I Guess I’ll Just Chill in OP for a While longer..

Hey everyone! Sporty Boa’s in the building to talk about the buzz of the town… Flipping Poptropica Worlds is out everyone!!! (Wait, everybody knows that already?… *Sits back down and sniffs* I understand.) Of course I know it’s been out, My Brother and I have already played and experienced this “New Pop” game, so today I’ll just be giving my personal opinion about the game as a whole.

Before I get on with the pros and cons of Poptropica Worlds, I’d like to thank the creators themselves for sending me these marvelous graphics I can use for my blog:

VIP graphics.png

(^Looks Epic!^) Any who… Where were we?.. Right, Worlds, below I’ll list things I liked about the game and things that weren’t very likeable. (also keep in mind, just my opinion) So let’s get into it, shall we?


First Impressions:

Now that Pop Worlds has officially released, I can finally announce that I was not a beta tester… However, Fierce Flyer (My younger brother) did, I wasn’t offended when I found out, in fact, We both got HYPED. ( If Poptropica is reading this, don’t sue my bro! I was literally sitting right next to him when he got the news) So Asap we got on the computer to check it out and were… Pretty impressed, I mean of course it had its issues but it wasn’t yet released yet to the public, so we figured those quirks would be straightened out… *Checks Twitter and Discord after release of Pop Worlds* …Guess not.


What I liked:

  1. Sporty’s New Look: There were two thing I was most interested in seeing from PW (Can I just call it that? *Shrugs*) 1: Crisis Caverns Island and 2: Our Poptropican’s new look and movements, (And 3 would probably be the store) I personally logged in as Sporty Boa and did some work with his outfit with help from the store and he turned out.. Not bad:

Pop Worlds Sporty Boa


2. The Store: The pros out-weigh the cons when it comes to the new store, I really like the individualized items we can buy such as: Shoes, Hair ect. I was kinda annoyed that somethings were for “members only,” but hopefully as time goes by we get more swag costumes to wear!


3. Your Home/ Home island:

Home PW.png

Excluding crazy glitches and little stuff to do, very nice place to kick back and relax before adventures. (Plus I’d like to meet Captain Scuttlebutt’s parents, lol!)


What I didn’t like:

From what I’ve heard from around the community and what I’ve seen myself, It seems Poptropica Worlds has a bit more bad things going for it than good. But come on though, it JUST came out so there’s tons of room for improvements, here what I think needs just that:

  1. Please add Customizer!
  2. Add more Items to da Store
  3. #Youcan’tswimonland
  4. #Weneedourmouths
  5. #StopBleechyBoy2017
  6. Lag
  7. We don’t have our same outfit when we login
  8. #Justfixglitches
  9. Add Colorizer plz
  10. More islands

Soo… Yeah, for now I guess I’ll just chill in Old Poptropica for a little while longer… I’ll see you next time, Boa out!





6 thoughts on “I Guess I’ll Just Chill in OP for a While longer..

  1. Some blog out there should make a series where they list 5 or 3 things that should be added to Poptropica Worlds. Some blog out there please do that! Sporta Boa you want to do this series because if you do I will be so happy!

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