The Truth About Sharks!! (Ft. Shark Boy)

Aloha Poptropicans! And Happy Shark Week, It’s Sporty Boa commin’ at you with a special, Summery post! First off you must have a lot of questions:

“Who’s the Hammer head shark guy?”

“What’s with the title? I’m TERRIFIED of sharks!”

“Is this going to be educational?”

Quiet down and swallow this chill pill, all of your questions will be answered by the end of this post!



Random Guy: “What are you-”

Sharky Boa: *Sticks head out of water* “Shh, I’m undercover.”

RG: “What the heck? You scared me, Why are you dressed as a shark?!”

SB: *Looks around and whispers* “I got it from the Store… so I could blend in.”

RG: “Blend in?! Not everyone on Shark Tooth Island is dressed like a shark! I thought you beat this island before,”

SB: “I have. Easily. But that’s not why I’m here..”

RG: “That still doesn’t explain-”

SB: “Shhh! We can chat later, for now…”

*Hops out the water and onto the ‘Welcome to Shark Tooth Island’ Sign off the shore*

SB: “I’ve got a shark boy to find…”


Ignore those bite marks… They were probably carved out by someone… *Laughs nervously*



Let me explain guys, I’m dressed as a Great Hammerhead shark because I believe it’s the only way I can reach him… By him I mean Shark Boy. Or Shark Guy, whatever his name is. You see, when I first arrived on STI, I was looking to collaborate with my pal Shark boy and make a blog post with him celebrating shark week!… But instead of a legendary convo between shark enthusiasts, (Although I wouldn’t exactly call him enthusiastic.) He said this:


He brushed me off! Probably because he thought I was an annoying tourist kid… So I returned to the shark museum in a shark costume like his so I could show him that I was serious about sharks. (Not one of my smartest ideas… I actually haven’t made a lot smart choices lately…)




I step inside the Shark Museum, decked out in a flower necklace and a grass skirt, (Just in case he was like the medicine man, only talking to natives,) and I locate my target. Splash! There he was, Now was my time:


Shark Boy: “Thank goodness, You must be the new replacement dude that puts me out of my misery.”

Sporty Boa: *Smile fades* “What? No, I’ve come to request us to team-up and teach deez viewers that sharks aren’t a threat to people, and that people are a threat to sharks! I need you, a shark expert, to drop the TRUTH!”

Shark Boy: *Smirks* “You really think I’m an expert?”

Sporty Boa: *Grins* “Heck yeah, you’re famous bro!”

Shark boy: “Me? Famous? Expert? Bro?”


You have the wrong guy, The TRUTH is that I’m just your average Joe working to support my wife and kids… LITERALLY, my name is Joe, not Shark Boy. Who came up with that name?”

SB: *Just stands in shock*

Joe: “Sorry kid… But if it’s facts about sharks you’re looking for, you’ve got a whole       museum right here with loads of that!”

SB: *I look around, my spirits lifting* “You right.”




You want facts, I got facts. (So does the Museum, so check it out sometime!)


You want to know the problem, I’ve got the problem. Us.

Sharks are portrayed as blood-thirsty Man- eaters, but it should be the other way around, We’re Fin-hungry Shark- Eaters. Every year, over 70 million sharks are killed and distributed around the globe… In the U.S, around 16 people are attacked by sharks a year, Dat’s sad bro, #SharkLivesMatter. Hopefully we can change our ways and end the hunting of these incredible, oceanic animals!


So that’s it. Things might not have gone completely to plan, but I at least accomplished one thing: Brought awareness to some of my favorite sea creatures! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, Stay Awesome, Boa out!

P.S. Crud. This post missed Shark Week, but who cares! Have a good one!

P.P.S. This is the SBB’s 50th post! I’m not slowing down anytime soon! XD








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