “What are you-”

Sharky Boa: *Sticks head out of water* “Shh, I’m undercover.”

RG: “What the heck? You scared me, Why are you dressed as a shark?!”

SB: *Looks around and whispers* “I got it from the Store… so I could blend in.”

RG: “Blend in?! Not everyone on Shark Tooth Island is dressed like a shark! I thought you beat this island before,”

SB: “I have. Easily. But that’s not why I’m here..”

RG: “That still doesn’t explain-”

SB: “Shhh! We can chat later, for now…”

*Hops out the water and onto the ‘Welcome to Shark Tooth Island’ Sign off the shore*

SB: “I’ve got a shark boy to find…”


Ignore those bite marks… They were probably carved out by someone… *Laughs nervously*



Let me explain guys, I’m dressed as a Great Hammerhead shark because I believe it’s the only way I can reach him… By him I mean Shark Boy. Or Shark Guy, whatever his name is. You see, when I first arrived on STI, I was looking to collaborate with my pal Shark boy and make a blog post with him celebrating shark week!… But instead of a legendary convo between shark enthusiasts, (Although I wouldn’t exactly call him enthusiastic.) He said this:


He brushed me off! Probably because he thought I was an annoying tourist kid… So I returned to the shark museum in a shark costume like his so I could show him that I was serious about sharks. (Not one of my smartest ideas… I actually haven’t made a lot smart choices lately…)




I step inside the Shark Museum, decked out in a flower necklace and a grass skirt, (Just in case he was like the medicine man, only talking to natives,) and I locate my target. Splash! There he was, Now was my time:


Shark Boy: “Thank goodness, You must be the new replacement dude that puts me out of my misery.”

Sporty Boa: *Smile fades* “What? No, I’ve come to request us to team-up and teach deez viewers that sharks aren’t a threat to people, and that people are a threat to sharks! I need you, a shark expert, to drop the TRUTH!”

Shark Boy: *Smirks* “You really think I’m an expert?”

Sporty Boa: *Grins* “Heck yeah, you’re famous bro!”

Shark boy: “Me? Famous? Expert? Bro?”


You have the wrong guy, The TRUTH is that I’m just your average Joe working to support my wife and kids… LITERALLY, my name is Joe, not Shark Boy. Who came up with that name?”

SB: *Just stands in shock*

Joe: “Sorry kid… But if it’s facts about sharks you’re looking for, you’ve got a whole       museum right here with loads of that!”

SB: *I look around, my spirits lifting* “You right.”




You want facts, I got facts. (So does the Museum, so check it out sometime!)


You want to know the problem, I’ve got the problem. Us.

Sharks are portrayed as blood-thirsty Man- eaters, but it should be the other way around, We’re Fin-hungry Shark- Eaters. Every year, over 70 million sharks are killed and distributed around the globe… In the U.S, around 16 people are attacked by sharks a year, Dat’s sad bro, #SharkLivesMatter. Hopefully we can change our ways and end the hunting of these incredible, oceanic animals!


So that’s it. Things might not have gone completely to plan, but I at least accomplished one thing: Brought awareness to some of my favorite sea creatures! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, Stay Awesome, Boa out!

P.S. Crud. This post missed Shark Week, but who cares! Have a good one!

P.P.S. This is the SBB’s 50th post! I’m not slowing down anytime soon! XD







How I Almost Died for a Poppies outfit (The Complete Trilogy)

Hey Whassup, Sporty Boa here! Well the well- anticipated Poppies Awards and Party has been schedule for… (*Checks Calendar*) Holy carrot, Tomorrow! To celebrate this occasion, The entire trilogy, all three chapters to the story of how I almost died for a Poppies outfit is now at your disposal! Enjoy, and see you at the Poppies!



There was a frantic storm brewing in my mind about the PHB‘s Poppies Awards 2017. “Who do I nominate?” “What is it like?” “What do I wear??”

Random Guy: Woah, Woah, Woah Boa boy, Since when did you care about CLOTHES? You literally go about your life wearing robin hood’s shirt and some worn-out hiking boots!

Sporty Boa: First off, solid roast RG, and secondly, I do care about my appearance, one of my favorite things about Poptropica & Worlds is the store! Plus it’s my first poppies awards and I want to look nice… Back to the story!

Continuing off from my last question, I headed to Mystery Train Island for some inspiration. (If you’re also struggling finding a outfit for the awards, I highly suggest you do the same. Those folks back in the day had swag!) I took out my costumizer tool and tried on some fancy suits, one in particular I liked so I put it on, but there just wasn’t enough green … I threw on my green jacket and strutted my stuff:


Not bad, But uh…. It needs something.

At this moment, I should’ve just kept what I had on…



This was the first idea for my Poppies outfit:


I should’ve just keep it in the first place… BUT I DIDN’T! I had to keep looking for the perfect outfit. “Mystery train Island can’t be the only place where I can find fancy costumes right?” I had to ask my friend, she has rarely failed me in the past, providing me with the answers to my most burning questions… Her name is Google. (Don’t sue me!)

Google lead me to a great post from the Poptropica Help Blog, (Check it out here! ) Which then lead me to: the ONE.


It was right at this moment that I saw the Joker’s green vest and knew that was the one! The one thing I needed to complete my Poppies outfit, Yus! Where can I find it? I’ve got the blimp ready!


*Wipes eyes* What? Nah, I must be seeing things… Lemme get a closer look:


… No… Please… WHY?! Of all places, the Haunted house Mini-quest??

Is it worth it? For a darn vest? (A darn nice-looking vest,) Yes. Yes it is.



*Snatches Ghost-hunting net, Thermal scanner, EMF Detecter, a Thermometer and Bo staff  from Shelf *

Sporty Boa: “Thank you Jane the Baker!”

(My loyal pet cat Rusty rubs against my leg as I prepare to leave for the Haunted Mansion. )

SB: “Sorry my adorably fluffy companion, This Boa’s gotta face doom on his own!”

*Briefly stops petting cat and looks him in the eyes*

SB: “… Maybe you should go with me, ya’ know, since your adorable and stuff… Rusty, follow!”

*Leaves house and pulls out a sparkling new gold card*

SB: “Haunted Mansion and Poppies outfit, Here we come!”


(Notice: I’ve actually NEVER completed the Haunted Mansion Mini- Quest before, so… This should be fun! *Cries in corner*)

Things would be boring if I just talked about my experience without any pics, so the following are photos and excerpts from Sporty B. himself, describing his horrifying quest… For your entertainment!


First impressions:


First off, Some of those tombstones are funny, others are just pain scary…. Wait… I swear I just saw those bushes move!


Ghostly Presence Comic:


The image speaks for itself.


Deathly Call:


NOPE. I really hate dis… (P.S. That mini game with the two clocks took me forever, let’s just say they ticked, me off.


The Cat and the Broom:


K Rusty, you can play with the flying broom, but when the creepy witch lady comes to get it back, you must LEAVE IT BEHIND AND RUN.



poppies hyde!.png

If you were paying attention to the items on the bottom of the previous images, turns out they ended up being for some weird Ghoul Gala thing featuring a bunch of  famous monsters, dead guys, and… That’s basically it…. *Spots Hyde* WAIT, IS THAT IT?? Is that the ONE?? *Snaps out costumizer tool* By golly, it is! Wahoo!! *Hugs Dracula* I DID IT! Mission accomplished!!


Sorry Witch lady, can’t stay, gotta get ready for the Poppies! Boa out!


One final message from ya boi: I’d like to personally congratulate all the nominees and future winners for the Poppies, I wish you all the best before and after the results are released! If you spot me at the PHB’s anniversary party tomorrow and have read this blog post, come up to me & click the smiling reaction button in the common room so I can shout you out in my next post! See ya, this Boa’s gotta bounce!

P.S. For all the people who didn’t get nominated for anything this year, including me, Watch out cause we’re coming next year! 😉