How I Almost Died for A Poppies Outfit (Part 3/ Finale)

Sup guys, It’s Sporty Boa here with the Post hopefully everyone’s been waiting for, I hope… Part Three, The Finale, The Conclusion, Fishished, Done, Dead! (Forget that last part,) The Story of how I almost died for a Poppies outfit ends today… Or tonight… Whatever, Let’s go!




It was right at this moment that I saw the Joker’s green vest and knew that was the one! The one thing I needed to complete my Poppies outfit, Yus! Where can I find it? I’ve got the blimp ready!


… No… Please… WHY?! Of all places, the Haunted house Mini-quest??

Is it worth it? For a darn vest? (A darn nice-looking vest,) Yes. Yes it is.



*Snatches Ghost-hunting net, Thermal scanner, EMF Detecter, a Thermometer and Bo staff  from Shelf *

Sporty Boa: “Thank you Jane the Baker!”

(My loyal pet cat, Rusty rubs against my leg as I prepare to leave for the Haunted Mansion. )

SB: “Sorry my adorably fluffy companion, This Boa’s gotta face doom on his own!”

*Briefly stops petting cat and looks him in the eyes*

SB: “… Maybe you should go with me, ya’ know, since your adorable and stuff… Rusty, follow!”

*Leaves house and pulls out a sparkling new gold card*

SB: “Haunted Mansion and Poppies outfit, Here we come!”


(Notice: I’ve actually NEVER completed the Haunted Mansion Mini- Quest before, so… This should be fun! *Cries in corner*)

Things would be boring if I just talked about my experience without any pics, so the following are photos and excerpts from Sporty B. himself, describing his horrifying quest… For your entertainment!


First impressions:


First off, Some of those tombstones are funny, others are just pain scary…. Wait… I swear I just saw those bushes move!


Ghostly Presence Comic:


The image speaks for itself.


Deathly Call:


NOPE. I really hate dis… (P.S. That mini game with the two clocks took me forever, let’s just say they ticked, me off.


The Cat and the Broom:


K Rusty, you can play with the flying broom, but when the creepy witch lady comes to get it back, you must LEAVE IT BEHIND AND RUN.



poppies hyde!.png

If you were paying attention to the items on the bottom of the previous images, turns out they ended up being for some weird Ghoul Gala thing featuring a bunch of  famous monsters, dead guys, and… That’s basically it…. *Spots Hyde* WAIT, IS THAT IT?? Is that the ONE?? *Snaps out costumizer tool* By golly, it is! Wahoo!! *Hugs Dracula* I DID IT! Mission accomplished!!


Sorry Witch lady, can’t stay, gotta get ready for the Poppies! Boa out!


So there you have it folks, the story of how I almost died for a poppies outfit. (Now thinking of it and reading your comments, WHY did I do this!?) I’d like to give a BIG thanks to the PHB because without their blog I wouldn’t have made this post! That’s all from me, have a great weekend! Boa out!








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